Video Component Cable

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Product Description:


1.3RCA plug to 3RCA plug,Component Cable


2.OD: 5.0 x 15mm or OD: 6+6+6 mm

3.Gold plated, Red,Bule,Green Color RCA Plugs



3 Rca cable to 3 Rca cable

high quality RCA cable

ROSH material .

Color: according to the clients'requiement.


audio and video connection


Audio Video cable, moulded 3RCA plug to 3RCA plug,




Audio video cable ,.high quality RCA cable

ROSH material .

Color: according to the clients’ requiement.

Shielding:  Braid or unbraid , according to the clients’ requiement.


1) inner conductor:  Tin copper ,bare copper or CCA ,CCS.

3) Braiding material:  copper ,Tin copper or CCS, according to the clients’ requiement.

4) Shield:  Standard ,tri-shield ,drop cable

5) Jacket: Flame retardant PVC jacket , according to the clients’ requiement


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Q:What is the difference between BVVR and KVVR cables?
Kvv: copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed control cable VV: copper core PVC bonded PVC sheathed power cable
Q:How does the office handle the wires exposed to the ground? How is it better to hide?
Detailed Product Description: WDZA-KYJ23-450 / 750V copper low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant A-class cross-linked polyethylene insulated polyethylene sheathed steel tape armored control cable, cable rated voltage level 450 / 750V, WDZ-YJ (F) E-06 / 10KV: Copper core low smoke zero halogen flame retardant XLPE insulated radiation polyolefin sheathed power cable, voltage rating 06 / 1kV
Q:Hd3450 graphics card and how to connect Konka TV
Did you have so many wires in your home? 4 square can be 2 colors red and blue. ---- socket with the ground can be used 2.5 different colors. 2.5 to 3 colors red, blue, (yellow or green). 1.5 are mostly installed lamps, but now the provisions of the tool is not allowed to use 1.. and at home also line, two colors on the line.
Q:Apple macbook pro power cord, how to connect the computer ah? (There are pictures)
Now the construction of low-voltage cable pipe joints generally use electrical mud to block on the line. Explosion-proof places using explosion-proof clay. High-voltage cable nozzles As the cable is thick, and the cable head to use heat shrink or cold shrink head, so the nozzle as long as the attention is not burr, smooth on it.
Q:Why is the Infinko set-top box always black
"This cable or accessories have not yet been certified" How to solve Method 1: the normal connection of mobile phones and computers, when prompted "This cable or accessories have not yet been certified " Do not worry, do not point "off" unplug the USB connection to the computer, remember: not unplug the phone the other end, is connected to the end of the computer Oh, and then re-plug at this time, "this cable or accessories have not yet been certified " or show out, and then point off no problem Method 2: 1) We can first try to clean the data cable plug, such as with rubber, then the iPhone's power jack is also clean about 2) If the above method tried, or not, then the temporary solution is to first shut down, and then charge the iPhone Then we charge the iPhone again, because when the system is closed, it can not detect, can not stop us from charging 3) If you want to solve the fundamental problem, you need to replace the data line The reasons for this: one is due to the iOS system to detect whether the data line is the original function, the second is due to the data line interface dirty, or have some quality problems, or line damage
Q:How do I watch VCD on a digital TV?
The so-called "shield" on the cable structure is essentially a measure to improve the distribution of the electric field. Cable conductor from the multi-strand wire twisted together, it is easy to form an air gap between the insulation layer, the conductor surface is not smooth, will cause the electric field concentration. A layer of semiconductive material is coated on the surface of the conductor, which is in good contact with the shielded conductor and is in good contact with the insulating layer, thereby preventing partial discharge between the conductor and the insulating layer. This layer of shielding, also known as the inner shield. In the insulation surface and sheath contact, there may be gaps, cable bending, oil-paper cable insulation surface is easy to cause cracks, which are caused by partial discharge factors. A layer of semi-conductive material is applied to the surface of the insulating layer, which is in good contact with the shielded insulating layer and isotonic with the metal sheath so as to avoid partial discharge between the insulating layer and the sheath.
Q:Weak tube did not wear wire how to wear thread ah
A core cable is a line inside is a line inside, two-core cable is outside a line there are two lines, three-core cable is a line inside is a three-line, four-core cable is outside is A line which is four lines, the field of power cables, because it is three-phase four-wire system, the most used is the three-core and four-core cable. In the field of control cables, there are more than four or even dozens of control cables and so on. The more the cable core number, the unit cross-sectional area through the rated current smaller, because the number of cores, heat, heat poor relationship; cable cross-sectional area, the unit cross-sectional area through the rated current smaller, The current has a skin removal effect (along the surface of the wire).
Q:Hello, my TV shows av1 no signal, how is it?
if the TV screen rafts to destroy the box to discredit the booty image and then prompted the "no signal" situation, this phenomenon proves the set-top box and the TV between the audio and video lines (red, yellow, white The connection is basically no problem
Q:Usb interface power supply replacement power supply can not solve the problem?
Cross-linked polyethylene is an insulating material, cable as it is insulated, is the cross-linked cable, power cable with cross-linked insulation, is the cross-linked power cable. In addition to cross-linked polyethylene insulation, there are PVC, rubber and other insulating materials made of cable cables. Therefore, the power cable is a kind of cable, and cross-linked cable is a kind of power cable.
Q:How is the video cable on the computer?
Pro, it is easy to get the USB interface: inserted in the host behind any U mouth can be wheat interface: plug in the host after the pink interface on the OK (if no color is the first on the left) Leave hope to help you to adopt
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