Plastic Crusher machine

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Plastic Crusher
crushing machine
breaking machine
plastic crusher machine


Plastic Crusher
crushing machine
breaking machine

The crusher contains four different kinds of crusher:

1. PC series  crusher is mainly used for crushing PE, PVC, nylon, waste plastic and other soft material and PPR pipe etc. If change blade distance, this crusher can also crush plastic film, and bottle flakes, sheet and other waste plastic material.

2. GSH series crusher  is mainly used for crushing large material, hard material, .large wire, cable, packing material, container, sheet, board, televesion crust, refrigeratory, car oil box, bumper etc.

3. The crusher is mainly used for crushing long PVC shaped material, plastic door and window, plastic pipe, plastic sheet, plastic plate etc. You can put the material on time, no need to cut into pieces.

4. we adopted German advanced technology, special for crushing large diameter PE pipe, PVC pipe and other kind of plastic pipes.

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Q:What kind of material is used for plastic hairpin?
The hairpin is usually made of modified or nylon plastic.See if you're satisfied
Q:Maintenance essentials of 300 kW generator rental system for recycled plastics machines
Maintenance method: 1, plastic crushing machine should be installed ventilation position, to ensure that the work of heat distribution, and extend its life. 2, should be regularly filled with lubricating oil bearings, to ensure the lubrication between bearings. 3, regular inspection tool screw, new recycled plastic crusher after 1 hours of use, with the fastening tool knife, knife set screws, strengthen fixed blade and tool.
Q:Plastic crusher blade easily broken, because what?
Third, heat treatment of hardness control, and proper tempering treatment.
Q:How much does it cost to run a disposable plastic basket factory?
Fourth that's the raw material, like the black plastic basket. The main ingredients of this kind of product are Recycled HDPE and polypropylene. Estimated equipment and die investment is about three hundred thousand.
Q:Plastic crusher, food box, plastic crusher, plastic crusher how much money
The output is different, the price is different, and your raw materials are different,
Q:How many units should be taken for processing polyethylene granules? It is better to introduce them in detail,
All waste plastic products by recycling broken re manufacturing of plastic granules are recycled. Recycling materials can be mixed production of plastic products used alone or mixed with new material. Like the waste plastic bucket, bench, washbasin is polyethylene or polypropylene plastics
Q:Plastic crusher is slow to eat. Why?
Fixed, then remove the fixed knife grinding, so as to better the fixed knife.
Q:Classification of equipment for plastics mills
Motor power selection, high design accuracy1, after repeated experiments and practical use, the results show that the choice of motor power, design and efficiency of the machine matching is high, so as to ensure the constant force of the whole series of products with low energy consumption, high efficiency and long service life and so on.Reasonable design, excellent performance1, the whole body of scientific and rational design, the imported materials and high work efficiency; steel body, compact structure, strong, suitable for operation in the work environment, mechanical performance is stable and reliable, not by the crushing materials for a long time and affected.2, the separation of design, feed mill main body filter base according to the reference holes and washable screen assembly.Low noise, environmental protection, clean and pollution-free1 、 equipped with heavy load bearing and design double seal device crushing room, effectively isolate oil pollution, ensure the processing material clean. Unsafe factors resulting from unstable running and excessive motor load to prevent pulverizing powder from entering the mechanical transmission mechanism of the bearing housing.2, double deck sound insulation device, can effectively prevent vibration and noise, with high environmental protection effect.3, power consumption, energy saving, high efficiency, simple shape, easy to move.Seiko carved, superior quality1, all the parts have set the benchmark for the hole and the surface of coarse and fine multiple machining process, and execute the testing procedures according to strict standards to ensure reliable accuracy of each component, while ensuring the interchangeability of parts, greatly facilitate the use of maintenance products in the process of replacement parts.Safe and reliable handling
Q:Points for attention of plastic recycling granulator
3, the main bearing room at both ends of the bearing parts burned, hand burning or noise, we should stop, repair and add butter. During normal operation, the bearing chamber butter once every 5-6 days.4, pay attention to find out the law of operation of the machine, such as: machine temperature, speed, speed, according to the situation, timely processing.5, the operation is stable, should pay attention to check the gap coupling agreement is too tight, to timely adjust some loose.
Q:What are the key words in plastic machinery?
Waste foam machine, waste froth recovery machine, regeneration foam processing machine, regeneration foam granule machine, regeneration foam granule machine, foam regeneration granule machineFoam recycling granulator, foam recycling machine, plastic recycling granulator, plastic recycling machine, plastic recycling extruder, plastic recycling equipmentPlastic producing machinery, large plastic crusher, waste plastics crusher, plastic processing crusher, plastic recycling crusher, recycled plastic crusher,Recycled plastic processing crusher, plastic crushing machine, recycled plastic crusher, waste plastics crusher, plastic recycling crusher, PET plastic processing machine

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