Strengthened Light Non-woven Tape

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Application: Be made of hightemperature membrane and high temperature polyester fiber,
bonded and compounded together by insulating cement F level. It is light(<65g/m2), strong
strength, thin(0.1mm), fireresistant, high insulation, soft, extruded and impermeable. Especially,
it has better properties in mine cable, rubber cable, marine cable and wind energy cable (It
doesn’t transform, melt or tack coat during the high temperature sulfidation process).








0.10 ± 0.02

0.16 ± 0.02



< 85 ± 10

110 ± 10

Tensile Strength








Long term stability



Absorbent Speed




Melting point



High Temperature Heat

Shrinkage at 200




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Q:How to identify the quality of a packaging belt?
1, smell: use lighter ignited 3 seconds after blow out, the smell of it, identify it and new material PP difference, one should note that some color toner, smell great, will cover PP (PP renewable materials) part of the taste, don't worry, there's another way.2, color law: every belt is better than impenetrable, no matter what color.3, look shiny: gloss better than no gloss, gloss is the so-called material itself has, just as the same color, the color of the surface material is.
Q:What types of Baling straps are used for packing?
Galvanized belt (also called iron straps). Steel is easy to rust in air and water, and the corrosion of zinc in the atmosphere was only the corrosion rate of steel 1/15 in the atmosphere, is the use of micro thick galvanized steel galvanized layer of protection against corrosion of steel.
Q:Is packing with a shelf life
And iron belt, according to the different materials, packaging belt storage time is not the same.
Q:What is the reason that the packing machine can not be put in
Tighten wheel belt did not stir, blocking the slip past
Q:Blue belt principle is what?
Blue will be packaged with packaging with heating to proper temperature in the air - water vapor to form a blue layer of the surface process.
Q:What's the function of the carton packing belt
The plastic strapping belt is divided into machine belts according to the method of use
Q:How should the packing tape be printed
Want to print a good pack of words, three can not be less:1., with the belt before embossing, the blank surface must be smooth and uniform, not one side thick, one side thin.2., the production of printing wheels to be precise, smooth and smooth surface, easy to scrape ink, ink should be thick and shade.3., the packing belt before and after the fixed to be accurate, keep the printing wheel and packing belt between not too big jitter, drive must be stable.
Q:What adhesive tape do you use?
The weight of a small carton, can use plastic packing belt packing, common polyethylene and polypropylene resin as the main raw material, but also to nylon and polyester, polyester and the tensile strength of nylon strap, and polyethylene and polypropylene strapping polypropylene with low cost, good elasticity, can be selected according to different material the strap needs.
Q:Plastic packing belt and plastic belt packing the same? What's the difference?
Plastic packing belt is PP packing belt, pet packing belt (plastic packing belt), PE packing belt strap collectively made of plastic, so the plastic packing belt including plastic packing belt, plastic packing belt subordinate plastic packing belt.Plastic steel packing belt is one of the widely used plastic packing belts. It is a new strapping belt which is popular in the world instead of steel belt. Double plastic packing belt with low cost, beautiful and durable, recycling, high degree of automation, widely used in steel, aluminum, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, paper, metal cans and other industries.
Q:Semi automatic packing and full automata are used for packing and distinguishing?
If packed with pure raw materials for the production of PP, hardness and good straightness, tension, while the thickness of only 0.6mm, is suitable for unmanned / automatic / automatic packing machine, so there is no automatic and semi automatic with distinction. Pure webbing costs less per meter and wears less machinery. If it is the packing belt produced by the recycled material, it is generally used in semi-automatic packing machine. If the upper machine is used, it needs to increase the thickness of the belt so as to achieve the high requirement of the machine to the belt.

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