Vermiculite for Hatch and Horticulture with High Quality

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Product Description:

Product Information of Vermiculite for Hatch and Horticulture with High Quality:

Vermiculite is available in raw and expanded products. Insulating material,vermiculite is fireproof, lightweight, chemically inert and non-toxic. These characteristics added to its high cationic exchange capacity and excellent absorbency make it a perfect material to use in a wide range of applications :

•Agriculture •Animal feed •Fire protection coatings •Foundry •Friction products •Hazardous waste absorption •Horticulture •Insulating boards •Lightweight concrete •Packaging •Plasters •Thermal and acoustic insulation •Any other application

Application of Vermiculite for Hatch and Horticulture with High Quality: 

Agriculture horticulute construction industry seedling  coating fillers   thermal insulation

size: 0.3-1mm1-3mm2-4mm3-6mm4-8mm    20-1250mesh

raw vermiculite: crude vermiculite

expanded vermiculite: exfoliated vermiculite

Vermiculite for Hatch and Horticulture with High Quality

Vermiculite for Hatch and Horticulture with High Quality

Raw and expanded vermiculite Origin:

China Silver and golden color Size (grade) Vermiculite raw vermiculite expanded vermiculite No. Grade Size(mm) 1 Large 4-8mm/2.8-8mm 2 Medium 1.4-4mm/2-4m 3 Fine 0.71-2mm/1-2mm 4 Superfine 0.335-1mm/0.3-1mm

Chemicals: SiO2 37-42% MgO 11-23% Al2O3 9-17% Fe2O3 3.5-18% CaO 1-2% K2O 5-8% PH 7-11

Technical Data of Vermiculite for Hatch and Horticulture with High Quality:

Vermiculite for Hatch and Horticulture with High Quality

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Q:what kinds of natural resources exist in Antarctica?
Q:Is vermiculite safe to use in potting soil?
Keep him on the calcium carbonate sand. First of all it is similar to what they are on in the wild, which is soil or sand. And they dig as a natural behavior. Secondly it is slightly digestable if they eat it (but make sure they are getting a high quality calcium suppliment like Mineral I so they dont eat it because too much ingested can cause impaction).The calcium carbonate sand also retains heat well, and cannot harbor parasites such as mites because it is inorganic, dry, and constantly shifting which means any parasites that might get in the cage cannot reproduce because the constantly shifting sand desicates the eggs so any parasites will quickly die off.Stick with the calcium carbonate sand. Ive used it on leopard geckos for 20 years and never had a single problem with impaction.
Q:How do I take care of sprouts for hydroponic growing?
i don't know about your gecko, but vermiculite is used to keep soil from impacting.
Q:bearded dragon egg care?
If you can get your hands on a polysterine box thats you pretty much sorted. You make a cut near the top so the wire for the heat mat can go in with the lid still on properly, and then put little tubs in ( chinese food boxes or the ones you get crickets on) put the vermiculite in and make sure it stays moist. have fun :)
Q:Vermiculite soil and clay can be kind of meat plants collocation
It is best to add some particles in, because vermiculite and soil are water retention, so airtight soggy, fleshy easy to rot.
Q:is vermiculite and perlite the same thing?
this is a sight for seriouse answers not dumb jokes...grow up...there is no such thing as a south american vermiculite snail and snails dont cough let alone do their mothers abandon them because they neve get raised by there mother .... ***
Q:can I grow Marijuana with just soil?
Yes, those two are used just to hold moisture in the soil ... they are not chemically reactive ....
Q:I'm planning to cultivate mushrooms. So, the question is what grain(s) do I have to substitute for rye grains?
It might be. The only way to know for sure is to have her x-rayed. Did you supply her with a laying box? They can become egg-bound if this isn't provided. You can give her a warm water soak to see if that helps.
Q:what is vermiculite?
Perl;ite floats and vermiculite is shiny and the fish try to eat it and die.
Q:Can you put vermiculite in the fish tank?
Animal husbandry: expanded vermiculite has unique structural and surface properties, as well as non-toxic, sterile and chemically inert. It can be used as a carrier, an adsorbent, a fixative, and a feed additive.

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