YT-1320 100W LED Follow sport (W.R.Y.B.G.P.O.P) COLORS

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Voltage: AC 100-240V 60-50Hz
Amp: 5 Amp
Power Consumption: 100WFeatures:
Follow Spot with 70W Light Source
Colors: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Purple,
Orange & Pink
Beam Angle: 16° - 22° degrees
Lux @ 3M All On: 7500 LUX
2 DMX CH. Modes
3 Pin XLR Connectors (1x In/ 1x Out) to daisy chain
Stepper Motor for smooth feedback
LED Display Menu
CE Approved
Fan Cooled
Dimensions: 580 x 280 x 280 mm
Weight: 15 lb. / 7 kg.

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Q:How does the max384 console control both the hall light and the shake head lamp?
That mouth is too clear to say! It's useful to hold the console together..240 is not complicated, but it's a lot of steps! Saying is also unclear
Q:How to use the DMX512 console and LED PA control lights and 575 head lights, thank you, urgently, please help!
Eldest brother, you feel here can ask? I'm telling you by the lights that no one can answer you.
Q:Shake head light suddenly out of control 100
There are 2 problems; 1. console, console 240 is not stable, I used a few are the same problem, the console shell screw unloading see there are a lot of chips, such as IC, may be the IC chip, the loose contact is not good, each press just fine the. The 2. signal line interference, LED par sometimes with long fever will appear interference, some lighting factory in order to save the cost of circuit board materials, fan and a poor XLR line interference signal will appear, this material is out of the question. There is also a suggestion that it is better to separate the signal line of the shake head lamp and the signal line of the LED PA lamp.
Q:How the stage lights match is the LED and laser lights, computer lights, headlights, spacing, how far, one
Site information please provideThe number ofactivityNature!Specific circumstances should be analyzed in detail
Q:Which is better, 200W or 300W's shake head lamp?
200W 300W? Friends say, beam lights, of course, 200W is good, 300W's early no one used, 200W function effect in all aspects than 300W much better.
Q:The wedding hall is also necessary to use low beam light roof (lighting):
Can put ah, no beam, how can there be the effect of Hi, you can not hang upside down, put a few on the stage, put a few in the air box, do some effect.But the light, or the pull, shows better results
Q:575 how many channels does the computer shake head lamp have?
linear zoom lens7 colors + white light with rainbow effect, a rotatable three prism1-10 variable speed strobe per second, 100 degree overheat protectionHorizontal and vertical rotation is equipped with automatic error correction functionHorizontal rotation, maximum angle 540 degrees, vertical rotation, maximum angle 270 degreesShape...
Q:1200 computer shake head light is not bright what is the reason?
First of all, you put the light of the brand and use time probably write out, detailed point, everyone good answer.General light does not light, you first1. check the power supply is normal2. is the fuse OK?
Q:The third generation Chaiyi type 2000 version of the standard lighting pattern rotation going on
It's possible that you don't match the light library. I suggest you ask the manufacturer for a correct light library. You can call 020-37312222 to find the customer service in the factory
Q:The difference between a shake head lamp and a handkerchief light in stage lighting equipment
Refers to the lamp par. LED shook his head and so on, beam lights are generally used in PHILPS or OSRAM lighting, now almost lighting has been replaced by light

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