water proofing perlite vermiculite board

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Density 220-+10% 
compress strength >=0.49 
thermal conductivity 298K-+2K 
working temperature 900C 
linerashrinkage 923K(650C)


Perlite insulation board 


Product introduction:


Perlite insulation board , is also called FEG waterproofing perlite insulation board, its main ingredient is


 expanded perlite particle,reinforced fiber ,mixing in heat resistant inorganic natural sepiolite, inorganic 


modified binder and high temperature resistant polymer moisture repellent, by the physical synthesis 


technology, in the specific temperature condition, pressure forming. 



1.light weight, 


2.fire-resistant, water proofing, sound proofing, heat insulation character. 


3.Good water-proof property,


4.low thermal conductivity, 


5.light bulk density, .


6.high strength,


7.excellent chemical stability, 






10. any processing, nontoxic.


11.In 1200C tem condition, fire endurance can be up to 90-120 minutes.


1. Ships, core board of fire door in house, industry furnace, public buildings ‘s roof, 


swimming pool, barn, Cold Storage, boiler.

2. Heat and cold project  







Thermal Conductivity(w/m.k)


Compression Strength(Kpa)


Quality Moisture Rate(%)


Hydrophobicity (%)


Working Temperature(°C)


Common Size(mm)

600*300  1050*950, 

Min. Thickness:25mm

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Q:How do i mix these items to get a certain N-P-K ratio in my soil?
You need to add some sand. Peat, Humus, top soil, etc will only create a very moist environment and will hold moisture. Perlite and Vermiculite are used to encourage good drainage and to keep the soil from compacting, which plant roots definitely don't like. I have not grown Lucky Bamboo, but do you know what kind of conditions it wants it's roots to be in?
Q:Bearded dragon egg laying?
Cork is in fact cellulose.
Q:Some Questions about seeds?
garden centers. it's with the soil amendments, usually around the orchid bark and potting mixes. first bay on the right-hand side of aisle 1 outside lawn garden, at my lowe's.
Q:bearded dragon dried plantation soil substrate?
Homemade Seed Starting Mix
Q:Can plants utilize the minerals in vermiculite?
Wow...okay. First you need: Incubator Vermiculite (get from home-depot) Tubbawear container You also need to know that there is MANY steps in the gravid process. The female needs a nice cozy place to rest. She will not eat for a while; until she lays. The eggs might not be fertile. It depends if she mated with the male or not. Also, if this is the females first time laying eggs, then there is a 50/50 chance they will not be alive. The baby geckos inside the egg should not be turned like a bird egg. They will need to be in a incubator for around 2 months. The temp also determains the sex. If you want males, set the temp. at 86-88. If females, then put temp at 81-84. I really can't think of much else..so yeah. Um.. if you want more info, look on google for leopard gecko breeding.
Q:need high humidity, alternative to perlite?
Um there become an exceedingly uncomplicated answer to this - get the mummy cat fastened, and you will not have had to launch your kittens into the wild. I agree which you will possibly not have had a decision- yet I wager you in addition to mght did not attempt. Farms will take cats. As for the preserve, you will desire to have introduced them there. a minimum of they might have had a 5 day possibility of looking a sparkling domicile, with speedy dying, Now, they are in all probability ineffective as a results of a terrible dying via starvation or wild animal, or hunter. A cat via itself seldom survives a twelve months. i don't think of you observed your cat. i think of it become a freindly cat that become dropped off that gave the effect of your cat. Please don't get anymore pets in case you could not preserve them. What you probably did become merciless, and no actual cat lover might do this to thier cats.
Q:What does vermiculite look likes?
Vermiculite is a kind of clay mineral similar to montmorillonite, which is a layered structure of silicate. Usually formed by hydrothermal alteration or weathering of biotite. It sometimes appears as large biotite (this is the biotite illusion of vermiculite) and sometimes becomes slightly soil like. When the vermiculite is heated to 300 degrees centigrade, it expands 20 times and bends. This is a bit like a leech vermiculite (commonly known as the leech), so it has such a name. Vermiculite is usually brown, yellow, dark green, oil like luster, heated to gray. Vermiculite can be used as building materials, adsorbents, fire insulation materials, mechanical lubricants, soil amendments, and so on. It has a wide range of uses.
Q:Growing mushrooms steps ?
If you want a specific answer, you need to ask specific questions... How much does something extremely light weigh? What are the dimensions of a small scale application? How much is the smallest space possible? If you can't afford aerogels, how much can you afford? How much heat are you worried about? What is the highest temperature the insulation will see?
Q:what is the stuff that look like pellets to substitute soil when your growing hydroponics?
I keep my spiders on half compost and half vermiculite. I sterilise the compost by putting it in the freezer for 48 hours. I have a terracotta flower pot on its side for the spider to hide in and I have a little bit of cork bark in a small arch shape which I sink slightly into the compost and I dig a little bit under it and the spiders carry on digging and build a burrow. I feed them one cricket once a week. They make a mat like web and flip onto their back to moult their old skin. Stop feeding when they are building this web and don't feed for about 4 or 5 days after the moult. Don't disturb them when they are moulting and leave them a few days after a moult before you handle them. Spray every few days. Spray the compost and not the spider. They hate being sprayed. They don't like bright light. If you have a light as a heat source use a red light. You can heat the tank with a heat mat. I have my spiders on top of my hot dessert lizard tank so they get heat from there.
Q:is my bearded dragon ok to lay eggs in her viv?
If you're candling the eggs and they're turning up yellow then likely they were just slugs from the start. It's not uncommon for females to lay infertile clutches. Doesn't mean they'll all be infertile though so hopefully some will be good. Hovabators are probably the cheapest incubators you can get and they work very well. They cost around $40 for cheapest model and can be purchased from suppliers like LLLReptile. Eggs must be kept at at least 70% humidity. The moist vermiculite should accomplish this though. But do poke tiny holes in the container because eggs breathe and babies suffocate without oxygen. It is very important to keep humidity up because th eggs absorb a lot of water. If humidity is too low they'll sink in. And I'm not sure about leo crossings.

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