Semi-conductive Copper Wearing Tape

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Application: It is mainly used for packing and isolation of cable conductor and cove, has cushioning and shielding effect. High Semi-conductive Copper Wearing Tape has  high tensile strength, high stability, low shrinkage and excellent processing performance, etc..


2. Product Characteristic:

It is mainly used for high temperature-resistant cables like rubber cables, marine cables and silicon rubber cables. It is light, soft, high temperature-resistant and moisture-free with high strength, complying with the EU ROHS standards. Compared with other hemp ropes, glass cords, and rubber strip, ours are without glass fiber, halogen or asbestos.It iswidely used in cable conductor and wire lashing, isolation or bedding, shielding under cable metal layer.












Tensile Strength






Surface Resistance



Volume Resistance



Short Term Stability


Long Term Stability



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Semi-conductive Copper Wearing Tape


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Q:The packer does not have a packing belt?
There is a foreign matter in the extension, and it can not be cleaned and maintained in time. The packing machine is temporarily used. So that the machine has stolen goods inside, so that the belt is not smooth and free, should be more cleaning and maintenance.
Q:How much is a tin strap
It depends on what kind of packing you need, whether it's new or recycled. And the tape depends on his width and thickness. Do you have a requirement for the length of each volume?.
Q:Do you need two packing belt for the airport consignment bag
It depends on the actual condition of your suitcase.If you have a password lock, and the zipper, the box is very strong, the contents are not expensive, you can not play.Otherwise, call one. I remember the airport in Shanghai is 10 yuan, the general two city airport packing charges 5 yuan.If the finished package, you need to check out of the box at the check-in, check can be re packaged for free. But the trouble is, of course, the odds are small.
Q:Do you have your bags ready before boarding
To check the plane's luggage, if the bag, rod boxes do not pack themselves to zip, if it is the case, to do the packaging, fragile to check in to inform, if they do not have to pack, pack at the airport, need to charge 20 yuan fee, if the home has a package their tools can be packaged to trip! Hope to help you ~!
Q:How should the packing tape be printed?
First of all, the extruder temperature control is generally between 250 and 280 degrees centigrade. The next is cooling, strip out the head temperature is very high, to immediately enter the water cooling, because of isotactic polypropylene in acute cold conditions easily generated has crystal structure, molecular structure of paracrystals was loose. In this way, the strap is easy to stretch and obtain high quality products. Then, the tensile and tensile purposes are to increase the longitudinal strength of the strap and reduce the elongation. Tension must be carried out in boiling water, usually by one stretch. Finally, the embossing, stretching after the packaging belt, after two patterns of pressure roller, it will be pressed on the pattern, its role is to increase friction in use, do not slip, from the appearance of looking handsome.
Q:What are the classification of the packing belt
In nature, PP and PET are classified;The material is divided into regeneration material and new material;The belt and the manual packing belt are used for the extension.
Q:What adhesive tape do you use
Common polyethylene, polypropylene resin as the main raw material, but also to nylon and polyester, polyester and the tensile strength of nylon strap, and polyethylene and polypropylene strapping polypropylene with low cost, good elasticity, can be selected according to different material strapping needs. ;
Q:What is the reason that the packing machine can not be put in
Tighten wheel belt did not stir, blocking the slip past
Q:Why is plastic strapping broken
Is there any quality problem? The packing bags are all made of their own masterbatch. A serious imbalance in the proportion lead to too brittle packing belt. Or stored for a long time, long sunny rain. It might get crispy. Originally, the quality of plastic belt maintenance time is very long, it is a substitute for steel belt in horizontal wet packaging environment. It should be low cost and strong breaking force.
Q:What's the function of the carton packing belt
Carton packing belt is mainly used for bundling cartons, strapping goods and convenient transportation, PE automatic end zone since 1989 from Japan and Taiwan to introduce automatic strapping machine after use, is characterized in that the demand is high, if not the use of new raw material for the production of the end zone will make the knotter strapping machine is worn, but also cause the operation is not smooth, tardy, error. With the recent years in the end of PE automatic carton packaging, printing and packaging, washing industry, towel factory, more and more vermicelli factory, manufacturers gradually increased

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