Suspension Ceiling T Grid with High Quality

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Product Description:

1. Specifications:

1) Main tee: 
A) 3600(3660)x38x24mm 
B) 3600(3660)x32x24mm 
C) 3600(3660)x26x24mm

2) Long Cross tee: 
A) 1200(1220)x26x24mm 
B) 1200(1220)x24x24mm 
C) 1200(1220)x38x24mm 
D) 1200(1220)x32x24mm

3) Short cross tee: 
A) 600(610)x26x24mm 
B) 600(610)x24x24mm 
C) 600(610)x38x24mm 
D) 600x(610)32x24mm

4) Wall angle: 

5) Thickness: 0.2- 0.50mm 
6) Other size and thickness are also available.

2. Advantages:

1. Convenience in installation, it shortens working time and labor fees. 
2. Neither air nor environment pollution while installing. With good effect for space dividing and beautifying. 
3. Using fire proof material to assure living safety. 
4. Can be installed according to practical demands. 
5. The physical coefficient of all kinds Suspension Ceiling T bar are ready for customer and designers' reference and request.


3. Installation:

1. The Suspension Ceiling T bar is the light style. It is hung according to strict requirements. Then put the sound absorption board on the Ceiling T bar. 

2. Hang the Ceiling T bar with H light steel channel. Insert the board into the Ceiling T bar. 
3. Set the PVC plasterboard on the Suspension Ceiling T bar. There are 15 plaster points which will be put with the lines and set with nails.


4. Feature  of the ceiling tee grid (T-Bar, T-grid)

1.)    Be made of hot dip galvanized steel .it is fire tightness , flame retarded,soundproof,anti-aging

2.)    The connector by unique design,when you construct the ceiling, it is easy to install and not to be losened or to be detached each part..

3.)    It is also can be removed and reused without being damaged or without the use of tools.

4.)    Its suspension holes punched on the main tee and cross tee in order to increase the durability and safety of the lay-in grid suspended ceiling system.


1.Sample: small sample can be offered by free

2.OEM: OEM is accepted

3.MOQ: small order is ok

4.Test: any third party is accepted to test

5.Factory: Can visit factory any time

6.Delivery Time: small order is within 7days or according to your order

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Q:Light steel keel dc50 * 19 * 0.5 What does it mean
50 keel, 1.9 cm high side, thickness 0.5 mm
Q:How do you install a suspended ceiling if one dimension of the room is 24 feet?
You are correct that the Main T's are 12' long and yes you can connect those with each other. Here is how you do it! If you do not own a rotary laser level you can probably rent one at an tool rental store. Alternatively you can also measure the desired height from the floor (giving it is level) and snap a line with an chalk line on every wall. Now you will mount the wall angle along the walls (try to hit studs normaly16 on center) once you completed this you need to install hangers every 2-4' to hang your wire from ( your rafters may be 24 on center) I would use the recommended screws for it, if you have the framing in the ceiling exposed you also can hang the suspension wire from the rafters that will support your T's. to verify level you can use a level or pull a string across your main T's. Now you can install all your cross T's they come in 2' + 4' length you should have your main T's spaced accordingly. Now you can insert the Ceiling Tile, install only on row at the time if you want to install Bat Insulation on top of it. If you planing on installing recess Lights I would install those drops before the main T's because it is easier to move your grid out the way. If you want to use florescent lights you need to support all 4 corners of your Main T's around the light fixture to support the weight. One last tip: Buy your supply s from an Distributor for Armstrong that will save you a bunch of cash in comparison to an Home Improvement Store like Lowe's or Home Depot Good Luck
Q:What is light steel keel structure
Is the house inside the angle and I-beam, etc., located in the house walls and the beam position.
Q:Can the interior walls be made of light steel keel partitions?
The interior walls can be made of light steel keel partitions, but the bathroom walls should be made of brick walls.
Q:looking to hang suspending ceiling tiles but what should i charge for a square footage?
Are you looking to install suspended ceiling? It depends on the tile and grid and your location. Complete ceilings in the Bay Area of California go for about $1.20 to 2.00 per square foot. I have never heard of anyone just installing the tile.
Q:How do I fix a drop ceiling in a basement apartment bathroom?
It's no longer the high-quality sort of ceiling for a bathroom, but it will work. I'd endorse that you simply use the vinyl faced gypsum tiles for the ceiling. They're extra moisture resistant than regular tiles. An exhaust fan is an excellent idea as good. Hope this helps.
Q:Installation of light steel keel edge keel with wooden square fixed and no wooden square fixed what is the difference?
In the installation of nail bombs in the building after the application does not have a suitable way to connect the wall, the general use of wood to connect the ceiling specification is also allowed, the main square is to adjust the level of the walls around the uniform, edge keel (wooden) Brush anti-corrosion and fire retardant coating
Q:What would I need to refinish this basement?
What you need is obviously going to be temporary. Not knowing what you want or needs to be installed, I'll go with the assumption that your looking for some type of wall finish. Fabric would offer you the most latitude. It can be suspended or stapled. Bed sheets and curtains are items that large and inexpensive; some found in thrift/resale shops. Carpeting/rugs can also be used to cover walls. You can find really cheap paneling in building centers and local lumberyards - sometimes as little as $4-$6 each 4x8 panel. You could hang the paneling by drilling a hole at each upper corner, then use sturdy shower curtain hooks or wire to hold the panels to hooks/nails in the rafters. Any of these ideas would leave the basement virtually unharmed and readily de-constructed.
Q:what should I bid to install a 1500sq ft drop ceiling?
um .......YES! the best movie I ever watched was me and my ex BF. we were way better than any professional pron stars, and there was not stupid plot or bad acting, cause it was the real thing. so having a mirror would be well.....just absolutely fabulous. me and my current BF have set up a large mirror within view of the bed. Hee Hee Hee WTF is up with all the people who fear something falling on them? Do they not have ceiling fans/chandeliers where they live? These are probably the same people who run for cover when someone yells that the sky is falling.
Q:According to the specification ceiling light steel keel spacing is how much?
Light steel keel ceiling spacing specification: The distance between the main keel and the main keel can not exceed 1.2m, if more than this distance, and should try to do reinforcement treatment; vice keel and vice keel spacing between 30cm, gypsum board thickness of 9.5mm. If the thickness of the gypsum board is 12mm, the distance between the vice keel can be enlarged to 40cm. But in the actual construction, the vice keel spacing is 30cm, basically no one made 40cm.

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