Melt Flow Type Plastic Drip Irrigation Pipe Plastic Vacuum Forming Machinery

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Specifications of plastic irrigation pipe vaccum forming machine

1.speed: 70m/min

2.product thickness: 0.15-0.3mm

3.water discharge rate: 0.5-1.5L/H


Application range of melt-flow type drip irrigation tape

It can be widely used in farm crops and greenhouse, the dripping volume and space of water dripping outlet can be supplied according to actual needs.


Features of the melt-flow type drip irrigation tape

Thin wall type drip irrigation tape, the labyrinth flow passage can be formed once, which performance is good.

It has turbulent flow passage and pressure compensation.

Aperture type water outlet can be opened to make water flows only when the pressure exists. It will be closed automatically, when there is no pressure, therefore it can prevent root system of plant and soil etc. impurity from entering and avoid blocking water outlet.

The flow rate has strong stability.

The flexibility of emitter flow passage is good.

The paving length is long.

It features high erosion resistance.


Packaging & Delivery of Melt Flow Type Plastic Drip Irrigation Pipe Plastic Vacuum Forming Machinery

Packaging Detail:Plywood case, export standard package

Delivery Detail:70days


Melt-flow type drip irrigation tape making machine

Parameters Nominal ID(mm) Nominal wall thickness(mm) Working pressure(Mpa) Flow rate(L/H) Space between drippers(mm) Length of roll(m)
Data 16,20 0.2-0.3 0.05-0.07 0.5-1.5 100,150,200,300adjustable according to customer’s demand 2000


Main technical parameter

Model SJLY-65
Specification of final product φ16mm
Production speed 70 m/min
Main driving power 30kw
Max.extruding capacity 60kg/h
Heating power 26kw
Filter changing way durable filter (patent)
Driving power of shaping wheel 7.5kw
Driving power of tractor 1.5kw
Winding motor torque motor 12N.m*2
Water consumption 2.5m³/h
Air consumption 0.2m³/h
Installation power 68kw
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 9M*5M*3.5M
Weight 3000kg



 Melt Flow Type Plastic Drip Irrigation Pipe Plastic Vacuum Forming Machinery



 Melt Flow Type Plastic Drip Irrigation Pipe Plastic Vacuum Forming Machinery

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