Hid Wire Automobile High Voltage Wire Silicone Rubber Wire

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HID wire automobile wire



rating temperature: -60°c~200°c

rating voltage: 20KV



1, flammability: VW-1, -F-

2, high tempeature resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-acid, anti-oil, antisepsis, and anti-moisture.


conductorinsulationjacketconductor resistance at 20°cpackage
section area(mm²)stranding(No./mm)overall diameterNo. of corethickness(mm)overall diameterthicknessoverall diameterΩ/kmm/coil


This wire is used in a dedicated wire group of automobile xenon lamp.

1, protect the original circuit. with the line, you don't need to cut automobile .
2, can increase the scope of work. Group of dedicated lines are generally long, the placement of ballast can become flexible.
3 can protect computer motherboard of ballast.
4 can protect the light bulb, increasing the life of HID bulbs.


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