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1-Excellent quality with competitive price.


2-World famous brand hydraulic system and other key parts.


3-Hydraulic Excavator is good excavator,have good preformance.


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                                                                Main  Technical  Paramenters
Main ParametersModelHW360LC-8
(mm)Arm length2850
(CBM) Bucket capacity1.6m3
(KG) Operating weight36700
(kN) Bucket digging force239
EngieEngine   ModelCUMMINS 6CT8.3
(Kw/rpm) Rated Power186/2200
Emission standardⅡphase
Hydraulic System
(L/min) Flow rate of Motor2*280
travel motorNABTESCO  GM60VA
rotary motorKAWASAKI  M5X180CHB
Pressure SettingWorking Device Circuit32.5
Travel Circuit32.5
Swing Circuit25.5
Control Circuit3.9
Working Range(mm)   Max. digging height10150
(mm) Max. dumping height7205
(mm) Max. digging depth6983
(mm) Max. vertical digging depth4366
(mm) Max. depth cut for 2.5m level bottom6806
(mm) Max. digging radius10872
(mm) Max. digging radius at Ground Level10667
Min.Swing Radius4543
Performance of the Macine(rpm)   Swing speed9.6
(Kpa)Ground pressure65
Overall Dimensions(mm)Length11125
(mm)Height(to top of boom)3328
(mm)Height(to top of Cap)3195
(mm) Counter weight ground clearance1243
(mm)Min.ground clearance540
(mm)Tail Swing radius3450
(mm) Ground Contact Length   of Track4618
(mm)Track length5190
(mm)Track gauge2740
(mm)Shoe width600


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Q:Construction units excavator access, what materials should be submitted to the supervision unit?
The construction organization design, a variety of special programs, pre construction permits, personnel readiness, the establishment of full-time management personnel qualification certificate, measurement and control instrument, audit personnel quality and technology management system and system.With the construction contract and the supplementary agreement signed by the parties (the construction need to be reported, but according to the site requirements, may also submit supervision units), qualification of construction units, safety production license, management system, construction organization design, various operator certificate copy of the emergency rescue plan, the main construction machinery and equipment remove / install aproval special safety construction scheme, material / re inspection, the progress report
Q:CAT where is the origin of the small excavator?
1.CATER American brand, made in japan.2. in terms of quality and performance is not inferior to other Japanese brands; power is the Carter Co independent models, and there is high pressure refrigeration pump; bucket capacity in the 1*5 to 2*8 range; the cab dashboard is adjustable, convertible, digital dial. So, on the control, comfort, more satisfied.3., Sino US joint ventures are made by XCMG and Carter joint venture factory.
Q:Introduction of excavator
Excavator, also called excavating machinery, is a kind of earthmoving machine that uses bucket to excavate material that is higher than or lower than the machine surface and is loaded into transportation vehicle or unloaded to the stacker. Excavators are mainly made of soil, coal, sediment, and soil and rocks that have been pre - loosened. From the development of engineering machinery in recent years, the development of excavator is relatively fast, excavator has become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction. The three most important parameters of excavator are operation weight (quality), engine power and bucket bucket capacity.
Q:What is the problem of excavator holding cars?
This is the problem of the oil pump, you still did not find the right person to repair, but it is a bit blocked, and my family Daewoo 220 is this situation, a few hundred pieces on it, the landlord quickly go to repair it
Q:How do excavators distinguish between positive and negative?
Two modes of operationThe first kind is the Japanese second-hand import machine and senior veteran driver as the representative, the left hand handle of the front, back, left and right corresponding control is the excavator's right rotation, left rotation, bucket extension and bucket recovery. We used to be referred to as "front and back spin"".The second type is the domestic new machine and the new generation of young drivers as representatives, left hand handle of the front, back, left, right, respectively, corresponding to the control of the excavator's bucket stick, bucket recovery, left rotation and right rotation. We used to be referred to as "left and right spin"".There are people who have called these two modes, "mobile phone" and "mobile phone", but due to the lack of a unified nomenclature, caused the differences on the way, before and after rotation is called mobile phone, the mobile phone is called reverse rotation, but also to rotate around the mobile phone is called, before and after the rotation is called reverse mobile phone. So to avoid confusion, said only this, before and after the rotation and rotation, to note here is "mobile phone" is refers to the rotation, and rotation or rotation before and after the "anti mobile phone", two kinds of the different mode of operation is only the left hand excavator operating handle, right invariant handle mode.Two ways of shoveling soil
Q:Excavator first originated in that country?
Excavators were originally manual, and have been invented for more than one hundred and thirty years. They have been driven by steam, electric power, and internal combustion engines. After 1940s, hydraulic technology was applied to excavators. In 1950s, a crawler hydraulic excavator was developed.
Q:Which country is the JCB excavator?
In every corner of the world, you can see JCB's machines, and JCB has become one of the world's most famous manufacturers of construction machinery.JCB is the world's third largest construction machinery manufacturer.
Q:What kind of excavator is DEERE?
John Deal excavator,The main brand sales in North America, Hitachi OEM for excavator.In addition, the company had a joint venture with Xu Wa to produce excavators, the company name She John Deal
Q:Excavator three oil one water refers to
Hydraulic oil, oil, gear oil, or diesel water is antifreeze
Q:31 excavator 75 how much is it?
31 75 new machines in Sishiyierwan around. About two hundred thousand of second-hand excavator, excavator second-hand price according to the condition of the machine, the use of time, there are no major accidents and maintenance evaluation, suggestions of second-hand excavator, the risk of small, quick returns, but don't go to the market, you can go and see the two dragons and fishes jumbled together, large hand excavator market, such as Kunshan dig Xiang second-hand excavator market.

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