High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet - Supports 3D, Audio Return Channel And Up To 4K Resolution HDMI Cable

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Stardard HDMI to HDMI cable A to A 





Type6ft 12ft Stardard HDMI to HDMI cable A to A  
SpeedSuper high 10.2 Gbps
ApplicationHDTV, Home Theater, DVD Player, PS3, Xbox360 and other HDMI devices
MeshNylon or Plastic
SupportFull 1080p, 1440p



•Conductor: BC/CCS/CCA


•Durable gold-plated internal shield;


Corrosion-resistant 24K gold contacts;


High-density triple-layer shielding for maximum noise rejection


Nitrogen(Nz) gas-injected dielectric for maximum singal strength


1.4 certificate version and support 1080P


Diameter:30AWG Φ8.3/Φ7.3/Φ6.0; 28AWG Φ7.3; 26AWG Φ8.5; 24AWG Φ9.3


ROHS compliant


•Standard HDMI cable to Micro HDMI with PVC jacket


•Molding metal housing


Cable length can be made as per requirement


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Wiring frame calculation: 1-frame equipment can be welded 72-core cable (with 6 melt disk). Each fiber tray can be welded 2 cable (12 core), with a flange on the melt tray. Fiber jumpers according to your equipment to use the number of × . plus a few spare. Floor wiring between the use of fiber optic cable terminal box into the end of the pigtail, with 12 double-headed pigtail, welding can be broken when the 24-wire fuse.
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