SIH:S hydraulic system Excavator SH210-5/SH210LC-5

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Product Description:

 Description of excavator:


Modern, hydraulic excavators come in a wide variety of sizes. The smaller ones are called mini or compact excavators. For example, Caterpillar's smallest mini-excavator weighs 2,060 pounds (930 kg) and has 13 hp; their largest model is the largest excavator available (a record previously held by the Orenstein & Koppel RH400) the CAT 6090, it weighs in excess of 2,160,510 pounds (979,990 kg), has 4500 hp and has a bucket size of around 52.0 m³ depending on bucket fitted.


Engines in hydraulic excavators usually just drive hydraulic pumps; there are usually 3 pumps: the two main pumps are for supplying oil at high pressure (up to 5000 psi) for the arms, swing motor, track motors, and accessories, and the third is a lower pressure (700 psi) pump for Pilot Control, this circuit used for the control of the spool valves, this allows for a reduced effort required when operating the controls.


The two main sections of an excavator are the undercarriage and the house. The undercarriage includes the blade (if fitted), tracks, track frame, and final drives, which have a hydraulic motor and gearing providing the drive to the individual tracks, and the house includes the operator cab, counterweight, engine, fuel and hydraulic oil tanks. The house attaches to the undercarriage by way of a center pin. High pressure oil is supplied to the tracks' hydraulic motors through a hydraulic swivel at the axis of the pin, allowing the machine to slew 360° unhindered.


Specifications of excavator:


Working Range

Arm length1.90 m2.40 m2.94 m
Boom length5.70 m
A ( Max.digging radius )8 960 mm9 420 mm9 900 mm
B ( Max.digging depth )5 610 mm6 110 mm6 650 mm
C ( Max.digging height )9 160 mm9 410 mm9 610 mm
D ( Max.dumping height )6 330 mm6 590 mm6 810 mm
E ( Max.vertical wall cut depth )5 010 mm5 500 mm5 960 mm
F ( Min.front swing radius )3 580 mm3 600 mm3 600 mm
G ( Rear end swing radius )2 750 mm


SH210-5 (SH210LC-5)
Arm length1.90 m2.40 m2.94 m
A Overall length9 490 mm9 480 mm9 400 mm
B Length from center of machine (to arm top)6 770 mm6 760 mm6 680 mm
C Upper structure rear end radius2 720 mm2 720 mm2 720 mm
D Center to center of wheels3 370 mm
(3 660 mm)
3 370 mm
(3 660 mm)
3 370 mm
(3 660 mm)
E Overall track length4 180 mm
(4 470 mm)
4 180 mm
(4 470 mm)
4 180 mm
(4 470 mm)
F Overall height3 090 mm3 190 mm2 970 mm
G Clearance height under upper structure1 040 mm1 040 mm1 040 mm
H Shoe lug height26 mm26 mm26 mm
I Cab height2 940 mm2 940 mm2 940 mm
J Upper structure overall width2 770 mm2 770 mm2 770 mm
K Width from center of machine (left side)1 430 mm1 430 mm1 430 mm
L Width from center of machine (right side)1 340 mm1 340 mm1 340 mm
M Track gauge2 200 mm
(2 390 mm)
2 200 mm
(2 390 mm)
2 200 mm
(2 390 mm)
N Overall width2 800 mm
(2 990 mm)
2 800 mm
(2 990 mm)
2 800 mm
(2 990 mm)
O Std.Shoe width600 mm600 mm600 mm
P Minimum ground clearance440 mm440 mm440 mm
Q Handrail height2 960 mm2 960 mm2 960 mm

Principle Specifications

  STD Specifications
BaseBoom length8.70m
Arm length6.40m
Bucket capacity (ISO heaped)0.37m3
Std.operating weight20 000kg20 400kg
EngineMake & modellSUZU AJ-4HK1X
Rated output117.3kw/1800 min-1
Piston displacement5 193 ml(cc)
Hydraulic SystemMain pump2 variable displacement axial piston pumps with regulating system
Max. pressure34.3 Mpa
(with auto power boost)36.8 Mpa
Travel motorVariable displacement axial piston motor
Parking brake typeMechanical disc brake
Swing motorFixed displacement axial piston motor
PerformanceTravel speed5.6/3.4 km/h
Traction force201 kN (20,496 kgf)
Grade ability70%<35º>
Ground pressure45 kPa42 kPa
Swing speed11.5 min-1
Bucket142 kN
/with power boost152 kN
Arm103 kN
/with power boost110 kN
OthersFuel tank410 liter
Hydraulic fluid tank240 liter

Images of excavator:

FAQ of excavator:

Q: What are the main functions of excavators?

A: Excavator is the machine that can excavate the the soil of various types forcefully and then using hydraulic system a hydraulic force is generated and utilizing this force bucket is exchange with some other attachments then excavator can be used for multi-purpose. For exemple pile diver, hydraulic jack hammer etc...


Q: What are the main type of excavators?

A: Crawler excavator; Wheel excavator;


Q: What is the application of excavators?

A: The excavator has increased the work speed tremendously. It is used extensively in numerous fields, including the following:

•Wood removal in forests

•Normal grading work and landscaping

•Cutting of brushes with attachments

•Demolition of structures, and removal of debris


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