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900 ton tyre special carrier is fabricated to lift 900 ton concrete pre-cast box beam from the mold to transport and place the box beam in the casting yard or to carry box beam to the proper position to load on the tyre trolley.

1.1 Working conditions    

·Surmountable slope 2 %
·Besides normal longitudinal movement, all tyre groups can be 90 degree rotated for transversal movement.
·Wind speed: 72km/h with load, 144km/h without load

1.2 Main technical characteristics

·Convenient and fast transversal and longitudinal moving ensure a high working efficiency.
·Greatly reduce the workload on the roadbed in the casting yard, and decrease the cost for casting yard. The main structure of special carrier can be designed according to the customer’s different requirements with single supporting column or two supporting column on one side of the machine.
·Both the two types of special carrier can satisfy the need of the casting yard efficiently.(single column one and gantry column one )

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Q:A crane (a big lift in a building) who knows.
Tower crane beam and the stents cross which is below the control room, is a structure similar to the casing, connected to the beam size is greater than the support structure of steel column, is set on columns. Usually below the casing structure, there will be a circle of platforms for workers to stand. In the lower part of the casing, the casing is fixed to the bottom of the casing, not only the connection between the two structures, but also the upward support. In other words, the top of the pillar is not supported. The pillar is made up of a section of steel, which is connected by a large riveting, which is a section of a steel component of 45 degrees. And casing structure usually has section 2.5 is so high, but the connection is only lies in the following section, so the casing can rise to the most in the previous section, and will not rise to stable. When the casing up to the top section, in the bottom of the casing and pillar top there is more than a quarter of the space between, then, can lift the new section, and placed it in the space. The new section, which is neither heavy nor connected, holds it to the top of the pillar. And then the casing can keep going up. Actually this new section is on the rise before hanging up, and there at the bottom of the casing structure, equipped with two slide rail, a new section can hang in the above, when the space is enough, a worker can take it advance along the slide rail. The casing and its connected beams are also heavy,
Q:The difference between a crane, a crane and a crane
The crane generally has horizontal rotating motion, in the radius projection area, the crane that refers to the car crane and the tower function.
Q:What types of cranes are there
The crane is divided into fixed and mobile modes. (1) tower cranes, cantilever crane is a fixed crane (2) gantry cranes, tyred crane, crawler crane, railway crane is a crane. The mobile crane is divided into two types: track-type and trackless. The bridge crane is a track-type, track and car type.
Q:How does the crawler crane determine the lifting radius according to the weight lifting height
(9) the hydraulic component of the international standard is the solid foundation for ensuring reliable work of the hydraulic system. Both main pumps and gear pumps are imported; All control valves and valves are imported. The hydraulic pipe adopts the import card sleeve joint, the fine and the seamless steel pipe. Accurate, reliable control system (1) adopt international advanced pump control system, control system is simple and reliable, to avoid the conventional throttle valve control system of heating, the disadvantage of unstable energy loss, lower pressure, the working institutions work stable and reliable, wide speed regulation, has precise micromotion performance. The full power match, high efficiency, the ability to meet all kinds of strict operating conditions. (2) the vehicle adopts electronic management system, CAN bus joins, control the integration level is high, is in the domestic leading position. PLC computer integrated control system based on the actual working condition of unified planning, the control actuators, optimize the vehicle control, institutions more coordinated, achieve the goal of energy saving, and reliable. Large screen computer can carry out the function such as fault intelligent diagnosis, digital intelligence display, intelligent alarm and so on.
Q:Several categories of tower crane
The tower machine is divided into two kinds of rotary tower machine and the bottom rotary tower machine. The former has a higher bearing capacity than the latter, and what we have seen in many construction sites is the tower machine which has the upper and higher lift of the roof. The ability to move is divided into: walking and fixing. Fixed fixed tower crane tower, installed on the basis of the whole piece of concrete, or installed on the basis of the form X to concrete, walking type can be divided into the crawler type, vehicle type, four types of wheel and rail. In the construction of the house general use is fixed type. It can be divided into two kinds of horizontal arm frame car and movable arm. According to its installation form, it can be divided into three kinds: self-promotion, overall quick dismantling and assembling. Is the most widely used under rotation, quick disassembling, rail type tower crane, and can be used with (track type, fixed type, adhesion and climb inside) ZiSheng of tower crane.
Q:Does the electric single-beam crane electric hoist operation need operation certificate?
Requires operation certificate, like driving a car, have a card can be used, no certificate can't use, is need a person responsible for fixed by the regulation, specific implementation is difficult.
Q:Do cranes have to be licensed?
When this is a fact, belong to special equipment factory in the local technical supervision bureau for the record, and then to use the installation and start to do inform, when testing, forensics, registered, it is indisputable fact that, All over the country!
Q:The structure of the crane is classified
Girder crane: the beam crane mainly includes single beam bridge crane and double beam bridge crane The main beam of the single beam bridge crane bridge is made of the composite section of steel and steel. The lifting car is often assembled from a hoist, an electric gourd, or a hoist with a hoist. There are two kinds of supporting and hanging type in the bridge. The crane track of the former bridge over the beam of the car; The bridge of the latter is in a crane track suspended under the frame of the workshop. Single beam bridge crane breakups, electric two kinds. Manual single-beam bridge crane institutions working speed is low, the weight is small, but its quality is small, easy to organize production, low cost, suitable for no power after carrying amount is not big, requirements for speed and productivity is not high. Manual single beam bridge crane adopts manual monorail car as the running car, and as the lifting mechanism, the bridge is made up of the main beam and the beam. The main beam is usually made of single piece of steel, and the end beam is welded with a shape or steel plate. The electric single beam bridge crane works faster, the productivity is more manual and the weight is larger. Electric single-beam bridge crane is operated by bridge frame and large car
Q:What should the crane driver do when the accident occurred
A first put suspended objects in a safe place, the second is the crane stopped electricity, 3 it is report to superior, four is cooperate to rescue the injured, five is to protect the scene.
Q:Several ways of controlling the bridge crane
There should be a wide range of speed adjustment, and at the beginning of the motion of the stationary state, the acceleration should begin at the lowest speed and the acceleration should not be too large. In order to prevent the risk of overloading or speeding, there should be a temporary overload protection measure. It is generally used as the overload protection of the circuit. Be under pressure to protect yourself. Have safety measures.

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