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Application: Be used for binding in the wire and cable.



















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Q:Do you have your bags ready before boarding?
Baggage checked, you can prepare your own packing belt, or packaged at the airport.Depending on the baggage, the choice is different. There are mainly the following situations:,1, if it is a handbag, the suitcase does not need to be packed, and the zipper can be zipped by itself;2, if it is the case, it is necessary to do a good job packaging, fragile to check when informed;3, if you do not pack, to pack at the airport, you need to charge 20 yuan fee;So, if you need to pack your own luggage, you can pack it in advance.
Q:What adhesive tape do you use?
The weight of a small carton, can use plastic packing belt packing, common polyethylene and polypropylene resin as the main raw material, but also to nylon and polyester, polyester and the tensile strength of nylon strap, and polyethylene and polypropylene strapping polypropylene with low cost, good elasticity, can be selected according to different material the strap needs.
Q:What are the classification of the packing belt
Machine packing belt and hand packing beltNew material packing belt and feed back packing belt.Also transparent and opaque. Having or having no color. Wait
Q:What kind of joints are used in the packing belt
Hot dip lap pack.Hot melt lapped by electrothermal welding, packing machinery high-frequency welding and ultrasonic welding and heating method, plastic surface heat melting, two with end face lapping up melting under pressure, to maintain a certain period of time, to be melted surface condensation, adhesive plastic belt joint way. Features: hot lap package is a package of new, suitable for polypropylene plastic bag, polypropylene plastic belt with iron because if the button is fixedly connected with the mechanical strength, only 50% of that of the base material, adhesive connection does not apply. The excuse is firm and beautiful, but it can not be untied.
Q:What's the difference between hand packed belts and machine packs?
According to the size of packing, different packing machines and packing belts can be selected. If the packing capacity is large, the mechanical operation can greatly improve the packing efficiency. If the packing amount is relatively small, one day only ten to twenty items need to be packaged, can be manually operated.
Q:How to identify the quality of a packaging belt
Method: the use of lighter smell ignited 3 seconds after blow out, the smell of it, identify it and new material PP difference, one should note that some color toner, smell great, will cover PP (PP renewable materials) part of the taste, don't worry, there's another way.
Q:Identification of PP packaging belt
Some packaging machines with new materials outside, the middle folder filling material (poor), as long as the cut open to see the section, you can see inside the black heart is poor quality.Packing machine with color problems, packaging machines with different grades, hard to say. The transparent baler belt is the best strapping belt at present. The quality of the packing machine depends entirely on the purity of polypropylene. The higher the purity of polypropylene, the better the tension of the baler.
Q:Packing belt 120616061608.
PET plastic packing belt features:Shenzhen PET plastic packing belt is a new alternative to steel strapping belt of international popular, widely used in iron and steel, aluminum, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, paper, metal cans and other industries.1, strong tensile resistance: both steel band like tensile resistance, but also can resist the impact of ductility, and more can ensure the safety of transportation of your products2, elongation is small: elongation is only 1/6 of polypropylene (PP) band, can maintain tension for a long time3, strong temperature: the melting point of 260 degrees, 120 degrees below using deformation.4, flexibility: the sharp edge of the steel belt, safe operation, neither hurt the hand, nor damage the tied object5, beauty is not rusty: no steel belt rust, pollution of tied objects, color bright can Kam6, good economic benefits: 1 tons of steel with the length equal to 6 tons of steel belt, the unit price per meter is lower than that of the steel belt, you can reduce the cost.
Q:What is the reason that the packing belt of the packer is not glued
Packaging materials with the belt has a bearing, you may have this batch of packaging materials, raw materials doped more ingredients, and now on the market with the main component of polypropylene, commonly known as PP. A better pack should have a PP content of more than 95%. Other ingredients are complex, such as mixing calcium carbonate, talc, wollastonite, glass fiber and other inorganic fillers. If the ingredients are more, the hot-melt viscosity is poor. It is recommended that you provide the supplier with the matching parameters.
Q:The harm of plastic packing belt to human body?
If you eat into the abdomen, if it can be excreted with feces, it will not cause harm to the human body

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