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1. Product Introduction

Sawing wire is the one with super strength, high dimensional accuracy and is made of high-carbon steel wire, and its surface is plated with brass. It is widely applied in semiconductor, photovoltaic, solar panels, integrated circuit and watches, laser, crystal industry, etc. Sawing wire integrates the characteristics of stability, uniformity, high precision and high strength, and it enjoys low cutting loss, high sawing efficiency, smooth sawing surface, high sawing precision and other merits.


2. Product Characteristic

Stable, uniform, high precision, high strength, it can effectively save energy consumption. High quality of the cutting wire is parallelism, bending small, tolerance silk small diameter and uniform, less warpage and diameter and ovality tolerance small, adapt to various types of winding reels (spool). Furthermore, the products can be used for various types of machines. High density winding technology makes the product have excellent stability. Good copper plating effect, it can improve the surface of steel wire with sand cutting ability, anti rust, wear resistance, high toughness


3. Product Specification



Breaking Force(N)

Tensile Strength(Mpa)






























4. Picture


Supply Sawing Wire with High Quality

Supply Sawing Wire with High Quality

Supply Sawing Wire with High Quality



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