Semi-conductive Water-blocking Binding Tape

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Product Description:

Composition: Polyester fabric, conductive binder, super absorbent polymer.Application: It's used

among components of power cables, playing a part of blocking water, isolating, shielding and

binding which has no corrosion.






Test method






ISO 9073-2






ISO 9073-1

Tensile Strength





ISO 9073-3






ISO 9073-3

Surface Resistance






Volume Resistance





DIN 54345

Swelling Height





Q/TF 2010

Short Term Stability




Q/TF 2010

Long Term Stability




IEC 216

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OK. Packing is always business.
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The selected straps are too thick or too thin. The thickness is not the same, because there are many packing belt manufacturers. Should be selected according to requirements; if not possible, according to the instructions of the method, carefully adjust the gap between the belt conveyor roller.
Q:Is packing with a shelf life?
PP packaging belt and PET packaging belt collectively referred to as plastic packaging belt, as plastic resistance to oxidation, generally can store about a year and a half.
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Plastic packing belt is a single axis plastic strapping material. Its thickness is 0.5-1.2mm, its width is 12-22mm, and the belt material is PE, PVC and PP etc., but PP is the most common. The plastic packing belt has the advantages of light weight, firmness, corrosion resistance, convenient use, etc., and is widely used.Plastic steel packing belt, also called PET packing belt, is a new strapping belt which is popular in the world instead of steel belt at present. By virtue of its low cost, beautiful and durable, recycling, high degree of automation, widely used in steel, aluminum, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, paper, metal cans and other industries.
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Blue will be packaged with packaging with heating to proper temperature in the air - water vapor to form a blue layer of the surface process.
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Carton packing tape, plastic strapping belt resilience, good, high strength, good water resistance, chemical resistance, quality soft, soft, you can hand binding, but also machine strapping. The utility model has the advantages of convenient use and low cost, and can be made into colors such as red, white, blue, yellow, green and so on, and different grades of goods are bundled according to colors, so that the grade of the goods can be easily distinguished, and the delivery efficiency can be improved. In addition to the corrugated box packing, but also bundled material, fruit and so on.
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