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Q:Help in English:do these expressions have exactly the same meaning?
A cable is usually thicker than a cord. When I hear power cable, I tend to think of industrial machinery.
Q:how do i connect the power cables of my motherboard to the casing?
Well... if they're the big white plastic plugs, then you aim the clip for the notch and you're good to go. If they're the smaller plugs that look amazingly like jumpers... then your motherboard should have come with a diagram to show how to plug them in. If not, look on the motherboard and see if you see metal pins with text closeby that says things like PWR SW or RST or HDD LED or PWR LED, or something similar. Generally, the text will point in the direction that the plug needs to go. Also, you generally want to make sure that the open metal part of the plug faces towards the inside of the two rows of metal pins (should be a row of 4 and a row of 5). Hope that helps.
Q:what is the best GPU that doesn't need a power cable?
a hd 5670 is a good one
Q:Is this the right power cable for the xbox and how do u get xbox live?
thats half of the ac adapter so noooo thats not all of it for x box live 1.get a ETHERNET CABLE 2. get a moden and a router 3 connect the router to the internet and make sure it conncets 4. connect ethernet from xbox to router or modem 5. go to network setting...test connection on the most right menu on the dashboard 6. it u pass all the test 7. voila xbox live
Q:My PC crushes and it won't start w/o power cable unplug!?
Either major problem (maybe power supply) or infection - Get it looked at by technician if no infections found by Malwarebytes and SUPERANTIspyware -
Q:IC-2 cable from Power Acoustik?
I bought ic2 its a rip do the above
Q:Where can I buy a power cable with converter for a Dell Inspiron 2200?
Try and select your region. Browse there Notebook and Mobility Solutions and they may have what you are looking for.
Q:how deep underground are electric cables put underground?
Over here in the US we have telephone numbers we can call (Called Call before you dig) so the power companies will come out and mark the lawn wherever the lines are. They do this for free because it is easier than repairing them. Find out if there is a number in the UK before digging. Good luck Chris
Q:What's the function of data cable and power cable?
The data cable is used to pass data ( digital information ), but the power cable is used to give the power (electricity) to the device
Q:Need to find X box 360 power cable in Finland! Help..?
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