Electro-deposited Copper Foil

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1. Product Description:

Copper foil made of copper with a certain proportion of other metal forging and into, copper foil generally have 90 foil and 88 foil, copper content is 90% and 88%, size 16 * 400px copper foil is the most extensive use of decoration materials. Such as: Gaestgiveriet Hotel, temple statues, crafts, ceramic tile mosaic, a gilded signboard;


2. Product Characteristic:

Copper foil has characteristics of low surface oxygen, can be attached with a variety of different materials such as metal, insulation materials, with a wide temperature scope of use. Mainly used in electromagnetic shielding and antistatic, conductive copper foil disposed in the substrate surface, combined with the metal substrate, with excellent continuity, and provide the electromagnetic shielding effect.













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Shelf Life






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Q:Is the profit margin of the packing belt line large
Profit in general, buy materials to 6000 far, the finished product in the market price more than 6000 yuan, remove the rent, electricity, wages were flat! I'm switching now!!!! At that time I bought a new branch of machinery, worked for seven months, now want to sell, but I do not know where the old equipment received
Q:What do you mean by the viscosity of the packing belt?
Pack by perm heating hot melt packing machine and stick together, then the joints are cooled down after the tension can be called adhesion (adhesion).
Q:Do you need cross straps to check your suitcase?
In order to prevent the luggage in the consignment way because the bump or extrusion damage, resulting in the goods lost or damaged, the use of cross strap fixed on the luggage box, is good.
Q:What is the reason that the packing machine can not be put in
Tighten wheel belt did not stir, blocking the slip past
Q:Can the plastic steel line replace the cotton packing belt? It is used for cotton packing and cotton packing
The use of PET plastic belt is entirely possible, you use the plastic wire does not know how many specifications, if the tension is not enough, there will be collapsed bags and other phenomena, I suggest you go to consult the Hunan independent packaging, they are specialized in packaging
Q:What material is the packing belt made of?
The straps are made of PP and PET, two plastic mixes.  The difference between machine and hand is that the thickness is different, and the requirement of machine is higher.Production process is: plastic melt - - tape - forming - cooling - winding - Packaging - storage is probably the case.
Q:Why is plastic strapping broken?
A serious imbalance in the proportion lead to too brittle packing belt. Or stored for a long time, long sunny rain. It might get crispy. Originally, the quality of plastic belt maintenance time is very long, it is a substitute for steel belt in horizontal wet packaging environment. It should be low cost and strong breaking force.
Q:The packer does not have a packing belt
The electromagnet is not working properly. Check that the coil is burned out. If neither of them is abnormal, the electromagnet will not work. First check whether the electromagnet welding head is off. Should check whether the electromagnet displacement, or is blocked by the stolen goods, so that bullets can not move freely.
Q:What is the reason that the packing belt of the packer is not glued?
May be the head position deviation of semi automatic strapping machine or belt joint some partial correction, it can be.
Q:How should the packing tape be printed?
Plastic Machinery Co., PET packing belt production line adopts 100% bottle waste as raw material, through the drying process and the specific equipment, production of qualified products of PET packing belt, anti blocking strength index reaches the industry standard. Not only has realized the low cost, enhanced the market competition ability, but also expanded the plastic recycling market, has stepped out a new road for the sustainable development.This set of equipment is mainly composed of automatic feeding machine, dryer (or dehumidifying device), extruder, mould, filter, water tank, traction machine, oven, drawing unit, heat setting box and winder equipment assembly.

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