Metal Suspended Ceiling Main Tee And Cross Tee

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Product Description:

Ceiling channel and drywall channel, made of high-quality Snowflakes Steel

Product Applications:


Product used for internal constructions gypsum drywall partition such as hotels, terminal building,

bus station, theatres, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, and etc.


Product used for internal constructions gypsum drywall partition such as hotels, terminal building,

bus station, theatres, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, and etc.


Product used for internal constructions gypsum drywall partition such as hotels, terminal building,

bus station, theatres, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, and etc.


Product Advantages:


1.Light,good strength,cauterization resistance and water resistance

2.Matching magnesium fire-proof board,gypsum board and many other wall and ceiling board

3.Moisure-proof ,shock-resistant,high-effcient and environmentally-friendly

4.Easy and fast for installation,time-saving

5. Prompt delivery, high quality ,competitive price and complete sets of styles

6.We can supply you the products based on your specific requirements


Main Product Features:

(1) Lightweight  and high strength: 3-4 kg/m2 (1/10 of half brick wall), with yield strength 400mpa.

(2) Environment-friendly : galvanized steel-no radiation, have no harm to our health and not pollute the environment.

(3) Products with fillisters : Setting some fillisters in both sides of the keels in a selective way, in order to strength the

keels' vertical points and intensity.

(4)  Various sizes of metal track and metal stud : we are able to manufacture German, Japan and Aus-American types etc..

We can meet your customized demands.

Product Specifications:

Track Roll Forming Machine Ud  Cd  Uw Cw Profiles


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Q:The ceiling is good or good light steel keel good
With a wooden wedge in the way of fixing on the wall is not very reliable, self-weight on the loss, the long months may also have the risk of falling, think of fear (Xiaoyong brother will not use wood keel).In terms of material prices, the price of different regions actually have differences, such as Chengdu, light steel keel than wood keel
Q:Can I use wall panels on my basement ceiling?
Yes, we did this in our basement. I would just caution, to try and find lighter tongue and groove. They also have dropped ceiling tiles now that you can attach directly to the ceiling without the metal grids. I saw one just recently at a hardware store (in Canada) that looked exactly like our tongue and groove wooden ceiling. GOOD LUCK>
Q:Code for construction of light steel keel ceiling
Install the main keel 1) The main keel should hang on the boom. The main keel spacing 900 ~ 1000mm. The main keel is divided into light steel keel and T-shaped dragon bone. Light steel keel can be used UC50 keel and UC38 keel. The main keel should be parallel to the room to the long installation, at the same time should be From arch, arch height for the room span of 1/200 ~ 1/300. The cantilever section of the main keel should not be greater than 300mm, otherwise Should increase the boom. The main keel should be docked, and the butt joints of the adjacent keels should be staggered from each other. The main keel hangs well After the basic leveling. 2) Span greater than 15m above the ceiling, should be in the main keel, every 15m plus a large keel, and vertical main keel Welded firmly. 3) If there is a large modeling ceiling, the shape part of the application of angle or flat steel welded into a frame, and should be connected with the floor firmly. (6) install the keel Times keel clear keel and dark keel two. Dark keel ceiling: that is, when the installation panel cover the keel will be closed in the shed, in the The roof surface can not see the keel. Ming keel ceiling: the installation of the panel when the keel exposed under the cover panel, in the ceiling The surface can see the keel. The keel should be close to the main keel. Times keel spacing 300 ~ 600mm. Times the keel points T-shaped paint keel, T-shaped aluminum alloy keel, and a variety of strip buckle manufacturers with a dedicated keel. T-shaped galvanized When the sub-keel is fixed to the main keel, the ends of the keel shall be seated on the horizontal flange of the L-shaped keel On the bar buckle plate has a dedicated angle to do the keel. (7) cover panel installation Hanging roof cover panels commonly used plate with sound-absorbing mineral wool board, silicon calcium board, plastic plate, grille and a variety of Kouban, etc.
Q:What are the methods for fixing light steel keel?
The ceiling is fixed with the expansion of hanging bars, cut off can be directly nailed
Q:Is there a product to cover surface chips from suspended ceiling tiles?
armstrong and usg both make the tiles and touch up paint. it is available at most professional supply houses, not home depot or lowes.
Q:Light steel keel d60 and u60 What is the difference?
Light steel keel according to the use of hanging keel and partition keel, ceiling keel main specifications are divided into D38, D45, D50 and D60. Light steel keel in cross-section in the form of V-type, C-type, T-type, L-shaped, U-keel. So d60 and u60 are two different classification models, no comparability. Model 60 of the keel weight of 60kg.
Q:On average, how much does it cost to build a wall?
About $200 in materials. Use light gauge steel studs. Fasten the top track to the suspended ceiling grids. Fasten the bottom yrack to the floor with concrete fasteners, or wood screws if its a wood floor. Good luck with your kitties!
Q:Light steel keel more than how high is not allowed to use? What are the requirements within the permissible range?
Light steel keel wall height can not exceed six meters, And the above must be to the top, so even into a whole order will be prison! As for the distance, it is generally forty centimeters, but it is thirty centimeters if we perform standard according to national building interior decoration. The distance is small, the cost will increase. On the general height, the top of the closure of the words, separated from the wall, the quality is still strong.
Q:Light steel keel use method
This is the floor or roof pavement used to facilitate the decoration and lifting the structure of other equipment
Q:How do I fix a drop ceiling in a basement apartment bathroom?
It's no longer the high-quality sort of ceiling for a bathroom, but it will work. I'd endorse that you simply use the vinyl faced gypsum tiles for the ceiling. They're extra moisture resistant than regular tiles. An exhaust fan is an excellent idea as good. Hope this helps.

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