The Thinnest HDMI Cable In The World! 2.5Mm High Speed HDMI Cable

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200000 Piece/Pieces per Month for HDMI cable pc/month

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Product Description:

 HDMI cable 

Product name :  Core technology!!!the thinnest HDMI cable in the world! 2.5mm High speed HDMI cable


The toppest HDMI Cable 

Design for Apple


Softest   Thinnest  in the world


1 24K   GOLD

2 add to hdmi Ethernet channel  

3 support 3D  Full HD  

4 support Dolby 7.1 channel

5 4092*2160 Resolution

6 support 48 bit color

7 length :3M     connector IC  optimization


The price is more than 20 USD in the  Supermarket in China


OD2.5mm Thinnest HDMI CABLE  and Regular 6mm HDMI CABLE  contradistinction


Cable Structure    



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Regular product show


1 pvc jacket nylon mesh      Length   :3m         OD:7.3mm 

2 Length:5M   OD: 6mm 

3 Length:3M   OD:6mm



1 3D/1080P/2160P/High Speed with Etherne 

2 Plastic Molding 

3 24k Gold plated connector

4 Bare copper

5 Aluminum braiding ,tripe shielding 

6 right angal


High Speed HDMI Cable

2.HDMI TO DVI cable,
3.MINI HDMI cable,


Product name:HDMI-DVI HDMI A male to DVI-D Male cable with gold plated

Model number:HDMI 



Plated: gold/nickel(optional)

Length:as per your requests



1)24K gold plated connectors ensure superior signal transfer and lifetime of maximum performance.

2)4 screened twisted pairs of OFC stranded conductors with foam PE insulation layer,improve the high frequence response for wide-bandwidth and efficient signal transfer.

3)AL foil wrapped around each twisted pair,AL foil wrapped around the whole inner cores and tinned copper braid shielding ,treble screened to provide complete immunity to environmental EMI and RFI

4)Fully backward-compatible with DVI that handles digital transfers at rates up to 5Gbps



Electrical features:

1)100% open &short test

2)Hi-pot DC 300V 10MS

3)Insulation resistance:10m ohm min

4)Contact resistance:3Max


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