High-temperature-resistant Polyester Tape

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Polyester tape. With the pull of the steel belt, and the flexibility of PP. To overcome the traditional steel belt elasticity difference. Corrosion, high cost, is gradually replaced by steel tape. In the paper, iron and steel, printing, wood and other extensive areas have been widely used


2. Product Characteristic:

1 save cost: 1 tons of steel with the length equal to 6 tons of steel, greatly reduce the cost of packaging. Plastic steel belt 6 times lighter than the proportion of steel, so steel belt than strip to save 50%.

2. Tensile strength: with strip and the same tensile strength and good ductility., not easy to break.

3 corrosion resistance: steel packing belt in the air is easy to rust, pollution packaging. The steel belt is bright color, corrosion resistance, no harm to the packaging.

4. Connection: can be made of steel with extruded, manual available, desktop balers and automatic packing machine for hot melt connection.

5. Good safety: plastic steel belt strip and has the same tensile 5% tightening force is maintained over a long period of time, not back to the pine, hit by a strong external and 5% buffer elongation, ensure goods safety.














Tensile Strength










Peel Strength










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Q:Production process of PP packing belt
Easy to stretch orientation to obtain high quality products. Then, the tensile and tensile purposes are to increase the longitudinal strength of the strap and reduce the elongation. Tension must be carried out in boiling water, usually by one stretch.
Q:Is packing with a shelf life
Metal belt pack also called steel, steel is processed into a certain process, there is a common blue metal packing tape and galvanized iron straps, iron belt can guarantee period is about three months, the galvanized iron sheet packaged with storage time can be longer, usually about half a year.
Q:The harm of plastic packing belt to human body?
Hard plastic, easy to scratch the stomach wall and intestinal tract. Please look at my head, professional manufacturers, quality assurance.
Q:Do you need a packing belt for the airport consignment bag
If your bags are intact, no packing straps are required. They are usually packed in flimsy cartons or bags
Q:How much does it cost to open a PP strapping factory? Should the production and operation process of the PP belt factory be not difficult? I want to do.
3389 about a line, as long as a person can be 24 hours of work; but now with the PET factory and more large quantity, PP only in some small factories use amount is uncertain or environmental; although it is also packaged with, but the tension and quality you should also know, which is more popular so you see for yourself.
Q:Identification of PP packaging belt?
The packing machine should have a gloss, so the strapping machine is usually made of whole material. Tensile stability. Packaging machine with powder powder, then the gloss will be greatly reduced.
Q:Semi automatic packing and full automata are used for packing and distinguishing
Third, the difference between lift and lift is not a little; that is to say, if the semi automatic strapping belt receives 40 kilograms of tension, the new material can withstand 180-200 kilograms
Q:Plastic packing belt and plastic belt packing the same? What's the difference?
Plastic packing belt is PP packing belt, pet packing belt (plastic packing belt), PE packing belt strap collectively made of plastic, so the plastic packing belt including plastic packing belt, plastic packing belt subordinate plastic packing belt.Plastic steel packing belt is one of the widely used plastic packing belts. It is a new strapping belt which is popular in the world instead of steel belt. Double plastic packing belt with low cost, beautiful and durable, recycling, high degree of automation, widely used in steel, aluminum, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, paper, metal cans and other industries.
Q:What is the reason that the packing belt of the packer is not glued?
Could you change the original packing tape, packing tape thickness is relatively thick, and now the thin, semi automatic strapping machine head can not be fully in place. Solution: adjust the head position again
Q:How long is the service life of the plastic strapping belt?
The polyester tape is chemically stable and has little impact on indoor and outdoor temperatures.

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