Wool Rug Wilton Machinemade for Luxury Home and Hotel Decoration

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1000 m²/month

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Product Description:

1 Structure of  Wool Carpet and Rug Description 


Wool Carpet and Rug are made of 100% wool yarn , it's luxury design and good feelings are suitable for home, five star hotel and office room . Welcome customed design, size and shape .


2 Main Features of Wool Carpet and Rug 

Feature: Luxury, Soft, Comfortable, Decorative. 


3 Wool Carpet and Rug Images

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug Specification

Material: 100% wool yarn, made with available 8colors.
Pile Height: 10mm, etc

Pile Weight: 4500g/m2

Design: Persian design and modern design. Can make according to customer’s artwork.

Colors: blue, red, green, beige, ivory, light red, brown; 

FAQ of Wool Carpet and Rug 

1) How to control the products’ quality?

We have always placed great emphasis on quality control to ensure that excellent quality level is maintained. Moreover, the principle we always maintain is "to provide customers with better quality, better price and better service".

2) Can you provide OEM service?

Yes, we work on OEM orders. Which means size, material, quantity, design, packing solution, etc will depend on your requests; and your logo will be customized on our products.

 3) What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

1, Size of the products

2, Material and stuff(if have)

3, package

4, Quantities

5, Please send us some pictures and designs for checking if possible so we can do best as your request. Otherwise, we will recommend relevant products with details for your reference.

4)  How many days will sample be finished and how we control the sample charge?

Samples will be sent within 5 working days after we are in receipt of the payment. The sample charge is free, but the charges of shipping will be paid by the customer. You can pay the shipping charges by telex transfer(T/T),Payeasy.

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Q:What is composite carpet
A carpet that two materials are bound together.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic carpet? How about the household
Use the vacuum cleaner last should be along the direction of pile driving. It is worth noting that do not use the dentate or rough edge tools when cleaning, which will damage the acrylic carpet, surface fiber. Such as acrylic carpets appear closure hair, you will need to use a clean towel soaked in hot water wipe, and comb straight, ironed hair Shun ironing cloth pad, restore the status quo.
Q:Which is more socially responsible: a machine made or hand made rug?
Socially responsible? Never with a rug, does not even make sense. Look when buying a rug, spend a littel extra money on a handmade rug. It is more durable, it will last hundred of years if taken care of. I have three Persian rugs that are over 100 years old. They are solid and beautiful. In my girls room I have a man made pottery barn kids rug. Every time I vac the girls rug it gets sheared from the vacuum and is falling apart after one year. This happened as well from a rug from JCPenney. Good luck!
Q:Please answer this question about horse rugs! please?
I usually take them outside and shake them out and check them over to make sure there arentn rips or anything
Q:Question about hardwoods under our carpet?
After having just removed the carpeting in my house, I can tell you this: if they put a subfloor on top of hardwood, there was something wrong with the hardwood. It is not necessary in order to lay carpet. Padding and tack boards are all that are needed--which really don't ruin the hardwood. (You may want to fill a few nail holes from the tack strips.) Lots of houses have hardwood that is only finished around the edges--if you pull up the subfloor and find unfinished board flooring, that's one reason they laid the subfloor. Another reason might be that there was bad damage to the hardwood which made it uneven. A finished hardwood floor rarely needs subfloor for carpeting unless it is damaged or otherwise totally unusable as hardwood flooring. Since your house was built in 1955, it could have very badly damaged floors. There is only one way to check that--pull up the carpet in a corner, and the subfloor under that--and check. If the floors are not damaged, then the only damage will be from nail holes--which can be filled, sanded and revarnished.
Q:Where can i get a rug just like this, only cheaper? please 10 points bestans.?
Try the following stores. Walmart Big Lots Garden Ridge I remember seeing these at walmart and Garden ridge at one time.
Q:Do you need an upper floor carpet at home?
Disadvantages of carpet laying:1, the carpet is bacteria breeding places, the people around, bacteria and dust will be deposited on a carpet of flying and be inhaled, affect the health, health can only be done in a timely cleaning dust, it is difficult to get rid of the bacteria. Long term use can cause bronchitis and respiratory problems in children.2, carpet grades are many, some cheap, some expensive, depending on the grade of purchase. The grade of the carpet more expensive. But once dirty is very troublesome, I will regret that why not to find their own tiles trouble, so much trouble. But a dirty place even if cleaning is difficult to restore the previous glamorous, expensive, want to not give up, become chicken ribs!3, carpet cleaning, maintenance difficult. First of all, easy dust dirty carpet, often need to dust, secondly, because of the porous carpet, easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices clean up more difficult.
Q:what color towels and rugs?
hmmmm- tans and browns are a stable wager. you need to get a bathtub curtain or window curtain with those colours in a sort of geometric trend (it might probable even have black in it.) you will possibly be able to additionally bypass with blues - the different colour scheme - i might have a lighter cream to bypass with it too.
Q:Is the bedroom a good wooden floor or a carpet?
Each has its own advantages, and each has its own shortcomings.Composite wood floor with wood floor comfort Juegan overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood flooring, easy to deform, so relative to the solid wood flooring, composite wood floor maintenance and care is more simple, in daily use, in addition to the daily cleaning, do not need special care. Composite floors should also be avoided by direct sunlight, long exposure may lead to surface cracking and aging. The indoor environment has higher requirement of dry humidity and easy to deform when encountering water.
Q:What is the best carpet out there?
Carpet is such a taste thing. I like level loop carpet (like most commercial carpet.) In fact, I like commercial carpet period, as long as it is made of nylon. IN your case, if you use commericial carpeting, make sure it is continuous backing that is water proof. Nylon will not stain, is very easy to clean with a steam extractor (buy one and keep it handy if you have doggies). The most important part is the water proof continuous backing...water cannot penetrate the backing and therefore, will not drag up dirt into the top when the carpet dries! Commercial carpeting is all moving towards squares that, when laid, look like a continuous carpet..the glue used makes it easy to remove and replace a square should it become badly damaged...no problems with the entire carpet! BUT it is expensive (and well worth the money)...figure about 30.00 a yard installed. No padding is used. Furniture does NOT have to be removed from the room. And it will last probably a lifetime under your wear/tear conditions. Install once and be done with it...therefore, choose a neutral tweed...biege with brown, black, gray, copper flecks will go with everything, anything in the future. Good luck, Goldwing

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