Vegetable Mesh Bag 25G Packing Plastic Bags

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10000 m²
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1000000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Product Name of Vegetable Mesh Bag 25G Packing Plastic Bags :

Loading Port: Shanghai port, China
Min.order quantity: 1*20GP 
Supply Capability: 20*40HC per month 
Payment Terms: TT or LC

Introduction of Vegetable Mesh Bag 25G Packing Plastic Bags :

This products is made by HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) or PP (Polypropylene), it is used for packing olive, onions, potatoes, and so on.

Specification of Vegetable Mesh Bag 25G Packing Plastic Bags :

30x50cm, 40x60cm, 42x70cm, 50x80cm, 55x78cm, 55x85cm, 57x86cm, 60x90cm, etc.

Width and length are as customers’ request.  

Color: red, green, yellow, white, pink, orange, purple, as per your requirements

Top: Hemmed or locked, with drawstring or without, handle is available

Bottom: Single fold or double fold. Single stitch or double stitch  

Printing: on one side or both sides, in one color or multi-colors  

Application of Vegetable Mesh Bag 25G Packing Plastic Bags :

It can be used packing onions, potatoes, apples, orange and other vegetables or fruits. It can hold heavy enough produces

Vegetable Mesh Bag 25G Packing Plastic Bags

Vegetable Mesh Bag 25G Packing Plastic Bags


FAQ of Vegetable Mesh Bag 25G Packing Plastic Bags:


Q: How to guarantee the quality of the products?

A:We have established the international advanced quality management system,every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test;We resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.

Q: How long can we receive the product after purchase?

A:In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pecific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers.Commonly 30 to 35 working days can be served.


A: FREE samples for Agricultural Patato Mesh Bag HDPE Material 25g are available for your checking and testing. And to get free samples, you need to send us you detailed receiving address (including post code) and your DHL/FedEx/UPS account for collecting samples, courier cost will be paid in your side.

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Q:Plastic Reeds?
I have plastic reeds for alto saxophone! They are pretty good. They last longer and sound great. The down sides to them are that they are harder to play on and cost more than wood reeds. As for if they sound good, it depends on if you can blow hard enough. But if you can, they sound a lot better than wood reeds (in my opinion). And, if you practice with the plastic reeds a lot, you will get used to them. When I enter in a competition though, my private lessons teacher recommends me to use the wood reeds. The plastic reeds are good reeds for practicing though! Good luck! =]
Q:What is plastic?
basically is made mainly of carbon and hydrogen. You may note plastics have lots of poly names eg polystyrene, polythene, as we called them polymers that have made from smaller monomer units by various processes Also you may want to think of plastics as like cooked spagetti, they are long chains. . Eg to make polythene you have ethene and break the double carbon bonds and then they make long chains for ethenes we call polythene. We get a lot of out plastics from oil actually as its carbon based!! The different plastics are made up of different polymers so have different properties which we find highly useful. You can make casein plastic by heating milk and adding vinegar and separating the solid and then molding it (it doesn't smell nice, but its a plastic).
Q:How to handle packing bags?
A variety of plastic packaging materials processing methods should be based on different packaging forms and quality, as well as the nature of plastic packaging materials targeted. The general principle is that it can not cause two pollution in the process of recycling and the most efficient recycling of resources and energy. Therefore, the waste plastic packaging materials to form a set of comprehensive recovery complete governance model, taking effective comprehensive measures, so that waste plastic packaging materials can be fully recycled, to reduce "white pollution on the environment caused by the" burden, promote the development of circular economy.
Q:Why is it when recycling plastic bags...?
As far as I know, plastic bags aren't even recycled, but I agree with you, they should recycle them, unless they were made in a way they can't be processed for recycling
Q:Why arent more plastics recycled?
in most cases plastic can only be reused about 3-4 times before the company has to trash the material unlike aluminum cans which can be used again and again :o) it's such a shame that people can just ruin the ocean with all of our trash... isn't it bad enough that we're chasing animals off land to make new urban areas and houses but now we're actually chasing animals out of the ocean too! it's so sad... I think once school starts again, I'm going to do a postsecret idea and put that pic of the turtle on a note card that says please Recycle need to all of our vending machines on campus... it may not be much but if 1 person does recycle then it'll be worth it :o)
Q:Is plastic harmful? blablabal?
I don't trust plastic. When heated I know it can leach out carcinogenic chemicals. It's full of them. I don't know if just putting a bottle cap in your mouth would do it but there are no benefits from doing that. Seems like the rise of cancer coincides with the rise of plastic materials.I wonder if your parents never drink out of a plastic bottle. My suggestion is don't heat food in plastic or pour hot liquids into a plastic container to drink.
Q:Qualities of a Good Plastic?
The desirable properties depend on the specific application. Health, safety and environment (HSE) are also among the most important concerns in engineering practice. Some properties to consider are: - Chemical compatibility with grease, oil, food stuff (application dependent) - Dimensional accuracy - Low coefficient of thermal expansion (plastics may be affected a lot by weather changes) - Resistance to UV (sunlight) exposure (should be chemically inert and not lose mechanical strength) - Low water absorption - Strength and flexibility - Hardness (think of the difference between plastic combs, lawnchairs, toothbrushes. they all have different hardness of plastics) - High softening temperature and melting point - Density may be a factor in some applications. For example, is the plastic heavier than water? - Thermoplast or thermoset (thermoplasts may be recycled) I hope this helps.
Q:Removing melted plastic?
=== are we talking fabric or is this on a metal tool ............ very hot water will soften the plastic in some cases on fabric ...... if it is on a metal tool then you can melt the plastic off with a cig liter or a match ..... use a box cutter to pick i
Q:How does crude oil become a plastic bag?
Plastic bags start as crude oil, natural gas, or other petrochemical derivatives, which are transformed into chains of hydrogen and carbon molecules known as polymers or polymer resin. After being heated, shaped, and cooled, the plastic is ready to be flattened, sealed, punched, or printed on. hope that helps...
Q:plastic wrap or foil????
I will also say to use a reusable container that you can wash and reuse day after day, just like using a cloth shopping bag for groceries. This way you are doing source reduction by cutting down the consumption of plastic bags and aluminum foils.

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