Car Audio Rca Cable

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$3.09 - 14.42 / pc
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500 Sets pc
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100000 Set/Sets per Month pc/month

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car audio RCA cable feature  :

High Resolution Audio Interconnect Cable ,doulble shield . Silver copper braid  ,flexial cable ,24k gold plated metallic connector

Package :blister 


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Q:How to watch DVD after installing digital TV?
General TV has 2 or 3 video signal input terminals - AV. AV. AV. digital set-top box inserted in the AV1 terminal, DVD can be inserted in the AV2 or AV3 terminal.
Q:Day cat box, AV line inserted two holes?
Yellow and white red for a group of yellow burden of workers to pay attention to the barter shop bar is the video red and white is the audio you above this figure is another three sets of output to see you with that group was inserted in that group in accordance with the color Inserted on the line of red and white only the sound of the vertical and white has a vertical set of the above written
Q:I would like to ask who has the cable trench construction quality acceptance procedures
Collectively referred to as the cable tie TA inside there will be a wire core, so called iron bar line or iron wire tie belt is also called package wire, magic belt (magic belt), mini belt, gardening line, Iron tie, environmental cable ties, connecting wire, iron cable ties, iron cable ties, PVC tie wire, PVC 扎 wire, PVC cable ties
Q:Will the power supply CPU extension line will hurt the motherboard?
According to the connection hardware in the integrated wiring system functions to divide: wiring equipment, transfer equipment, sub-line equipment, network Connect the device 3
Q:Find the outer diameter of the YJV cable and the required diameter
Considering the coefficient of cable bridge laying, VJV cable carrying capacity to meet the 107A, you should use 3 × 35 copper cable (ring temperature 40 ℃), if the use of cable tray, you should use 3 × 70
Q:Haier high-definition TV set-top box how to install?
Haier high-definition TV set-top box installation method: . the first cable signal line (white) access to the back panel box signal input port; . and then audio cable and video cable [audio line (red and white), video cable The corresponding color connects the set-top box with the TV. If the set-top box and TV are high-definition, you can also use high-definition multimedia interface cable (HDMI cable) to connect the TV and high-definition set-top box HDMI interface. Note: high-definition multimedia interface line . the corresponding line connection is correct, you need to check the signal line and audio and video lines are loose; . after installation, turn on the TV and set-top box power, then use the TV remote control signal source conversion To the corresponding set-top box input video signal source; . until the automatic search after the program, you can watch the TV program.
Q:Is it possible to use one of the lines in the network as a power cord when installing a webcam?
You can use the extension cord to extend to the outside, but one thing you have to pay attention to, because the original with 12V7AH battery work time is relatively short, so the factory in the design, it is likely not to consider the work is very For a long time, you now switch to a large battery, pay attention to the UPS circuit on the power tube temperature, such as high, then think of ways to cool the job.
Q:How to install a cable TV set-top box debugging
No problem, my unit driving 53 meters, is to use this method, you have to drive a support arm in the road, so you can prevent self-weight sagging.
Q:Under what circumstances should the cable be fitted with a pipe protection? How does pipe diameter choose?
This is the cable wiring formulas: the next five is 10 square below the current per square 5A current wiring, one hundred and twenty is more than 100 square per square 2A, 25335 three sectors, meaning 25 , 35 square feet per square 3 ~ 4A wiring.
Q:Epson l550 Epson printer can print, scan display communication error, make sure the cable is connected
(SYV75-5) is a model of the coaxial cable, if the distance is relatively far, the image quality requirements are relatively high (if the distance is too high) , It is necessary to use this coaxial cable. The disadvantage is that wiring is not as convenient as twisted pair, the price is higher. It is also possible to use twisted pair cables with twisted pair transmitters to cope with short distances. Digital camera, then, for sure now are twisted pair.

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