1x30W Lumiengin White moving head LED

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China main port
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10 kg
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800 kg/month

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 Using a 1x30W white LED, unique appearance, light. Is a MINI type head LED, uses a unique light source. PAN:540 degrees, TILT:220 degrees, digital display interface. With 8\4 channel switching, very suitable for the bar, KTV, family and so on, are currently on the market more popular LED head lamp






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Q:16 channel and 20 channel shake head lamp how to control together,
The console is estimated to be controlled respectively by two units, or should we put the 16 channel and 20 channel program runs again.
Q:DMX512 how can you shake the head light?
You gave too little money.... Ha-ha。。。 Buy two grade products.How long have you been using it?.. The light bulb should be changed. Or repair it...If you want to buy it, just call me. I'm selling stage lights. What lights do you have?. What are the stage shaking lights, aerial probes, aerial roses, shaking heads, LED shaking heads, lights, guardrail tubes, LED series?.. The factory is in Baiyun District of Guangzhou.
Q:What type of computer shake head lamp suitable for wedding?
Shake head lights are models, 250W, 575W, 1200W, 1200W can put logo chip, which can better meet the new theme at the wedding.
Q:Is the 18 channel shake head light controlled by a 16 channel console? What is the address code for the lamp?
As long as you find the settings --DMX---, you can add and subtract to the address code you want.
Q:Dimming desk how to connect the headlights, and seek light division teacher advice!
The dimming console can only control the output of each circuit, which is equivalent to the electric switch. Shake the head and shake the lamp with a special lighting console. You'd better not use this
Q:Shake head lamp software
In order to highlight the sand table demonstration effect, with the head lamp, lamp, lamp and other staining scanning, rendering and highlight model
Q:Are the laser lights and the shake head lights very powerful in the bar?
Bad for the eyes, especially the myopia, it is even worse
Q:Bar led shake head pattern lamp fixed?
Hang on the lamp post with a light hook and lock the safety rope
Q:LED double head shaking lamp how to program?
Take an example of a 16 channel console. The first table lamp is set at 001, the second is set to 001+16=017, and the third lamp is set to 017+16=033.. Set the light to N, there is: m=001+16n.. So.
Q:Computer shake head light 250, address code and console is consistent, but not controlled, please expert advice
Is there a problem with self check and reset?. First look at the console is a problem, in the signal line, in the light, lights problems, first to see if there is no signal into the lamp, no, it is estimated that the circuit board problems. Loss of pace is an estimate of positioning. Can contact manufacturers to send parts maintenance.

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