Mobile Hydraulic Self-propelled Scissor Lift Platform

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Product Description:

Mobile hydraulic self-propelled scissor lift platform Mobile hydraulic self-propelled scissor lift platform Mobile hydraulic self-propelled scissor lift platform

Self-propelled scissor lifts can travel at slow speed and rapid speed self-propelled. Only one person is needed to lower, raise, forward, backward, steer the machine. It improves working efficiency and reduces man-power and labor intensity greatly. Ti is especially good for long time work at airport terminals, stations, docks, shopping markets, stadiums and workshops.

Application of self-propelled scissor lift
Feature of low noise is perfectly suitable for the noise-sensitive environment, such as office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, schools, etc. Most models are equipped with zero inside turning radius capability, can be easily and flexibly operated in crowded working conditions such as construction site, elevator, and narrow corridor. Lift-up, lift-down, turning, forward and backward movements can be exasperated by on person




Automatic pothole Protection System
Removable Platform Control Box
Proportional Controls
Slide-out Battery Trays
All Motion Alarm
Roll-out Deck Extension
Fork Lift Pockets, Lift from Side and Rear
Four 6V, 225Amp-hour Deep Cycle Batteries
Tilt Cut-off Safety System
Spring-Loaded Gate
LED Battery Condition Indicator



Technical Data:

Working height


Table height


D2 guardrail height


A side width


B side width


C side width


D1 side width


Dimension of table


Extension length of table


Wheel base-E


Ground clearance-F


Lifting weight


Table extension ability


Lifting time


Fall time


Max lifting height




Total pressure 



Running speed (unexpended)


Running speed (expended)km/h


Turning radium (inside/outside)/2.02


Climbing ability


Max angle of slope

Solid tire dimension






30A automatic

Hydraulic cylinder


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Q:Which cranes are included in the driving
Driving, the book is called a crane, including the bridge type and the gantry crane two kinds, and of course there is a half gate! The local language is called skycar, which is hanging.
Q:What is a crane cart
A crane's main vehicle is the bridge of the crane, which is the operating part of the lifting mechanism.
Q:The door frame of the door crane is made up of which parts
Partial rail box double beam and rail box single girder cross section are ranged from upper and lower flange plate and the thickness of the deputy of web, rail car is decorated in the main web above, the casing short stiffening plate could save, in which partial rail box single main box girder is composed of a wide flange instead of two main girder, the weight is small, but made more complex. Four by four pieces of plane truss girder structure combination into a closed space structure, on the surface level on the truss generally covered by bedplate, weight light, stiffness big, but compared with other structures, appearance size, made more complex, the fatigue strength is low, have less production.
Q:What is the difference between a LD type LX and a crane
The LD is an electric single-beam crane The LX is a crane with a cantilever electric single beam Ll: that's right
Q:What is the difference between a manual crane and an electric crane?
Manual is to rely on the pulley of electromotive pulley to be driven by the hydraulic cylinder to push if the distance asks big also need to add the pulley!
Q:What is the working level of a crane?
Mainly consider the use frequency of crane, the general class work system is to show that when the workshop is working, the crane must be used frequently, and the fatigue test should be carried out. Light levels are rarely used, only for maintenance or occasional use. Intermediate is the boundary between the two. So in general, intermediate work is more. It depends on the process.
Q:The size of a single beam bridge crane is required for annual inspection
3 tons and above require annual inspection, detailed in the special equipment catalogue, Hoisting machinery, it is to point to used for vertical lifting or vertical and horizontal moving heavy mechanical and electrical equipment, its range is rated lifting weight greater than or equal to 0.5 t elevator;
Q:The multiplier is the power factor. The multiplier is half that; (without considering the friction force of the pulley) it only needs 1/4 force for the 4 bearing capacity. Depending on the number of pulley and the way the wire rope is worn. What the elder brother said: "there are several strands of wire rope on the hook, and the ratio is just a few". The multiplier of the double pulley is equal to one half of the steel wire branch of the sling.
The crane is hoisted by wire ropes, pulleys and hooks, and the pulley of the hook moves up and down with the hook. This is the pulley. The hook has a pulley, half the force, the multiplier is 2; There are two, the multiplier is 2X2 is equal to 4... It is. In general, two strands of wire rope are needed on each pulley, and several strands of wire are on the hooks, and the ratio is a few.
Q:Several ways of controlling the bridge crane
There should be a wide range of speed adjustment, and at the beginning of the motion of the stationary state, the acceleration should begin at the lowest speed and the acceleration should not be too large. In order to prevent the risk of overloading or speeding, there should be a temporary overload protection measure. It is generally used as the overload protection of the circuit. Be under pressure to protect yourself. Have safety measures.
Q:How does the car crane (wheel car crane) overturn insurance compensation claims?
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