Non-Halogen Low Smoke Flame-retardant Tape

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TT or LC
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500 m²
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100000 m²/month

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

1. Nominal Voltage: 300V.       

2. Temperature Range: -100°C to +200°C.       

3. Conductor: 30 to 10AWG Tinned Copper.      

4. Insulation: FEP.       

5. O.D.Allowance: ±0.10mm.       


 Apply to Household appliance, Illumination & Lighting & Headlamp, electric machines, temperature sensor, Military Series, Metallurgy Chemical series, Motor cars & Ships, Electrical Installation.

2. Product Characteristic:

1. Lighter 30% than ordinary products.(Our products(150±10g/m2) are 30% lighter than ordinary ones(220g/m2)).

2. Thinner 25%. Our products (0.15mm) are 25% thinner than ordinary ones (0.2-0.22mm)).

3. With good elongation, It can be folded more than 20 times continuously.

4. Soft and smooth around the bag.


3. Product Specification












Tensile Strength








Oxygen Index




Temperature Index



Smoking Density









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Q:What are the features of semi automatic strapping?
Semi automatic strapping is cheap;
Q:How much is a tin strap
It depends on what kind of packing you need, whether it's new or recycled. And the tape depends on his width and thickness. Do you have a requirement for the length of each volume?.
Q:What's the packing case for the pull case?
The tie case packing strap is used to prevent the zipper from breaking suddenly and to tie a strap in the middle.
Q:What types of Baling straps are used for packing?
Galvanized belt (also called iron straps). Steel is easy to rust in air and water, and the corrosion of zinc in the atmosphere was only the corrosion rate of steel 1/15 in the atmosphere, is the use of micro thick galvanized steel galvanized layer of protection against corrosion of steel.
Q:What are the classification of the packing belt?
That's a lot of sorting. According to what parameter you want to divide.Generally have PP packaging belt, PET packaging belt.Machine packing belt and hand packing beltNew material packing belt and feed back packing belt.Also transparent and opaque. Having or having no color. Wait
Q:The packer does not have a packing belt
The selected straps are too thick or too thin. The thickness is not the same, because there are many packing belt manufacturers. Should be selected according to requirements; if not possible, according to the instructions of the method, carefully adjust the gap between the belt conveyor roller.
Q:How about the theoretical length of the packing belt?
The whole set is packaged with a paper tube. If you have to use steel tape, packing tape paper tube diameter measurement, measuring the thickness of the side straps, two data obtained, then add. Is packaged with from the inner circle to an arbitrary side edge length and then put the]. The above, these three data finally obtained and multiplied, and then multiplied by 3.1416, the last is equal to the disc pack how many meters (remember, this formula is only suitable for the disk pack, and the circular disc pack, round the middle part must be hollow
Q:Profit and Prospect of baling belt
As demand is large, China's packaging industry is mass, large-scale development, to meet the needs of development. But at the same time, it also leads to homogenization competition and price war. Simple production capacity and cost reduction will gradually feel the pressure of the market, and differentiated, personalized packaging solutions will become the trend of development.
Q:Semi automatic packing and full automata are used for packing and distinguishing
Experts see doorways, the difference between the two packaging beltThe first is the difference between the material, the recycled material, the filler and the pure particle material
Q:Production process of PP packing belt
Finally, the embossing, stretching after the packaging belt, after two patterns of pressure roller, it will be pressed on the pattern, its role is to increase friction in use, do not slip, from the appearance of looking handsome.

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