Vacuum Former with Double Heater

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Detailed Product Description of Vacuum Former


Vacuum former is suitable for forming ABS, PS, PVC, HDPE, PP, PC, PMMA, PMMA/ABS plastic sheet.

vacuum former adopts foreign leading technology, infrared heater and the whole system was controlled by PLC; comparing with the common vacuum forming machine, easy operation and complete function. It has been obtained six national patents. It is suitable for thermoforming ABS, PS, PVC, HDPE, PP, PC, PMMA, PMMA/ABS plastic board and plastic sheet etc., which can produce the slide, automotive interiors , motorcycle decorater board, The shell of eclectic scooter, The shell of medical apparatus, refrigerator cabinet, The parts of bathroom, bathtub, door panel, stepney cover, lantern etc...
Option of Vacuum Former 

1. Max. Height of mold can up to 650mm.
2. Double heater.
It is suitable for thermoforming ABS, PS, PVC, HDPE, PP, PC, PMMA, PMMA/ABS plastic sheet which thickness with 10mm.
3. Adopt short wave emitter as heater, it advantage is Heat uniformly, penetrate strongly, reflect best, heating quickly and save power.

4. Industrial computer control system and temperature module, it can set & display temperature on panel directly, more precision and easy operation.

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Q:What's the difference between a cup machine and a suction machine?
Cup machine: general radiation heating combined with contact heating; positive pressure blowing molding, combined with vacuum forming; generalWith metal auxiliary temperature regulating plunger (upper die); forming edge, drawing, blowing (suction) molding, cutting in a mold to complete;High production efficiency, automation production for large tensile uniform wall thickness of the cup dishes etc., professional and strong;
Q:Want to open a small blister factory, how much money should I invest?
If a suction machine, plus two punches 1 units, 20p air compressor will be about 200 thousand, the working capital depends on the amount of money, as far as the mold on the outside
Q:What is blister machine used for?
I was doing the plastic machine, plastic machine is used to do ~ ~ ~ ~ Shanghai Jiuluo electromechanical equipment packaging products is very poor, the production of plastic machine beating Jiuluo electromechanical sign, but the real manufacturer is Shenzhen City Heng Longji Machinery Equipment Co. ltd..
Q:The difference between positive and negative pressure suction machine suction machine
Positive and negative pressure suction machine more cost saving, higher precision, the latest research and development of plastic machinery in 2014 Dili automatic multi station negative pressure suction machine, the processing of sheet thickness between 0.2--2mm.
Q:How about plastic door cabinet? What about the price of plastic door?
3, blister door surface treatment, surface treatment is related to the overall image of finished product blister board. If the orange peel phenomenon is serious, the whole door panel looks darker (orange peel refraction light), and the high light blister door panel is very obvious on this point. 4, blister door work problems, this is the most easy to use in the process of causing trouble. Mainly manifested in the adsorption edges, if this piece of plastic glue phenomenon, the cabinet door in the process of using water absorption may occur deformation and cracking problem of PVC peridiolum itself. The choice can be used with some force to pull the fingernails PVC film and sheet sticking part, good workmanship (including gum and sticking glue good) plastic plate does not appear with little strength to pull down the phenomenon. Through the summary of above introduction about plastic cupboard door is good and the quality of plastic door how to discern the content, you must have a deeper understanding on plastic cupboard door, after the purchase of the cabinet, and even businesses you can blow a murky sky over a dark earth, not as steady as Mount Tai by businesses, about your will and awareness of plastic door the. Related articles: cabinet table width design standards, a new cabinet, corner pull basket how, sink what brand, good cabinet door panel price, how to calculate the cabinet hardware development trend?
Q:Suction machine vacuum time, heating, power off is how?
The heating tube in the machine touches the circuit board. It needs only a little pull out of the heating tube
Q:What is a single mold Blister machine?. Does it mean that only one mold can be placed on the workbench?
I struggled for several days of acrylic plastic machine, the end is still single mold pressure is good, the best single die is just a joke, the first mold is the biggest problem, 6 cm thick, have carved 4 sets with a font (cost more than four times) (direct nail out of the mold no, next to the edge must be tightly connected into a line), increase the cost of many (ceiling 3 cm high, you have to buy 3 cm thick MDF, cost more than doubled, but the only advantage is the relative pressure, no nail die) even if this procedure is not a problem, Yang also made into a film a word to be carved out of the ceiling, out of order of strokes to spell a word? No female die mold control, just a joke
Q:I want to do a plastic plate, our products is probably around 200*80mm, no need to buy a large plastic machine,
Directly to the blister factory to do, so that the cost should be even lower.
Q:Suction molding machine vacuum pump vacuum oil how much, with what type?
100# vacuum pump oil, single purchase, then 20 yuan or so, 1 liters, into a barrel to buy, it may be cheaper, but you do not need to estimate that much
Q:What is the fault of the touch screen of the plastic suction machine?
Shanghai Jiuluo blister machine super bad, their service is super.
Our company has enjoyed a high reputation both at home and abroad due to perfect after-sales services. Meanwhile, as an ISO9001 certified company, we adhere to the principle of "Honesty Oriented, Quality First, Continuously Expanding, and Pursuing Excellence", to cooperate with clients worldwide.

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