Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Wet And Dry

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Robot vacuum cleaner (NRX803B-20L)

Product Description


Technical DataNRX803-20L/25L/30L
Power supply220-240V/50HZ
Hose length1.5M
length of wire cord3M
Air flowerate96L/S 106L/S 110L/S
Net weight6.1/6.5/7.0kg



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Q:What company produces the world's most efficient vacuum cleaners?
Q:is this a good vacuum ??
Consumer Reports Magazine has a long article, with product ratings, on vacuum cleaners in the current March 2008 issue, on page 36, that mentions Dirt Devil three times. There is another article on vacuum cleaners in the October 2007 issu
Q:Advice needed. What is the best vacuum cleaner under $100?
Vacuums, all of them suck, or ought to besides. shop manufacturers: Bissell, Hoover, Eureka, airborne dirt and airborne dirt and mud devil etc are all sturdy. yet no longer built to do the heavy accountability vacuuming that a commercial vac is designed to do. i will attest to those i've got have been given indexed. I even have gathered likely 15 distinctive fashions over the previous 365 days from the college condo community we are living in. I pull em out of the trash. replace the belt, clean em up and sell em on craigs record for $15 -$sixty 5 each and each. I even have owned the Rainbow, albeit $1800.00 new, you may get them on craigslist for $200.00 to $six hundred.00. it extremely is an impressive vacuum and ought to grant many some years of undertaking loose provider. the ideal function the Rainbow brings to the table is it extremely is a hundred% airborne dirt and airborne dirt and mud loose on the exhaust. call a Rainbow distributor, ask for an in-homestead demonstration. you would be stimulated. yet purchase a used one. you will shop many many a hundred's of greenbacks. sturdy fulfillment...
Q:What forms of vacuum cleaners are out there?
You I use it everyday without any problems, it picks up a bin full of dirt each time. The best thing is I dont have to do anything..
Q:Where can I learn how to repair vacuum cleaners (all models in general)?
I have a knack for fixing stuff, so a friend bought me book called How To Fix Damn Near Anything. I love it. I'm sure it would be helpful if you can find it.
Q:Mad Vacuum Attack!! My 14 mos old GSD Bear becomes an absolute maniac when I am trying to vacuum the house.?
Without some pretty strong detterent for that behavior its not going to go away. I have had to go to a citronella or even shock collar to break other dogs of their instinct to attack a vacuum cleaner. Its clearly a fight or flight reaction. The dog doesnt know exactly what it is but its making a lot of noise and moving in an aggressive fashion. He probably thinks hes protecting you from some crazy animal or something. For know the easiest thing is going to simply be to put him in another room. If you are okay with using a shock collar or other physical method than you can interrupt the process by making him sit and introduce the entire experience to him in stages not allowing any unwanted behavior throughout. So first with a cold water spray bottle you have him sit then bring out the vacuum. Then if he goes for it you spray him. if that works to snap him out of it then you have your training tool. SImply use the spray bottle to pre emptively strike before he acts out but after he startys growling. I hope this helps
Q:Is the an effective way to clean out laptop fans?
I use compressed air and something thin to reach/break apart the bigger pieces. I find it more efficient to pick out the bigger pieces of dust.
Q:Will future vacuum cleaners have a small black hole to improve suction?
No. A black hole does NOT act like a vacuum cleaner.
Q:what is the best brand of vacuum cleaner? I'm about to buy one!?
Q:I need help in choosing a vacuum?
I have to second Elaina's vote for a Eureka Boss vacuum cleaner. I bought one two weeks ago and have already fallen in love with it. It has attachments to dust furniture, get in cracks/crevices, clean stairs, clean upholstery/drapes and more. The only flaw I've found in it so far is that it is difficult to maneuver the foot pedal that lets the vacuum recline. I think that might get easier after I use it for a while and break it in. My vacuum works great on berber carpet, tile floors, and split brick floors. Can't beat that!! It was also listed in the consumer magazine as a best buy. Good luck in your quest!

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