1x30W Lumiengin White moving head LED

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800 kg/month

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 Using a 1x30W white LED, unique appearance, light. Is a MINI type head LED, uses a unique light source. PAN:540 degrees, TILT:220 degrees, digital display interface. With 8\4 channel switching, very suitable for the bar, KTV, family and so on, are currently on the market more popular LED head lamp






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Q:How to program the head light?
1, for each lamp programmed address code, in order to make sure it is a few lights.2, according to the light control console manual, programming can ~!
Q:Etiquette prawns, about 10 tables, wedding occasions,
There is only one kind of shake head lamp, the difference is the model.Both the pattern and the beam can be adjusted at any time - by the dimming table, by the dimmer (complicated and programmed).
Q:How does the DMX512 dimmer control the shaking head lamp? How do you make it shake its head?
It depends on the directions of your head lamp.
Q:How to operate the head lamp?
Manual in the display there, if the console control, first connected to the signal line, set the address code, some to match, and some can be used directly.
Q:LED computer shake head lamp how to produce pattern rotation effect, specific should be how to set?
Through the SKYSTAR brand of DMX512 controller, you can program control.
Q:How does the max384 console control both the hall light and the shake head lamp?
That mouth is too clear to say! It's useful to hold the console together..240 is not complicated, but it's a lot of steps! Saying is also unclear
Q:How to program the computer shake head lamp?
First: you must understand the characteristics of the light, such as several channels, each channel features such as color, pattern, horizontal, vertical, in the first few channels!Second: you have to calculate how many lamps you have, the total number of channels for all lights, and how many channels you can use to control the number of channels!Third: you must know how to dial the address code. In order to facilitate the control, you must combine the number of channels of the controller and the light to dial the address code!
Q:How to use the DMX512 console and LED PA control lights and 575 head lights, thank you, urgently, please help!
Instructions are generally said how to operate, if not, where you buy the lights, where to ask, others will not be so casually tell you.
Q:Stage DMX512 LED shake head lamp, whether through self writing program and computer playback program synchronization,
Here to explain that, PA lights and computer light work principle is different, the control principle is not the same.The computer light needs program setting, and the PA light only needs to be controlled by the silicon box.
Q:The Sims 3 nightclub life, how can I find the party shake head lights, and the things I can do with bubble caps?
Hello, this is virtual. It's really fun. To solve the problem. Take the answer, please

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