Double-Side Water-blocking Tape

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Product Description:

Application:Replacement of flooding compound under radial barriers Water-blocking armouring/Between  cable components. Replacement of flooding compound in loose tube constructions in slotted core designs/ Water-blocking reinforcement layers.

PropertyUnitZDS20ZDS25ZDS30ZDS50Test method
Thicknessmm0.20±0.030.25±0.030.30±0.030.50±0.03ISO 9073-2
Weightg/m270±1080±1090±10130±10ISO 9073-1
Tensile StrengthN/cm≥30≥30≥40≥40ISO 9073-3
Elongation%≥12≥12≥12≥12ISO 9073-3
Swelling Speedmm/1`00`>6>9>12>12Q/TF 2010
Swelling Heightmm/3`00`>9>12>14>16Q/TF 2010
Short Term Stability230230230230Q/TF 2010
Long Term Stability90909090IEC 216
Moisture Content%≤8≤8≤8≤8ISO 287

Roll and spool dimensions:

Slit Width(mm)6-2020-500>50012-50
Core Width(mm)≤870 200-680

Other widths, ID and OD are also available on request

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It may be the wrong model of the packing belt, too wide or too thick, or the way to wear it is wrong. The Qingdao moxa packing machine, in general, has a detailed picture of the inside of the packing machine door, which can be referred to.
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The automatic packer can not work automatically. First need to control system of packing tape to check whether the normal position, with a long adjustment is in the zero scale, and then check whether the wear process conforms to the standard, generally there are foreign bodies blocked, causing this kind of phenomenon.
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Luggage can be checked abroad cross luggage strapped belt.
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Hot galvanized belt because it is in the hot galvanizing production line, through continuous annealing, continuous hot dip galvanizing liquid steel is heated in a short time and cooling, so the stamping performance than the original cold rolled plate.
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