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                                                          Amphibious Marine Hoist 70 ton

Marine Hoist is suitable for handling any kind of big boats of yachts according to customers’ requirements through a simple water channel. With the boat dry docked maintenance, repairs or manufacture can be easily carried out or into water with a subsequent decrease in costs. The soft but strong sling plastic belts undertake evenly the force from the boat and never harm the fragile surface of the boat, yacht or wood one. The Marine Hoist can take the boats and stock them side by side, leaving as little space as possible between the boats with no waste of time. The different types of movements of the machine just like steering diagonal, steering 90° or carrousel are free to position the boat on anywhere as the customer required.
Marine Hoist with variable track can be applied indistinctly to different width of the boat or vessel, his severing weight based on his different sizes can be designed in range from 10 tons to 1700 tons.

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Q:How does the crane remote receiver connect to the control cabinet line?
The power supply is the same as the contact on the crane. The red line is the total contactor coil, which is KM. The yellow and green contact coils, such as KM1, KM2, which control the crane up and down, then parallel the yellow and green lines to SB1. SB2. Everything else is the same, and so on. I am a crane remote-control converter. I am now working on the remote-controlled 100T bridge crane
Q:What is the lifting torque in construction?
You're lifting moment, it should be said of the tower crane lifting moment, its calibration value is the biggest and the amplitude according to the basic arm lifting rated lifting weight of the product. Our country crane model establishment is rated torque as the main parameters to be defined, QTZ80, for example shows as follows: QTZ80, including QTZ representative self-lifting tower crane and 80 for nominal lifting moment 800 kn m. (rated lifting weight of the product) and the corresponding basic arm divided by 10
Q:What industry does the crane use in general
There are also car cranes, forklifts, and so on. Reminder: hoisting machinery belongs to the technical quality supervision and administration bureau of the territory of the territory of China. The state shall have administrative permission for such units, and have special equipment monitoring and use of administrative regulations.
Q:Did the lifting machinery manufacture rule TSG q7001-2006 be repealed?
An old standard will be replaced by a new standard, and no one will. Check to see if there is a regular inspection rule for hoisting machinery (TSG q7015-2008).
Q:I was wondering if crane crane ` ` ` `? What is the difference between two?
Cranes include cranes, which are part of a crane. The car crane and the tyre crane are completely different: Automobile crane is to put the crane installed on the truck chassis of a crane. In recent years due to the continuous improvement of vehicle load capacity, the production of various kinds of special automobile chassis, led to the emergence of large tonnage automobile crane constantly, because the hydraulic mechanism is widely used in crane, with high strength steel as the crane arm, make it either in operation or in the use of performance has a lot of advantages. Therefore, auto crane is currently the most widely used a crane.
Q:Details of several anti-rolling systems of the tyrotype container gantry crane?
4 hoisting wire rope cross winding way 4 1 institution arrangement and working principle of the four hoisting rope pulley, directly from the drum to sling the shelves on the pulley cross winding (different from normal winding). Then the transition from the car frame and the steering pulley back to the hoisting mechanism. This arrangement fully consider the car frame pulley offshoring lifting point as far as possible, in order to realize the hoisting wire rope in the direction of the horizontal component of the car is enough big, depends on this component to achieve the function of spreader in the car direction stabilizer. When the lifting gear starts to swing, the horizontal component of the other side of the raised wire will hold down the swing of the harness. The anti-rolling effect of this arrangement is obvious. The pulley of the wire rope is small, four rising wire rope length is consistent, the winding form is unified, can reduce the difficulty of maintaining the work. Simplifies the car arrangement, the car on the shelf arrangement organization completely symmetrical, avoid the happening of the partial load in traditional design, make the stress of the structure form more hasten is reasonable.
Q:What requirement does the anchor bolt need to meet when the jib crane is installed
The bolt should not be less than 5mm in the bolt hole or in the bolt casing. The bolt should be in a vertical state, allowing the deviation to be less than or equal to L / 200 (L is the length of the foot bolt), and not greater than 5mm. The nut of the bolt should be washer under the nut.
Q:Does the electric single-beam crane electric hoist operation need operation certificate?
Need operation certificate must to technical supervision inspection certification Many people operation It is necessary to establish the corresponding management program And one of them should be operator certificate Otherwise the safety and quality inspection will be trouble
Q:What is the working level of a crane?
Mainly consider the use frequency of crane, the general class work system is to show that when the workshop is working, the crane must be used frequently, and the fatigue test should be carried out. Light levels are rarely used, only for maintenance or occasional use. Intermediate is the boundary between the two. So in general, intermediate work is more. It depends on the process.
Q:What is the difference between a port platform crane and a stationary crane?
This question is not accurate, I guess you are asking the door type crane, this one has the track and the stationary; If it's a door seat, that's a functional difference

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