High-temperature-resistant Polyester Tape

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Polyester tape. With the pull of the steel belt, and the flexibility of PP. To overcome the traditional steel belt elasticity difference. Corrosion, high cost, is gradually replaced by steel tape. In the paper, iron and steel, printing, wood and other extensive areas have been widely used


2. Product Characteristic:

1 save cost: 1 tons of steel with the length equal to 6 tons of steel, greatly reduce the cost of packaging. Plastic steel belt 6 times lighter than the proportion of steel, so steel belt than strip to save 50%.

2. Tensile strength: with strip and the same tensile strength and good ductility., not easy to break.

3 corrosion resistance: steel packing belt in the air is easy to rust, pollution packaging. The steel belt is bright color, corrosion resistance, no harm to the packaging.

4. Connection: can be made of steel with extruded, manual available, desktop balers and automatic packing machine for hot melt connection.

5. Good safety: plastic steel belt strip and has the same tensile 5% tightening force is maintained over a long period of time, not back to the pine, hit by a strong external and 5% buffer elongation, ensure goods safety.














Tensile Strength










Peel Strength










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Q:Do you need a packing belt for the airport consignment bag
It depends on the actual condition of your suitcase.If you have a password lock, and the zipper, the box is very strong, the contents are not expensive, you can not play.
Q:The baggage for my American traveler's cloth is to be checked. Do you need a doggy belt? Will it protect the box?
I think the main function of the strap is 21, prevent the box from being hit by an impact2, to prevent thieves at the airport to steal things in the box, because it will increase the difficulty of unpackingIf you don't want to box was scratched, can wear a cap.
Q:How do you split the straps?
Cross the trunk horizontally,Then, one end of the strap goes through the stainless steel ring
Q:What's the reason why the packing belt breaks easily?
When the operator does not wait for the back of the pallet on the packing machine, the goods will be moved down and the hot melt surface has not been condensed
Q:Is packing with a shelf life
PP packaging belt and PET packaging belt collectively referred to as plastic packaging belt, as plastic resistance to oxidation, generally can store about a year and a half.
Q:The harm of plastic packing belt to human body
The plastic strapping belt is very poisonous to the human body. If you eat it, you will die and never turn over
Q:Why is plastic strapping broken
Plastic steel belt itself is elastic, broken tension standard 1608 plastic tape, breaking tension to close to 200kg.
Q:Brief introduction and characteristics of PP packing belt
1, polypropylene (PP) as the main raw material: polypropylene resin, drawing class, because of its good plasticity, fracture tensile strength, bending fatigue resistance, low density, tensile impact performance is good, easy to use, widely used in various fields now.2 、 suitable for all kinds of packaging machines in all walks of life (semi automatic, automatic and manual packing machine).3, sticky force is strong, tensile force, light quality, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, high-grade.4, bright colors, yellow, white, black and other colors, any choice.5, according to customer requirements and samples, the production of printing, printing, icons and other special PP packaging belt.
Q:What's the function of the carton packing belt
The tensile strength of polyester and nylon strapping tapes is good, while polyethylene and polypropylene strapping tapes have low cost and good resilience of polypropylene.
Q:How to identify the quality of a packaging belt?
1, smell: use lighter ignited 3 seconds after blow out, the smell of it, identify it and new material PP difference, one should note that some color toner, smell great, will cover PP (PP renewable materials) part of the taste, don't worry, there's another way.2, color law: every belt is better than impenetrable, no matter what color.3, look shiny: gloss better than no gloss, gloss is the so-called material itself has, just as the same color, the color of the surface material is.

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