Acrylic Vacuum Forming Machine

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Product Description:

Application of Arcylic Vacuum Forming Machine


1. Suitable material: PP, PS, PVC, PE, EPS. ABS, HIPS PMMA etc

2.Thick sheet plastic thermoforming machine



Technical parameters of Arcylic Vacuum Forming Machine


Model No.


Max. Forming area (mm)


Max. Forming depth (mm)

350 / 650

Vacuum Pump Capacity (m³/h)


Vacuum Pump Motor (kW)


Vacuum Pump Tank (m³)


Thickness of the sheet  (mm)

within 10mm

Air Pressure (Pa)


Power Supply (V/Hz)


power of upper oven (KW)


power of lower oven (KW)




Weight (kg)



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Q:Temperature control of plastic suction machine
It is better to control with heating and refrigeration if possible
Q:Blister machine how to maintain?
Function: 1., two vacuum function2. delay vacuum function 3., two times up die function4. design of easy middle brake5. pneumatic trim limit current setting6. upper and lower die line program adjustable device7. quick die change disk 8. times the vertical vibration release three maintenance 1. maintain clean sanitation, after stopping to remove dirt and debris around the machine; the 2. sliding guide column, bearing and sprocket must maintain good lubrication condition, regular lubrication; water filter 3. gas path in each working class should drain once the oil mist should always come on, in order to ensure the normal use of the electromagnetic valve and the cylinder; 4. each class should inspect the oil level of the vacuum pump (oil shall not be less than the oil line); should be put in the vacuum pump oil once a month; 5. regular observation of oil mist and oil quantity, adjust oil the size of the new machine, at large (about 3 days and 1 weeks after using a bottle of oil) can be reduced to ensure the sufficient lubrication of pneumatic components.
Q:What are the better Zhejiang BOPS molding machine, blister machine, sheet machine manufacturers?
1 Hongkong electric power, south of the Five Ridges electric power 2, 3 south electric power and so on, I did ten years of plastic, only a few things can also plant market. Oh, next.
Q:Blow molding, injection molding, blister difference?
Plastic suction machine - plastic sheet (film) heating, according to the shape of the mold molding method of producing all kinds of plastic products machinery. Such as: food packaging containers (shape of thin slices) and so on.
Q:The difference between positive and negative pressure suction machine suction machine
The difference between positive and negative pressure suction machine suction machine, suction machine is only the function of positive and negative pressure suction blister, plastic and plastic blow molding has the function of negative pressure suction machine; suction force is low machine cost, the structure is more simple.Plastic molding machine principle: plastic molding called thermoplastic molding, the molding process is mainly produced by vacuum vacuum pump after PVC, PET, PETG, APTT, PP, PE, PS and other thermoplastic plastic sheet after mold suction into various shapes of cover, surface or cling to various shapes of products. Blister according to sheet thickness is divided into thin film blister and thick film blister.The main structure of the machine consists of feeding, drawing materials, heating up and down electric heating furnace, lower gate, multifunctional adjustable size, lower die plate, upper die, upper gate, knife brake, slice, film and vacuum device;Thick sheet vacuum common products: household appliances, luggage rack, liner shell fittings, decoration, car interiors, bumper, fender, beauty equipment, lamp box shell, toy car shell, industrial panel, advertising light boxes, plastic LOGO, sanitary products, refrigerator liner etc..
Q:Does the rice seedling with pressure machine making or blister machine do?
No pressure machine is used vacuum plastic absorbing machine
Q:Vacuum suction machine temperature in winter can be how much?
At present by Shenzhen Pincheng electric KZSCR system module launched specifically for plastic machine hot spot temperature control, to solve the previous high cost, and directly to the hot spot temperature and temperature control, thus avoiding the outside ambient temperature on the hot spot effect. Generally can do 500 degrees or so
Q:Blister machine often bad contactor, what is the reason?
There are many bad contactors, first of all to figure out where is broken, to say the reason. Such as:The coil burnt, the possible reason is the installation of environmental problems, such as too wetThe reason for the contact melting is that the contactor capacity is too smallContactors do not act, may be contactor, contactor bad, etc.
Q:0.8 thick blister sheet can make 0.8 products?
Depends on the shape of your suction. Generally suck out the product is absolutely impossible or 0.8 thick?
Q:Blister machine production when there is static, how to deal with?
Can use ion wind bar or ion fan to eliminate static electricity, of course, some blister machine will also use ion wind mouth and so on. Commonly used are ion wind sticks, because the ion bar is small, easy to install, and the speed of static electricity is also good. But the life of the ion wind bar is shorter than that of the ion fan, so if it can be installed, it is better to use the ion fan installed in the thermoplastic forming machine.The principle of installation is: where the electrostatic impact is, the electrostatic eliminator (ion fan, ion wind bar, etc.) of the air outlet aligned at the impact of a little bit on the line. Make sure you're a little ahead! Specific can refer to PIFAPO electrostatic network on the use of different electrostatic eliminator and usage.
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