Straddle carrier / Special Carrier for wind power equipment

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1 Introduction

The straddle carrier/ Mobilift offers the technical and economical solution to handle bulky loads on squares and inside large sheltered places. It can satisfy various needs, managing big blocks up to various types of warehouses. This is suitable for loading and unloading trucks, and can also be used in container terminals and for many other uses.

2 Design general data

One Mobilift will be designed and manufactured to be reassembled in a 80 Ton capacity configuration, and will be used to place 15 segments on the first spans of one ramp.
The equipment is fabricated to satisfy the following requirements:
Segment dimensions
·Width 8 / 13 / 19.25 / 25m
·Length (maximum) 3m
·Height (maximum) 2.1m
·Maximum segment weight 180Ton
·Maximum slope ±4%
·Anchoring points and anchoring devices to be defined

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Q:The construction crane equipment includes which
Construction lifting equipment including: mast crane: single leg shifter lever, herringbone dialing rod, cantilever bar, cableway type mast cranes, self-propelled cranes, crawler crane (domestic W1-50, W1-100, W1-200.), the tower crane: rail crane, climbing tower crane, attached tower crane, etc.
Q:What is the KBK crane
KBK crane is actually a series, belongs to a kind of suspension monorail, but not adopt i-steel, multi-purpose C payments and hanging pendant. Structure is simple. But bearing ability is limited, commonly used lifting chain hoist. KBK system including KBK crane - D single track, KBK LD beam, KBK LS double beam, KBK LSS telescopic girder, KBK LM stacker and other various types of lifting equipment, lifting weight 0.125 t ~ 2 t adapt to a wide range
Q:What's the use of red alert 2 yuri crushing crane
3. The recovery. Soviet union function, you select some you don't want a vehicle, right-click on the crane, the vehicle will enter crane is eliminated, at the same time, you get the vehicle cost 75% of the money.
Q:How do the grand theft auto SAN andreas hoist
The A5 working class crane allows you to do 240 beats per hour. Other A4 is 180 times; A6 is 300 times; A7 and A8 are 360 times per hour. So you can figure out the average interval.
Q:Several books on crane design are recommended
GB3811 crane design specification Basic principles of steel structure Mechanics of materials He is the chief editor of structural mechanics Steel structure design specification
Q:QD hook bridge crane and LH crane
According to the information you have provided comprehensive analysis, work eight hours, the weight is 25 tons, or advised to choose a QD type crane, because LH type work level reach your application requirements, but also can use but will reduce the service life of equipment. Substantial difference also many, for example, one of the most obvious different weight, different shape, different control system, and so on a lot, please send me your email number I can send you a set of two kinds of crane figure, you can more intuitive understanding once, and technical parameters are not the same. Belong to small lifting equipment and electric hoist winch belongs to horizontal lifting equipment, appearance is not the same, say practical hoist according to your situation is still relatively suitable for, is one of three kinds: as for the operating mode to hold null remote control three, according to your Suggestions choose room hold working-level after all the weight is bigger, the indoor air operations can be more intuitive see lifting heavy weights and crane operation, as for the good quality that is no problem.
Q:The principle of magnetic cranes helps
Generally it is electromagnetism, the electricity that produces magnetic feeling, can absorb the things like iron, cut off the power, the magnetism disappears, put down the thing
Q:Details of several anti-rolling systems of the tyrotype container gantry crane?
4 hoisting wire rope cross winding way 4 1 institution arrangement and working principle of the four hoisting rope pulley, directly from the drum to sling the shelves on the pulley cross winding (different from normal winding). Then the transition from the car frame and the steering pulley back to the hoisting mechanism. This arrangement fully consider the car frame pulley offshoring lifting point as far as possible, in order to realize the hoisting wire rope in the direction of the horizontal component of the car is enough big, depends on this component to achieve the function of spreader in the car direction stabilizer. When the lifting gear starts to swing, the horizontal component of the other side of the raised wire will hold down the swing of the harness. The anti-rolling effect of this arrangement is obvious. The pulley of the wire rope is small, four rising wire rope length is consistent, the winding form is unified, can reduce the difficulty of maintaining the work. Simplifies the car arrangement, the car on the shelf arrangement organization completely symmetrical, avoid the happening of the partial load in traditional design, make the stress of the structure form more hasten is reasonable.
Q:What types of cranes are there
One, lifting machinery is divided into three categories: light and small lifting equipment, crane and elevator. (1) small lifting equipment mainly refers to the lifting mechanism of only one lifting device. There are jack, block, electric manual gourd and so on. (2) a crane is a lifting machine that can be lifted vertically and can be carried horizontally. Such as a bridge crane (also known as a crane or a skycar), a car crane, a tower crane, etc. (3) the elevator points to the fixed position of the lifting machine, the lifting line is fixed, the hoisting of the wire rope, the use of the sliding rail, and the lifting mechanism of the cage. Including elevator, hoist, winch and so on.
Q:How do you handle the failure of the crane
When the brake suddenly fails, the driver should be calm, calm and take reasonable measures to minimize or eliminate possible accidents and losses. Solution: one: when the brake suddenly fails, a point car or anti-car operation should be carried out immediately. Point of car and the car after the operation, if the failure situation continue to exist, it should be based on objects at the time of case, motor and effective emergency measures, and issued a warning signal, if the job content close to the ground, fall down and there is no danger, should be the last block in the brake pull to fall, in normal operation way, put the required items. It is not allowed to fall freely. If in the original position falls directly on the object will cause an accident, is decided to drive the car, the controller handles step by step to turn to the last step in the direction of rising (pay special attention to, at this time can't turn control handle to the last step, because action too fast will make over-current relay action). While moving the controller handle to the upward direction, it is important to keep the big, small car (or torsion bar) in a safe position to keep the object down. If the above measures are taken, if it is up again, the big, small car (or a torsion bar) will not be able to drive the car to a safe position, and it will be raised again and again and again and again.

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