Mast type Aerial Working Platform

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Very safety mast type aerial working platform Very safety mast type aerial working platform Very safety mast type aerial working platform

Single/double-mast aluminum alloy lifts are classified into four kinds on different lifting height: 4m, 6m, 8m, 9m etc. this model of lift are mainly made of high-duty aluminum alloy structure, so the total dimension of machine is very small and low weight and operated easily and conveniently.

With these characters, single-mast aluminum alloy lift can be carried into narrow spaces passing through doors, stairs, and elevators.
Aluminum alloy lift is suit for hotels, banks, big halls, supermarkets, airport waiting rooms, and railway station waiting rooms etc.



The safety set of hydraulic pipeline rupture explosive-proof device;
The leakage protection device;
High strength aluminum alloy for lifting mechanism;
Overload safety device;
Emergency drop device;
Low weight and operated easily.



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Table size

Work height

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Total dimension

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Q:What is the difference between the class a and b
Crane installation and maintenance of transformation needs to do the following procedure: license installation and maintenance Construction personnel operation qualification certificate Installation and maintenance construction project contract to fill in the notice, the local special survey, after the approval to the construction, the construction is completed, please check to check and accept.
Q:How do you protect the crane from the hook?
It is usually the time difference between the adjustment of the motor and the brake. When the goods are suspended in the air, the brakes are generally released and then the motor starts. If the brake has to loosen, motor torque and didn't rise to a certain value, the goods will move down first, and then gradually establish with motor torque suspended, and then move up again. That's what I call a "slip hook" here. A slip hook is dangerous and can cause an accident and should be solved. It is usually the time to adjust the brake, when the motor creates a certain torque, then loosen the brake. You can ask the electrical person to increase the delay time. If, for example, it turns out that the motor does not release the brakes after 0.1 seconds, you try to add up to 0.15, 0.18, 0.2 seconds and then let go. There is no one set of rules, only a little to try out. But don't add too much attention to the delay.
Q:Hydraulic double crane - who explains what the crane is?
Picture is sinochem ErJian and division of research and development of synthetic oil, taiyuan heavy industry manufacturing 6400 tons of hydraulic double crane in sinochem ErJian large mechanical construction co., LTD., the trial is successful. The project adopts the liugong Europe vimal company promotion, spring wind, beams sliding door frame ZiSheng system device, door frame sliding device, hydraulic, electrical control system, such as complete sets of equipment, including 16 sets of 600 tons of lifting jack, 6 units of 200 tons of lifting jack, 16 sets of 200 tons of jack-up jack, six crawling between rail and 30 sets of hydraulic pump station.
Q:Where do you need a crane
General bridge machine: manufacturing shop Metallurgical crane: steel mills Common door machine: material storage yard, bulk terminal Crane sales if you do, you'll pay more attention to the new project. You can be in other KONECRANE website to see their products, their products are classified according to the from all walks of life. Science is more meticulous. Recommended reference.
Q:What are the advantages of a single beam crane?
2) the car run the organization The operating mechanism of single beam crane electric hoist is electric car type. Reduction gear of 40 cr forging, and the conditioning treatment, installed in a closed reduction box, all adopt the rolling bearing, wall plate made of steel plate, guarantees flexible operation, easy to use, long service life. The car is equipped with inverter, the speed adjustment, smooth operation, accurate positioning and comfortable operation. 3) the big car run the organization The main engine of single beam crane is made of motor, reducer and wheel, and the wheel is 45 # forgings, and the hardness of heat treatment is greater than that of the tread HB, which is greater than 330%-390, and the depth of 20mm is greater than 260. The material of the shaft and gear is 45 or 40Cr. Cart driver for new type LDA drive device, the device has simple structure, small volume, large starting torque, but frequent starting, speed smooth, low noise, safe and reliable to use, easy installation and maintenance, beautiful and easy, etc. The big car of the single-beam crane is equipped with a frequency converter, no speed regulation, smooth operation, accurate positioning and comfortable operation.
Q:Can you tell me what procedures you need to move the crane?
Told that includes unit name, license number and contact information, use the unit name and contact information, the construction project, proposed the construction hoisting machinery and its basic parameters, manufacturing supervision and inspection certificate number (when required), type test certificate number, date of construction site, construction plan, construction, accredited homework personnel list, etc.
Q:Compared to the hook crane, the advantages and disadvantages of the electromagnetic crane
Faults; 1, power consumption is big 2, can lift heavy weight too simple 3, the weight that can lift at once is limited
Q:The classification of mobile cranes
Mobile crane according to its operation mode, the performance characteristics and applicable scope, can be divided into four types: crane, tyre crane, crawler crane and mobile crane. The mobile crane is the most widely used car crane (1) crane truck crane is modified with automobile chassis parts or used to install hoist special chassis for running part of most using elastic suspension axle. The car crane USES different driving rooms in the state of driving and lifting. It has the characteristics of fast moving speed and high maneuverability, and it is suitable for the rapid transfer of the field in the long distance. The crane can not be carried on a crane, and the length of the body is large, so the performance is poor.
Q:How to choose tower crane model according to the height of building?
he building's eaves height is within 20 meters, and the floor space of each floor is 800KN. M tower crane, with an 800KN.
Q:The vertical deviation of the tower crane is permissible
The vertical deviation range of the central resection machine is allowed within four thousand.

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