Rubber tyre special carrier capacity 900 tons

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900 ton tyre special carrier is fabricated to lift 900 ton concrete pre-cast box beam from the mold to transport and place the box beam in the casting yard or to carry box beam to the proper position to load on the tyre trolley.

1.1 Working conditions    

·Surmountable slope 2 %
·Besides normal longitudinal movement, all tyre groups can be 90 degree rotated for transversal movement.
·Wind speed: 72km/h with load, 144km/h without load

1.2 Main technical characteristics

·Convenient and fast transversal and longitudinal moving ensure a high working efficiency.
·Greatly reduce the workload on the roadbed in the casting yard, and decrease the cost for casting yard. The main structure of special carrier can be designed according to the customer’s different requirements with single supporting column or two supporting column on one side of the machine.
·Both the two types of special carrier can satisfy the need of the casting yard efficiently.(single column one and gantry column one )

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