Up-blowing Single Layer Blown Film Machine

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  Film produced by this series has advantage as: low cost, even thickness, high transparency, excellent plastination and so on. It’s an ideal packing material for agricultural use, milk packing, liquid packing, garbage bag and farmland film.  







Max. product layflat width






Product thickness






Screw DIM.






Screw ratio L/D


Max. screw speed

110 r/min


35 kg/h

50 kg/h


70 kg/h

110 kg/h

Raw material


Main motor power


11 kw


18.5 kw

30 kw

Die type

Spiral type

Clamping method



Haul-off motor power


1.1 kw


2.2 kw

Haul-off speed

0-80 m/min

0-60 m/min

Winding method

Winding on surface


30 kgf moment

40 kgf moment

50 kgf moment

60 kgf moment

80 kgf moment

Winding speed

0-80 m/min

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Q:Dr. oil mill, bag filter, instructions for use
Vacuum pump to vacuum tank air to form a vacuum, outside the oil under the influence of the atmospheric pressure through the entrance pipe into the primary filter, remove larger particles, and then into the heating tank, heated by 40 degrees to 75 degrees of oil through the automatic oil float valve, this valve is automatic control into the vacuum tank of oil import balance, after heating the oil whirl through the spray wing separating oil into a mist, oil and water in the rapid evaporation of water vapor into the vacuum pump and continuous inhalation of condenser.
Q:What is the working principle of the vacuum oil filter?It's easy to understand
Don't you say it's easy to understand?. Ha-ha。 All I'm talking about is essence
Q:Oil filter is good with filter or filter paper?
Oil filter is good filter or filter paper, depending on your oil situation, if there is only impurities in the oil, choose filter paper on the line, and if there is moisture, you have to choose a vacuum
Q:I would like to ask the following prawns, oil filters to do the sale, which customers should be running or units?
Don't tell me can vacuum oil filter with high precision deimpurity ah, the wire net can be useful not pull, and now the electrostatic oil filter, high precision oil filter, membrane filtration, centrifugal oil filter, too much, which each have a lot of technology, too much,
Q:What are the main use of oil filters?
There are still some refineries in the fields of mines, metallurgy, railways and so on
Q:Transformer oil filter how to choose?
We must remember that ultra-high voltage transformer oil for 500KV ultra high voltage transformer and a similar demand for electrical power equipment for insulation and cooling medium, oil detection by SH0040-91 industry standards, test items include appearance, color, density (20 degrees Celsius), viscosity, aniline point, freezing point, pour point, flash point, and value, corrosive sulfur, water soluble acid and alkali, oxidation stability (precipitation, acid), breakdown voltage, dielectric loss factor (90 degrees Celsius), interfacial tension, trace water, condensate gas ratio dispersion. Hope to help
Q:How to select flow rate for turbine oil vacuum oil filter?
Turbine oil vacuum filter oil processing generally requires two or three cycles, so according to the amount of oil to be estimated, the flow of commonly used units are L/MIN and m3/H.
Q:The difference between plate type oil filter and automatic slag filter
. Automatic slag discharge filter is fully sealed pipe, low oil loss, almost no manpower, full valve control switch, inside all stainless steel filter board, low cost later, the provincial manual.
Q:What is the working vacuum in the oil filter?
The existing vacuum oil filter machine technical indicators only vacuum oil filter and coalescence vacuum oil filter two, so to answer this question, you need to understand the principle of vacuum oil filter, vacuum oil filter machine work, need to vacuum oil filter in the outside atmospheric pressure and oil filter in the vacuum pump under the action of the suction filter, large particle impurities are removed by the oil heater into the precision filter, filter the impurity particles fine before entering the water filter, separated out from the oil droplet, the precipitation in the water reservoir. The oil solution for removing impurities and large water drops enters a three-dimensional vacuum flash tower for further treatment of micro water.
Q:What kind of cooking oil filter is good?
At present the most popular is the pneumatic oil filter, and I hope to help you, oil brother oil press to answer for you.

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