High Quality Cctv Camera Cable/Bnc Cable/Surveillance Camera Cable

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 High quality CCTV Camera Cable/BNC cable/surveillance camera cable


Application:CCTV Security System Camera , etc.
OD Dimensions:3.2~5.0 Sizes
Material:Pvc Insulation,Copper Conductor.
Connector size5.5*2.1MM DC Connector
Cable Length:1meter
Color:According To Client's Requirement
Package:papper Bag
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 12~24 V
Temperature Range: -40°C to +105°C 


Advantages of YBY cctv camera  cable

1 High quality materials( pure copper and better PVC)

2 delivery(7~15 working days)

3 8years experience for producing cables

4 strong team for producing cables


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Cable when the thick cable, if it is 10kV cable, then the nozzle does not need any protection, with a clay or fire bag plug to prevent the mouse into the can. If the secondary control cable, then with a hard tube, the mouth can be blocked with a fire mud.
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YZ: medium-sized rubber sheathed flexible cable for a variety of mobile electrical equipment and tools; YC: medium-sized rubber flexible cable for a variety of mobile electrical equipment, can withstand greater mechanical external force. ]

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