YT-1320 100W LED Follow sport (W.R.Y.B.G.P.O.P) COLORS

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Voltage: AC 100-240V 60-50Hz
Amp: 5 Amp
Power Consumption: 100WFeatures:
Follow Spot with 70W Light Source
Colors: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Purple,
Orange & Pink
Beam Angle: 16° - 22° degrees
Lux @ 3M All On: 7500 LUX
2 DMX CH. Modes
3 Pin XLR Connectors (1x In/ 1x Out) to daisy chain
Stepper Motor for smooth feedback
LED Display Menu
CE Approved
Fan Cooled
Dimensions: 580 x 280 x 280 mm
Weight: 15 lb. / 7 kg.

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Q:18 LED Computer shake head lamp motherboard broken, how to repair?
LED lights are not bright, mainly in two aspects, one is the light source problem, and the other is the power supply problem.
Q:What is the 1200W lighting lamp computer size? Thank you
If you want to know the size, the first is to look at the instructions, there are general instructions on their own personally; second, third no direct hit telephone manufacturers. Light has two dimensions, outer diameter and inner diameter.
Q:What is the linear dimming of the LED shake head lamp?
2 、 low voltage LED product high power controllerLow voltage LED products generally design voltage 12V-36V, each loop LED number of 3-6 series, with resistance step-down limit flow, each loop current 20mA below. A LED product is composed of multiple loops of LED, the advantage is low voltage, simple structure, easy to design, the disadvantage is: when the product size is large, the current is large, the need to configure low-voltage switching power supply. Due to the shortcomings of products, low voltage can not be long-distance transmission, are limited to small volume of products, such as signs, text, small patterns, etc.
Q:Vari Lite computer shake head light is not bright, how does bubble solve?
Cough, what circuit diagram ah, their drawings will be drawn out, and if you do not understand the IC model, directly to the Internet to find information on it, like small equipment maintenance, in fact, do not need the circuit diagram
Q:How can the bulb of the bar shake head light be exchanged?
General domestic head light bulb in the latter part of the lamp body, the screw can disassemble rear spare bulb, direct plug can be replaced, but must remember to cut off the power supply!
Q:Shake head lamp software
When in touch one machine software "the light touch control button, the corresponding model lights on, when... In order to highlight the sand table demonstration effect, with the head lamp, lamp, lamp and other staining scanning, rendering and highlight model
Q:Computer shake head lamp and LED shake head lamp, which good?
From the point of view of luminous efficiency, LED lights are better than other lights.
Q:Head shaking lamp, what's Holzer?
It's a Holzer sensor. You can search your Shenzhen thumb on the Internet
Q:I would like to ask about the wedding lights, wedding shake head lamp, urgent urgent
If the model is the same, it is possible, but afraid of the model is not the same, then it can not be used.
Q:How to use a shake head lamp without a console?
You can use the shake head, built-in walk program, set the master-slave mode, all shake head lights will go at the same time, it is best to buy a light control table, lights less, buy a few hundred can be

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