Copper Wire Wearing Tape

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Application: It is mainly used for packing and isolation of cable conductor and cove,has

cushioning and shielding effect.










Tensile Strength






Short Term Stability


Long Term Stability


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Q:What's the reason why the packing belt breaks easily?
Packing belt temperature settings are not suitable, summer should be around 450 degrees, in the northern winter to about 600 degrees;
Q:Polypropylene packing belt edge why will be scared
Usually translucent, colorless solid, odorless, non-toxic. The melting point can be as high as 167 DEG C because of the highly crystalline structure. Heat resistance and corrosion resistance, products can be steam disinfection is its outstanding advantages. Small density, is the lightest general plastic. The disadvantages are low temperature resistance, low impact and easy aging, but can be overcome by modification.
Q:What is the reason that the packing machine can not be put in?
There may be several reasons:1 wear and wear wrong,2, catch a foreign body obstructionTighten wheel 3, tape not dialed up, blocking the slip past
Q:What kind of joints are used in the packing belt
Hot dip lap pack.Hot melt lapped by electrothermal welding, packing machinery high-frequency welding and ultrasonic welding and heating method, plastic surface heat melting, two with end face lapping up melting under pressure, to maintain a certain period of time, to be melted surface condensation, adhesive plastic belt joint way. Features: hot lap package is a package of new, suitable for polypropylene plastic bag, polypropylene plastic belt with iron because if the button is fixedly connected with the mechanical strength, only 50% of that of the base material, adhesive connection does not apply. The excuse is firm and beautiful, but it can not be untied.
Q:What's the difference between hand packed belts and machine packs?
According to the size of packing, different packing machines and packing belts can be selected. If the packing capacity is large, the mechanical operation can greatly improve the packing efficiency. If the packing amount is relatively small, one day only ten to twenty items need to be packaged, can be manually operated.
Q:The packer does not have a packing belt
The length of the potentiometer controlled by the belt length is zero in the zero position and the length is short; if it is not in the zero position, it will not be out of band. The belt length control potentiometer is positioned on the front panel switch on the left from second positions. Clockwise adjustment.
Q:How much does it cost to open a PP strapping factory? Should the production and operation process of the PP belt factory be not difficult? I want to do.
Estimated to open a PP belt factory to 10-20, enough, the machine general 3-4 or so, PET machine is expensive.
Q:The harm of plastic packing belt to human body
If you eat into the abdomen, if you can discharge with feces, it will not cause harm to the human body, unless it is hard plastic, easy to scratch the stomach wall and intestinal tract. Please look at my head, professional manufacturers, quality assurance.
Q:Why is plastic strapping broken
There is little possibility that a dozen will break. First of all, you are sure that your belt is plastic pet (plastic refers to PET material) material?.
Q:Brief introduction and characteristics of PP packing belt
1, polypropylene (PP) as the main raw material: polypropylene resin, drawing class, because of its good plasticity, fracture tensile strength, bending fatigue resistance, low density, tensile impact performance is good, easy to use, widely used in various fields now.2 、 suitable for all kinds of packaging machines in all walks of life (semi automatic, automatic and manual packing machine).3, sticky force is strong, tensile force, light quality, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, high-grade.4, bright colors, yellow, white, black and other colors, any choice.5, according to customer requirements and samples, the production of printing, printing, icons and other special PP packaging belt.

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