Straddle carrier / Special Carrier for wind power equipment

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1 Introduction

The straddle carrier/ Mobilift offers the technical and economical solution to handle bulky loads on squares and inside large sheltered places. It can satisfy various needs, managing big blocks up to various types of warehouses. This is suitable for loading and unloading trucks, and can also be used in container terminals and for many other uses.

2 Design general data

One Mobilift will be designed and manufactured to be reassembled in a 80 Ton capacity configuration, and will be used to place 15 segments on the first spans of one ramp.
The equipment is fabricated to satisfy the following requirements:
Segment dimensions
·Width 8 / 13 / 19.25 / 25m
·Length (maximum) 3m
·Height (maximum) 2.1m
·Maximum segment weight 180Ton
·Maximum slope ±4%
·Anchoring points and anchoring devices to be defined

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Q:What is the grounding resistance of the new crane crane?
 The standard workshop is the maximum width of the factory, the width of the factory is the span of the road, such as the maximum width of the factory, the width of the factory is 24 meters, and the length of the driving span is 22.5 meters.
Q:Cranes have several modes of operation
When the website is registered, the property column of the crane and crane has an operation form, the structure form, what is it
Q:The lifting equipment will be monitored once
Inspection process, for there is a significant risk of hoisting machinery, such as special operating environment, frequent accidents, etc.), the inspection institution approved by the provincial quality technical supervision department agree, can shorten the cycle of periodic inspection appropriately, but the shortest period of no less than 6 months.
Q:How do the crane of the grand theft auto SAN andreas do
Oh, that one, just like a tractor, with 2 and 8 controls up and down. And then you hold the left button. In front of the car you want to tow. Press 2 and 8, and just press the left button. I'm talking about two and eight small keyboards
Q:Is a simple elevator a crane machine
Article ninety-nine. (5) hoisting machinery, it is to point to used for vertical lifting or vertical and horizontal moving heavy mechanical and electrical equipment, its range is rated lifting weight greater than or equal to 0.5 t lift
Q:The similarities and differences between car crane and crawler crane performance
From: don't find floating crane is widely used in every field of a kind of lifting equipment, it to reduce labor intensity, saving manpower, reduce construction cost, improve the construction quality and speed up the construction plays a very important role. The mobile crane is popular with users because of its mobile flexibility. With the rapid development of modern economy, the municipal engineering, industrial and mining enterprises, port, airport, water conservancy, hydropower, petrochemical and other aspects the construction scale is more and more big, the need of lifting the quality of the goods, and to achieve the lifting height of the volume is more and more big, the mobile crane will be more and more shows its importance.
Q:What types of cranes are there
The crane is divided into fixed and mobile modes. (1) tower cranes, cantilever crane is a fixed crane (2) gantry cranes, tyred crane, crawler crane, railway crane is a crane. The mobile crane is divided into two types: track-type and trackless. The bridge crane is a track-type, track and car type.
Q:The bridge crane has been tried for several years
 inspection fees; (the fee is attached to appendix 2) Capture and register information 3, I arrange the inspection plan, inform the unit in advance and agree to the on-site inspection time 4, prepare the relevant information to cooperate with the on-site inspection (see annex 3 for the required information) Five, if exist hidden dangers after inspection need rectification, crane units must be agreed in the special equipment inspection opinion notice before the deadline, the rectification of the treatment will fill in and build official seal of the special equipment inspection opinion notice to quote to me, overdue don't quote as are not corrected, will issue a non-conformance report. 6, the time for the inspection is from Monday to Friday 3:00 p.m. (national holidays will not be accepted). Seven, accept only use unit (use principal responsibility unit) the examination, the other unit agent does not accept.
Q:What is the distance between the bridge crane
The number of crane points is related to the working level of the crane. Unfortunately, there is no clear regulation on domestic standards. But too much activity can cause the motor to overheat and even burn down. Foreign standards:
Q:The small crane consists of which parts
Metal structure, as a skeleton of a crane, it bears the crane parts quality and operations of all kinds of external load, car crane metal structure mainly boom, get on slewing platform, frame and leg, box boom, frame, and other general main metal structure with high strength low alloy steel plate welded together, truss boom featured with high strength low alloy steel pipe or Angle steel welded frame crane out of the car is the main bearing structure, the general chassis frame is the original chassis frame, is small cars crane use more, in order to meet the needs of crane load bearing, in the original frame also need to set up an enhanced role of auxiliary frame, the connection is getting on the rotary bearing device is mounted on a pair of frame, is used for large and medium-sized crane designed for automobile crane frame, namely special chassis frame,

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