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Product Description

Material: Virgin Polypropylene
Usage: Shopping
Width: 30-125cm  Length: As the customer's request
Top: Heat-cut or hemmed
Bottom: Single fold or double fold, single or double stitches sewing
Surface: Lamination or not ,as per your required
Printing: 1-6 colors available, as per your request
Packing:500pcs/bale or 1000pcs/bale

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Q:what is 1 advantage and 1 disadvantage of producing plastics?
advantages: cheap, light, convenient. disadvantages: non-biodegradable, toxic when burnt.
Q:Plastics types?
polymer type, Haldia, Gail, Reliance.
Q:Sta je plastika?[what is plastic]?
very confusing matter. try searching using yahoo. this might help!
Q:plastic carrier bags agree or disagree?
There is a lot to be said for those wonderful little handles. I re-use my plastic shoppng bags until they are in shreds.Plus, paper comes from trees, and haven't we cut enough of those down to last a lifetime? I purchased fabric bags from my grocer and love them---I get handles to use and everything. That is another option that is available nation-wide.
Q:Plastic Cover on Ham Bone?
cut the piece out and throw it a way as plastic has toxins. then just serve it. should be fine every where else. just the piece and a few surrounding the plastic. Those toxins are carcinogenic so just cut it out.
Q:Can you recycle a ziploc plastic bag?
Yes you can. Drop it off with your grocery bags at your local grocery store that recycles bags. They are both made out of Polyethelene. The ziploc bag can be recycled back into plastic trash bags or plastic lumber to name a couple.
Q:Thermo softening plastics? best answer 10 points?
Thermo softening plastics (Heat melt injection plastics) Polyethylene (milk jug plastic) Polystyrene (transparent, brittle plastic) Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) ABS plastics (computer cases and many colored plastics) Teflon AKA, poly vinyl fluoride (non-stick coating, resists nearly all chemicals) Thermo setting plastics (2 part liquid resins; once mixed they harden permenantly) 5 minute epoxy Super glue, AKA cyanoacrylate resin (1 part resin that hardens with CO2 and H2O) Bakelite (phenol formaldehyde - the original plastic) Nylon (replaced Japaneese parachute silk during WWII) Polyesters (non-wrinkle fabrics)
Q:why do we only talk about plastic carry bags and not of other plastic products?
Probably bc bags are one of the most underrecycled plastic products out there
Q:Which plastics are safe to burn?
All plastics will release poisonous fumes when burnt. The way the industry does it is by heating it up very slowly to a precise temperature where it starts to turn into a liquid, not a gas. I've used acrylic before to make some cases. Its a hard plastic and can be heated with machines to bend and shape to ones desire. It is always a good idea to use a respirator or be in a well ventilated area because the plastic will give off fumes
Q:Plastic vs Polycabornate Lenses?
If you can get a scratch-resistant coating then that would be better. Also, they can cut off the edge so it doesn't look as thick. I think they call it rolling the edge. Of course both cost more. I have high-index plastic in a metal frame that isn't very wide and they look okay. I am about three times as blind as you are too. Plain plastic will be much thicker. You ought to go to a eyeglass place and ask them to show you how thick plastic lenses in your prescription will be. You don't have to buy any that day or even at that place. But then you can see about what you will be getting, and it won't cost you anything to see.

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