Vacuum Former with Double Heater

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Detailed Product Description of Vacuum Former


Vacuum former is suitable for forming ABS, PS, PVC, HDPE, PP, PC, PMMA, PMMA/ABS plastic sheet.

vacuum former adopts foreign leading technology, infrared heater and the whole system was controlled by PLC; comparing with the common vacuum forming machine, easy operation and complete function. It has been obtained six national patents. It is suitable for thermoforming ABS, PS, PVC, HDPE, PP, PC, PMMA, PMMA/ABS plastic board and plastic sheet etc., which can produce the slide, automotive interiors , motorcycle decorater board, The shell of eclectic scooter, The shell of medical apparatus, refrigerator cabinet, The parts of bathroom, bathtub, door panel, stepney cover, lantern etc...
Option of Vacuum Former 

1. Max. Height of mold can up to 650mm.
2. Double heater.
It is suitable for thermoforming ABS, PS, PVC, HDPE, PP, PC, PMMA, PMMA/ABS plastic sheet which thickness with 10mm.
3. Adopt short wave emitter as heater, it advantage is Heat uniformly, penetrate strongly, reflect best, heating quickly and save power.

4. Industrial computer control system and temperature module, it can set & display temperature on panel directly, more precision and easy operation.

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Q:For acrylic plastic absorbing machine manufacturing method or 2 hands in vacuum and hydraulic ask that good?
I used to advertise the packing machine, these two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, vacuum machine is practical single mold with high efficiency, suitable for acrylic plastic light, and relatively large plastic luminous characters, because the vacuum degree is limited, do small time in some places is not in place, the hydraulic utility of Yin and Yang mold in the mold on one more so than vacuum slightly a little slower, single is not very obvious compared to the overall almost, but suitable for hydraulic plastic boxes (especially arc type), better than the vacuum like vacuum fast, but do little good results, specifically how to choose or to see what do you do if your words, words or more vacuum, if you do more or better hydraulic plastic boxes
Q:Advertising Blister machine can be used to do blister packaging products?
No, the advertising Blister machine is made of relatively thick sheet; packaging products are generally thin sheet of material, it is necessary to make money quickly, the general packaging products are produced by high-speed machines. Advertising Blister machine is generally made of thick pieces, production at the end, because it is not fully automatic.
Q:Food factory plastic absorbing machine boot apprentice promising I
Now in the automotive industry is certainly the bestThe number of cars in the country is close to 200 millionIt's definitely a huge marketSales, repairs, maintenance and second-hand transactions in the after service marketThere's plenty of room
Q:Can you tell me something about blister machines?
Blister machine technology is too much, it is difficult to explain one by one. You can send private messages to talk.
Q:What's the vacuum gauge in general?
Depends on the specific specifications of your blister machine.
Q:How the master boot suction machine training?
We have regular training in this area, also can join a suction machine master boot QQ group 69172279, there are a lot of master boot.
Q:Plastic plate embossed film sliding part is what reason? How to solve?
The spray is uneven or either does not spray,
Q:Excuse me, my teacher, blister machine, heating brick inside, is there a temperature sensor ah?
Generally speaking, all electric heating equipment has thermocouple and temperature control device, you call the temperature sensor, line, temperature controller, relay or contactor bad or bad contact may.
Q:Vacuum suction machine Blister PVC film temperature is generally?
One of the main processes in the vacuum forming process of thermoplastic sheets and films is sheet heating. The furnace is made of stainless steel, high temperature heating tile Taiwan, Japan line, high-frequency ceramic joints, 60 pieces of heating on the stove tile, under 42 watt heating furnace, the maximum power 40.8KW, South Korea DPC digital proportional regulator, a control regulating temperature, and a temperature display temperature, convenient data management. Electric furnace cylinder drive, power failure or overhaul, electric furnace out of the machine, safe and convenient.
Q:Export commodity code for injection molding machine and plastic suction machine
84771010.90 single 84771010.90 double color injection molding machine 84771010.90 closed-loop control automatic injection molding machine 84771010.90 double slide vertical injection molding machine 84771010.90 micro high speed precision injection molding machine 84771010.90 full automatic computer injection molding machine 84771010.90 vertical injection molding machine 84771010.90 vertical injection molding machine screw 84771010.90 second-hand injection molding machine 84771010.90 injection molding machine injection molding machine 84771010.90 parts 84771010.90 rotary injection machine 84771010.90 single step type compatibilizing injection molding machine 84771010.90 computer injection molding machine 84771010.90 plate injection molding machine 84771010.90 open type injection molding machine 84771010.90 PET preform injection molding machine 84771010.90 automatic computer vertical injection molding machine 84771010.90 The injection molding machine 84771010.91 slide type injection molding machine 84771010.91 variable pump injection molding machine 84771010.91 bakelite injection molding machine 84771010.91 quantitative pump injection molding machine 84771010.91 rotary injection molding machine injection molding machine 84771010.91 84771010.91 vertical injection molding machine 84771010.91 small injection molding machine 84771010.91 horizontal injection molding machine 84771010.91 vertical injection molding machine precision injection molding machine 84771010.91
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