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900 ton tyre special carrier is fabricated to lift 900 ton concrete pre-cast box beam from the mold to transport and place the box beam in the casting yard or to carry box beam to the proper position to load on the tyre trolley.

1.1 Working conditions    

·Surmountable slope 2 %
·Besides normal longitudinal movement, all tyre groups can be 90 degree rotated for transversal movement.
·Wind speed: 72km/h with load, 144km/h without load

1.2 Main technical characteristics

·Convenient and fast transversal and longitudinal moving ensure a high working efficiency.
·Greatly reduce the workload on the roadbed in the casting yard, and decrease the cost for casting yard. The main structure of special carrier can be designed according to the customer’s different requirements with single supporting column or two supporting column on one side of the machine.
·Both the two types of special carrier can satisfy the need of the casting yard efficiently.(single column one and gantry column one )

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Q:Does the electric single-beam crane electric hoist operation need operation certificate?
Need to handle, by trained personnel operations, but generally not strictly implemented, a crane need at least one certificate, and to the technical supervision administration for registration.
Q:The whole machine of the bridge crane is designed to use the life expectancy
The bridge crane is designed to have a life span of 20 to 30 years.
Q:How is the crane on the construction site built
Principle is very simple, no matter how high the installation method is the same. 1. The installed base, this is very simple, base with a mobile crane hoisting in place, and then bind with bolt and foundation; Please note that this standard section is larger than the standard section so that the standard section is contained in its stomach. Also note: the climbing section is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder, which is used to lift the climbing festival to the top. When the climbing section is installed, the lifting arm is hoisted to the top of the climbing section. After the lifting arm is installed, the climb of the elevator is lifted up by the hydraulic cylinder, leaving the middle of the climbing section empty. Then, use the tower crane to lift a section of the standard section and move it to the platform outside your own climbing festival. When the standard festival is delivered to the belly of the climbing festival, the workers will tie the latest standard section to the following standard. When the bolts are joined, the hydraulic cylinder is activated and the climbing section (along with the lifting arm) is lifted upward, allowing the belly of the climbing festival to be empty again. Then, repeat the above steps for another standard section, which is up to the top of the section until the desired height is satisfied. When disassembling, reverse the steps above. "Tower crane" "tower crane"
Q:Does the forklift belong to a crane?
Forklift is not a crane. On January 14, 2010, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine (aqsiq) issued a notice on the catalogue of special equipment for the supplement of special equipment. This paper puts forklift into "special motor vehicle in the field", and its equipment code is 5110. In the TSG q7015-2008, the regular inspection rules for lifting machinery, the forklift truck is listed as a small lifting equipment, which is a kind of crane machine. The regular inspection rules of hoisting machinery was carried out on April 1, 2009, and the forklift truck is a small lifting equipment. The notice of the catalogue of special equipment shall be executed on January 14, 2010. So forklift should not be in the management of crane machinery. It is believed that the general administration of aqsiq will clean up the inspection of special equipment and relevant documents, and the relevant problems will be solved.
Q:How do you protect the crane from the hook?
If your problem is solved, you will be able to solve the problem from the overload and the adjustment of the brake. If it is to protect the suspender and the person, it is forbidden to lift and keep people away.
Q:What is the crane walk?
Crane walk? Look at the crane. Most of them are train tracks, the mechanical manual can be found
Q:What is an insulated bridge crane
Insulated bridge cranes are often used in the electrolytic workshop. Because the weight of the lifting is charged, to prevent the current from passing through the crane metal and the driver and the damaged equipment
Q:What are the methods for the use of crane machinery
Reload the lift weight of the lifting weight Q is greater than 0.7 Gn When lifting, the handle should be moved quickly to the second gear, and the object will be hoisted. Object to lift and then gradually speed up, if the handle off until after the second leg of the motor still cannot start, means that the suspended objects has exceeded the rated lifting weight, immediately stop lifting. When an object was promoted to a predetermined height, should cascade handle back to zero, the residence time in the second leg should be slightly longer, to reduce the impact, but can't stay in the first leg, to prevent heavy things fall quickly back zero
Q:What is the difference between electric single beam and electric double beam crane
The electric single-beam bridge crane, which runs on the steel rails, has the same wheels as the wheels on the train. The electric single-beam suspension crane, which is run on the i-steel, is the same as the wheel and the electric gourd.
Q:All ground crane relationship with tire crane
All ground truck crane is specially developed for crane truck crane chassis, although is still a crane but its chassis is crane dedicated, cannot be used for other purposes, but usually the large tonnage, by the dozens of tons to hundreds of tons! You can't upload the image here

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