Wet and dry drum vacuum cleaner with inlet sponge or HEPA filter#YLW6201-12/18

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400 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: YLW6201-12/YLW6201-18



1200W nominal power

Plastic barrel(12L), 1pc 1.2M hose,Cord length 2.3M total(2.1M outside),3pcs plastic tubes,1pcs floor brush,1pc nozzle


Vacuum pressure(Kpa):18


Tank Material:

12L plastic/metal

18L plastic/metal

Material:Dermatoglyph finish 

Tank Material:

10L plastic

18L plastic

Product size:



Carton Size(L*W*H):








Load quantity(20'/40'40'HQ):





Key Feature:

Wet&Dry use,Blow fuction,with Hook,Dustbag(Optional)   

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC,


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Q:Why do my BRAND NEW vacuum cleaners always stop working right after only a few weeks?
Most vacuums have filters. If your filter is dirty, the vacuum's suction power will diminish greatly. The power through the hose has probably decreased as well, but it is not as noticeable because the hose has greater suction than the bottom. Put your hand against the hose and see if it will hold your hand tight against it. If it is very easy to pull you hand away, you have suction issues all around. Look for your filters and clean them.
Q:What is the best price for a good vacuum-cleaner?
About $40-50 at Walmart, and they work as well as the expensive ones.
Q:s there a place that will let you rent vacuum cleaners for like a few hours or a day?
Yes there is
Q:do Dyson vacuums need yearly maintenance?
hes having you on
I would not recommend a Dirt Devil. I bought one and it is forever plugging up. The least little fuzz ball will start the plug and then it gets worse as you use it. It needs to be taken apart every few weeks, all cleaned, then put back together--total pain. I have had good luck with Hoovers over the years (had lots of rental properties then and they sure got a work out cleaning between renters). My all time favorite you would have to scour the 2nd hand stores for. It is the old Kenmore cannister (they came in blue and avocado green). They had a power head that was awesome and had a separate motor. The main motor could suck the hair off a cat (just kidding, it probably could, but I never tried it). I just found one the other day for $10.00 so I am doing the happy dance.
Q:why are cats afraid of vacuums?
My boy cat's not afraid...he just sleeps through it..
Q:Vacuum Cleaner - which is best? Volta or Kambrook?
I would return BOTH and get a Dyson !
Q:Vacuum cleaner help...?
coming from someone that's owned a vacuum cleaner store for 15yrs.,I have worked on all of them .The dyson is the best you can buy,I'll tell you why,there's nothing you have to buy for it ,no bags ,no belts ,and no filters.another thing about the dyson is there is a 5yr. warranty.I've studied all of them and there is nothing as durable as the dyson.I would buy the DC-17 Absolute, unless you want the extra attachments then get the DC-17 Absolute animal.hope this helps.
Q:My dog is scared of everything please help?
My dog is scared of loud noises, vacuum cleaners, spray bottles, dishes clanking, the stove being turned on etc. The thing that works the best is to give him lots of encouragement. Tell him what a good dog he is, give him treats and encourage him to stand up and be a happy puppy. Do NOT push him into anything though. As soon as you force your dog to do something he is not comfortable with he might snap at you because he is scared and has been abused before. (I think my dog has been, we got him from the humane society). So the important thing is no bullying, no physically shoving him, no hitting. Pet him and have a happy voice. This seemed to really work with my dog in becoming more confident and not as scared. **Also it's important to reinforce his good behavior (or less scared behavior) every time it goes on. My dog sometimes relapses but after encouragement is fine.
Q:Why are kats afraid of vacuum cleaners but not cars?
Cats are WAY too cool to be caught anywhere near anything that sucks..... And, everybody knows.... cars are cool...... Hope this helps ☼ ////

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