Semi-conductive Copper Wearing Tape

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Application: It is mainly used for packing and isolation of cable conductor and cove, has cushioning and shielding effect. High Semi-conductive Copper Wearing Tape has  high tensile strength, high stability, low shrinkage and excellent processing performance, etc..


2. Product Characteristic:

It is mainly used for high temperature-resistant cables like rubber cables, marine cables and silicon rubber cables. It is light, soft, high temperature-resistant and moisture-free with high strength, complying with the EU ROHS standards. Compared with other hemp ropes, glass cords, and rubber strip, ours are without glass fiber, halogen or asbestos.It iswidely used in cable conductor and wire lashing, isolation or bedding, shielding under cable metal layer.












Tensile Strength






Surface Resistance



Volume Resistance



Short Term Stability


Long Term Stability



4. Reference Picture

Semi-conductive Copper Wearing Tape


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Q:What is the standard of plastic strapping?
The economic benefit is good. The length of the 1 ton PET packing belt is equal to 6 tons. The length of the steel strip of the same size is lower than that of the steel band per meter by 40%, and the packing cost can be reduced.
Q:How long is the service life of the plastic strapping belt?
The polyester tape is chemically stable and has little impact on indoor and outdoor temperatures.
Q:What are the features of semi automatic strapping?
Semi automatic strapping is cheap;
Q:The baggage for my American traveler's cloth is to be checked. Do you need a doggy belt? Will it protect the box?
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How to solve the plastic belt brittle? From the source of production! In the production of plastic steel belt, most of them will improve the brittleness of the packing belt by changing the drying temperature, processing temperature and time. The drying time can be shortened so that the chain extender is added in 4 - 6 hours to reduce the degradation and improve the viscosity of the plastic steel belt. Strictly check the quality before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of products and eliminate defective products into the market.
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Plastic steel wire can be made of type 200 cotton bales. Type 400 bales can be packed in strips instead of steel wires.
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When you take the lead out, turn to the back of the suitcase and wrap it vertically around the trunk: (Note: the winding process should tighten the collar button)

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