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                                                          Amphibious Marine Hoist 70 ton

Marine Hoist is suitable for handling any kind of big boats of yachts according to customers’ requirements through a simple water channel. With the boat dry docked maintenance, repairs or manufacture can be easily carried out or into water with a subsequent decrease in costs. The soft but strong sling plastic belts undertake evenly the force from the boat and never harm the fragile surface of the boat, yacht or wood one. The Marine Hoist can take the boats and stock them side by side, leaving as little space as possible between the boats with no waste of time. The different types of movements of the machine just like steering diagonal, steering 90° or carrousel are free to position the boat on anywhere as the customer required.
Marine Hoist with variable track can be applied indistinctly to different width of the boat or vessel, his severing weight based on his different sizes can be designed in range from 10 tons to 1700 tons.

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Q:What requirement does the anchor bolt need to meet when the jib crane is installed
The bolts should have washer under nuts. The bottom of the bolt should be laid flat, and the basic contact should be solid, and the nut should be soldered or locked. After the bolt is tightened, the nut should be exposed to 2 ~ 3 buckles.
Q:Compared to the hook crane, the advantages and disadvantages of the electromagnetic crane
Advantages; 1, you don't need to be able to get a hook for the lifting and landing, and you can screen for objects that need to be hoisted (such as steel).
Q:What does the working grade A1A8 mean
Load condition of crane The load state of the crane is related to two factors, one is the actual lifting load and the maximum payload ratio (Pi/Pmax) The other one is the number of lifting loads associated with the total work cycle ratio (ni/N). The value of Pi/Pmax and ni/N is called Kp, and the expression is: KP = Pi - I = 1 lift load, I = 1, 2, 3... N; Ni -- the number of effects of load Pi; N -- the total number of work cycles. Pmax - rated weight; M -- exponential; Table 3 is the load state of the crane and its nominal load genealogy table. Table 3 crane load condition and nominal load spectral coefficient Kp The nominal load factor, KP says Q1 - light In Q2 - Q3 - heavy Q4 - heavy 0.125 0.25 0.5 1.1.0 is seldom raised with a nominal load Sometimes the load is rated, and the average lift is moderate The load is usually raised, usually lifting heavy loads The load is rated frequently Crane working grade The crane is divided into eight working levels according to the crane utilization level (table 2) and load condition (table 3) A1 ~ A8. Table 4 is a breakdown table of the working level of the crane.
Q:Where do you need a crane
General bridge machine: manufacturing shop Metallurgical crane: steel mills Common door machine: material storage yard, bulk terminal Crane sales if you do, you'll pay more attention to the new project. You can be in other KONECRANE website to see their products, their products are classified according to the from all walks of life. Science is more meticulous. Recommended reference.
Q:What is the characteristic of tower crane
From the perspective of the technology development of tower crane, while the new product emerge in endlessly, new products in the production efficiency, simple operation, easy maintenance and reliable operation were increased, but the tower crane technology, there is no fundamental change. The research of the tower machine is moving towards the combinatorial development. The so-called "combination" is centered on the structure of the tower.
Q:The kangaroo crane.Specific definitions and application methods, aspects
The pull-type crane is the most common type of crane hoisting, sent to Australia by the U.S. military, used for cargo handling. This kind of crane is installed on the trailer, by truck or tractor trailer
Q:The gantry crane is the procedure that the dragon door crane installation tells the need
We just installed in good condition, is in hebei bazhou a lifting of the factory, and then install cycle seems to be used for half a month, I just transferred to the administration, is now to employees in the workshop for gantry crane operation certificate, the manufacturer is responsible for the generation, this must be dealt with, otherwise the safety bureau to check the card in the future, and only they install the manufacturer to deal with more convenient. You can search for the professional dragon door crane manufacturer, then search the sales department to consult.
Q:Has anyone ever bought a slewing crane? Now my company is in urgent need of one
You are in that place, I will introduce you to the factory that is closer to you, also convenient to meet after sales problem.
Q:Does the double beam crane main beam two web butt welded seam weld can be in a straight line?
Can't, general domestic experience practices provisions should avoid crossing two pieces of web plate butt weld of greater than 200 mm, and at the same time two web weld should be staggered more than 200 mm, the weld position of two main girder should stagger the car at the same time the distance of the wheel track.
Q:Cranes have several modes of operation
The driver's room CAM operation, the driver's room connected desk operation, ground button operation, ground remote operation. Driver's room + remote control operation. Driver's room + button operation. Button + remote control etc

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