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Q:Is there a compatable power cable for Advent AW10 printer?
Here is the support site you could order the part from adventprintersupport-en.custhelp.... You could get from a computer store if there is one near by...
Q:My dell power cable isn't working.?
It could be your cable or power supply unit went bad. Or, your power socket on the main board went south. The good thing about laptops is that the power supply unit is external and easy to swap out.
Q:How to add power and cable outlet to closet?
This is so situation and construction specific that it can't be answered. Anyone answering this would have to be there in order to tell you what the solution is. Tell ya what, give us full mechanical, structural, and electrical blueprints for your house and I'll tell you what to do. LOL. I'm sorry that your question is impossible to answer. I guess the real answer is to find someone handier than yourself.
Q:Should all the power cables be replaced when buying a new power supply?
If your current power supply is modular and you buy the same brand of modular power supply to replace it, then you can use most of the existing cables, if you want to. For most power supplies, all the cables are permanently attached. But there's nothing wrong with using existing cabling if it is modular. You have to be aware that different brands of power supplies use different types of modular cables, though. If you change brands of power supply, most likely you will need to replace all power cables, regardless of if they are modular or not...
Q:i have a laptop, and the socket where the power cable goes, stopped working.?
its possible (unless you're sure) that its not the socket. It could be the surge adapter(the plug itself). possible it can be the outlet itself, have you checked a different outlet? Anyway, fortunately, that's not too big of a problem, especially for a laptop. To get it fixed, if its still under warranty, you have to call the manufacturer and ask for technical support. They will most likely send you a box to put the computer in, have you send it to them(prepaid), and they will send it back repaired, IF ITS UNDER WARRENTY. If its not under warranty, you will have to go to a computer technician. usually a place like Best Buy has fast and cheap computer repairs, or you may find a local computer repair shop that suits your needs better. Or you can even send it back to the manufacturer to fix it, be warned however, they usually overcharge on expired warranty repairs. As far as the cost, it can range from fifty to a couple hundred dollars, depending on the problem. Hope i helped
Q:How can you tell which lines on telephone poles are power lines, cable lines, and phone lines?
I am not going to tell you that, because the only reasons I could think of why someone would ask this is for illegal activities, such as stealing the copper out of telephone wires. You are on your own on that.
Q:How to install gps power cable to 2007 4runner?
As you say, take it so it is professionally done. Working on cars is very complex and requires an expert. Always best to seek a professional. Also always it is require to capitalize the acronyms of titles. Please capitalize GPS 100% of the time.
Q:What is a good price to sell my Xbox 360 power cable on Craigslist?
most people who have a xbox, have a power bar, 50$ is way to much like above i would go for 15-30 30$ if you are lucky
Q:What type of plastic is a power cable made of? Thanks.?
Power cable isn't made of plastic, it is copper or aluminum covered with PE, PVC, or PTFE plastic.
Q:car stereo for home using a 400w computer power supply what cables do i connect to the stereo??\?
if you have a volt meter eather of the black wires are ground you will see a red and a yellow one is 5 volts and the other is 12 volts the 12 volts wire paired with one of the black wires will power your car audio

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