Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

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Detailed Product Description of Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Automatic vacuum forming machine for forming PS, HIPS, PVC, PET, PP and flocking sheets to produce various blister.

DXS-700/1200A-1 automatic vacuum forming machine (thermoforming machine, vacuum forming machine,plastic machine) is designed by the principle of mechanical-electrical-pneumatic integration. It adopts PLC control system, panel and digital displayed voltmeter adjustment. This fully automatic forming equipment is for thermoforming plastic sheets integrating feeding and heating with forming, cooling, mold ejecting and cutting. This machine features performance and convenient operation.


Application Area of Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

It is suitable for thermoforming PS, HIPS, PVC, PET, PP and flocking sheets to produce various blister packaging and blister trays; such as curatorial injection tray,mobile phones tray, cookies trays, egg tray and disposable tableware.


Main technical parameters of Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

1) Length of forming: 760 - 1200mm

2) Width of forming: 500 - 700mm

3) Height of forming: 165mm

4) Production speed: 60 - 720 cycles/h

5) Power of oven: 24kW

6) Power of vacuum pump motor: 3kW

7) Vacuum pump capacity: 100cbm/h

8) Power of air compressor: 15kW

9) Air displacement of air compressor: 2cbm/min

10) Voltage: 380/220V 50Hz

11) Overall dimensions: 7950 x 1450 x 2550mm

12) Weight: 3000kg

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Q:Plastic packing box factory, the kind of blister machine, what needs to be prepared? Machines, etc.
Need to blister machine, cutting machine, folding machine, if you do not buy sheets, you also need sheet machine.
Q:How about plastic door cabinet? What about the price of plastic door?
Plastic door plate and some shops called the film pressure door, the two term in no matter what kind enough to say the image of the making process of adsorption heat covered with a layer of PVC membrane on the substrate, the substrate plastic door is generally used for medium density fiberboard. Plastic door panels are widely used, indicating its own many advantages are accepted by everyone, then what are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic door panels, quality and how to identify? What about plastic door panels? 1 advantages: plastic door, plastic door on the surface of PVC membranes determines the plastic cupboard door display color and texture, so in theory should have many colors, color and texture of the plastic door is rich, the choices more can satisfy your needs for any color (actually peridiolum manufacturers produced the color is still limited); because peridiolum MDF can be made of plastic door surface can also generate a variety of three-dimensional modeling, to meet the different needs of customers of different styles, and anti scratch resistant. 2, blister door defects, blister door panels, although it is a better cabinet door panels, but there is a shortcoming, in any case can not hide, that is plastic door deformation problem. Because the manufacturing process is hot cover, so inevitably to thermal expansion and contraction, plastic plate will produce to the PVC film direction concave in different degrees after cooling (quality of the substrate increases, deformation is smaller, the process) can not solve the problem of restricting the further development of plastic door.
Q:What blister machine is used for automobile wheel tray? Protective tray for wheel hub circulating Logistics
Thick plate plastic forming machine, large, finished products look good to sell.
Q:What are the differences between blister and injection molding?
Plastic suction machine is generally used for plastic containers.Injection molding machine is usually used to make plastic parts.
Q:Plate furniture engraving machine, blister machine production process is good?
Batch engraving machine is a great investment.
Q:Blister machine does not release how to adjust?
Mold release; modify the mold slope; increase the mold opening temperature.
Q:3D what do three-dimensional wall stickers plastic absorbing machine factory,
If you roll the entire volume of material, you can automate it. Specifications like ACF, and machines that can be ordered.
Q:Plastic mechanical and electrical furnace power 650W, the temperature is set to 240 degrees,
When the power of 650W is set to 240, the percentage of the power to be set is a percentage
Q:Blister machine often bad contactor, what is the reason?
There are many bad contactors, first of all to figure out where is broken, to say the reason. Such as:The coil burnt, the possible reason is the installation of environmental problems, such as too wetThe reason for the contact melting is that the contactor capacity is too smallContactors do not act, may be contactor, contactor bad, etc.
Q:Acrylic plastic suction machine Blister writing method
Hello The following is the production of blister words, but also in reference materials for more detailed information:1. flat plastic sheet (usually acrylic, also known as Acrylic.) heating become soft, vacuum adsorption on the surface of the wooden mold font in advance with a three-dimensional engraving machine carved, cooling after milling, engraving and milling, grinding, using aluminum (or tin) wrapping cover made of words.ord for outdoor use.
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Eastern Asia
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