Ul2651 Xlpe Insulation, Lead Sheath, Steel Armored, Copper Braid Shield Cable

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$0.16 - 10.30 / pc
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500 Meters pc
Supply Capability:
8000000 Kilometer/Kilometers per Month pc/month

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twisted pair shield braid wire copper cable (fire retardant, weather resistant, chemical and abrasion resistant)


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Q:Protel altium designer making a single panel, how to put the top of the cloth line to the bottom of the floor to go?
There are red, blue, green three color connector is only responsible for the video part, if you want to add audio can only use a lotus head to connect the set-top box audio output (white, red), you "red, blue, Respectively, the sound of the left and right channels and video "is wrong.
Q:Electrical construction, the cable pipe laying, the nozzle protection cable what way? Thank you!
First, the composition of the patch panel, the role of patch panels by the connection module, lightning protection device, line connection line. The connection relationship of a pair of subscriber lines is shown in the following figure: The connection line connecting the wiring module on the switchboard side of the switch and the wiring module on the user's telephone side. Cable connection module: points along the card slot and the next along the card slot, the corresponding up and down along the card slot in the card knife is connected (belong to the same conductor). The main role: to facilitate the circuit (line) distribution and scheduling. to facilitate the maintenance and management of the switch. is conducive to the neat and beautiful room. Second, the wiring information is mainly what the main content: . the user (including free users) Device number: the user's physical location on the switch, the user's user board in the switch location and the user on the user board position two Part of the composition; for example: SSU12A machine a device number for the 5-4-.5 meaning for the fifth user terminal port rack, 4 for the user board where the channel number, 6 for the user board user serial number ( Corresponding to the user board seventh user); MSX-50 device number from the channel number and the user board on the location of two parts. . the user (including free users) in the patch panel of the physical location consists of two physical location: the user in the "switch side of the user board wiring cabinet (rack)" on the physical location, corresponding to a wiring cabinet the user in the "user side of the terminal terminal frame (frame)" on the physical location, corresponding to a wiring cabinet a wiring module a card slot; . the user phone number . the user's telephone number, User name . the user level and the user has the function . cable core chromatography (not important).
Q:How to connect the TV and the computer?
VGA, S terminal or HDMI interface. As long as there is a cable can be. Even after the set on the computer can be a. Old TV connected with the S terminal after the show that the extension of the screen on it. New TV should be available directly on TV. Look at different TV models. Do not have the line that no technology ... ... the current wireless is generally able to about 6M. Look at the 1080P movie rate is not enough ah
Q:Seeking cable bridge grounding is a few categories, grounding resistance standard is how much?
63 or more pipe can be used hot-melt docking way, that is, between the pipe and pipe, or between the pipe and the pipe is the same diameter with the same area of face-to-face connection, there will be a hot melt The cost of fused connections is high, and the fused fittings are embedded, enameled, bare and so on Rely on copper wire heat, to achieve welding Pipe outside the scraper scrape the oxide layer, insert the tube Welding with welding machine In the use of British MSA wiring machine, double-bit embedded fused connection Welcomed the selection of financial channels, high-quality pipeline system solutions provider
Q:Under what circumstances should the cable be fitted with a pipe protection? How does pipe diameter choose?
This is the cable wiring formulas: the next five is 10 square below the current per square 5A current wiring, one hundred and twenty is more than 100 square per square 2A, 25335 three sectors, meaning 25 , 35 square feet per square 3 ~ 4A wiring.
Q:Can the load - bearing walls or shear walls open the slot?
Can only buy a line, now with a magnetic ring and signal amplification line
Q:How to cancel the picture-in-picture function of Changhong TV
The above two lines in the computer city or electrical shopping malls are easy to buy, twenty dollars
Q:Cable a fire line power and why the other did not pick up the line with a pen test also have electricity? Answer detailed point
AP is wireless, the general side of the cabinet received a cloak, and the same general do not have a special distribution rack. The But you can use the module to distinguish the color can be connected to the final switch. 6-core, and 12-core panel may be fiber-optic panel FO, only the use of fiber with a few cores of the core. The general panel is also divided into only a single mouth and so on.
Q:Home decoration do not know how many square feet to buy the wire
I do Lenovo brand machine, I have encountered the same problem, your computer is unable to add a graphics card with an independent power supply, the motherboard can not give the power supply to the graphics card, there is no such wire, replace the power supply is not OK , Because the motherboard is generally 20 +. OEM board is 14pin, unless you can find 20 to 14 motherboard power supply extension cord, or is not used (power is not 4PIN power supply interface)
Q:Q: Can the reinforced concrete column inside the stand pipe (threading pipe)?
If you are yellow that is yellow and white two-color line, it is no doubt that the ground, in accordance with the norms, red brown for the line of fire; then the blue should be zero line; red on the red on the yellow and blue to suggest you Please professional electrician to help you check, with insulating tape to mark; power security is very important.

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