Safty Whole Span Segment Launching Gantry

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Whole span segment launching gantry

The launching gantry is used to put the pre-fabricated segment
onto the pre-fabricated pier. It is a kind of crane with the main
function of lifting and transfer the segment to designated
position, but very different from the common crane. It’s more
strict than the common one and can be walked on. Launching
gantry can be divided into several kinds such as launching
gantry for highway, for common railway and for passengerdedicated
line, etc..

◆  Equiped with protection system which guarantee the absolute safety during working. It’s safe, easy
and practical.

◆  Easy installation and removal

◆ Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

◆ Simple structure, clear big operational space and high efficient.

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Q:Bridge erection of a small box girder of long time
Depends on what time you count, usually the fastest one hour, one day can be a eight piece is very fast
Q:Safety slogan for bridge erecting machine
8, life is priceless, peace is a blessing!9, to prevent accidents, the first treatment of hidden dangers!10, the development of enterprises, security is guaranteed!11, the safety of everyone arrested, happy 10 million!12, strictly abide by the safety system, strict operating procedures!13, machine frame under strict operation, prohibited to stand!15, safety is the life of the violation is the source of the accident!
Q:Main components of bridge erecting machine
The JQ900A type Longmen type double girder three leg bridge machine as an example, mainly composed of a machine arm, a lifting trolley, two lifting trolley, one column, column two, column three, hydraulic system, electrical system, diesel generator protection and safety monitoring system (part of Figure 1).
Q:Bridging machine inspection which information and what departments to go? Ah!!!!!!
They examine the outward appearance of the export machinery and export packaging, after approval, in the customs declaration on the seal, this product can be shipped out.
Q:How long will it take to set up the 30 - meter girder erecting machine on the highway
It depends on the situation. Different manufacturers have different. The utility model is provided with a counterweight guide hole which is provided with a counterweight guide hole. Overall between 38 meters to 60 meters to see what you need.
Q:2700t bridging machine assembly summary how to write
Emphasizing the importance of safety and management.No model.The following for reference,
Q:How many tonnage bridge erecting machine needs to install the monitoring system
Safety monitor of RJ-180 type bridge machine by a dynamic display of the host (built-in brake control), angle sensor, height sensor, angle sensor, speed sensor, weight sensor, sensor, lateral longitudinal stroke stroke sensor, level sensor, wireless communication module, real-time acquisition and display the running state of the bridging machine.
Q:Weight of 120 ton bridging machine
Specifications: 40m-120T 2, rated lifting weight; 120T 3, the use of bridge span; 20-40 M
Q:Detection and quality standard of bridge erecting machine
Double cantilever girder erecting machineBridge construction machinery, the use of the Soviet Union earlier. In 1948 the introduction of the front and rear arm with steel beam, lifting weight of 45 tons and 80 tons of two kinds. In 50s, the two arms to the framework, lifting to 130 tons.
Q:Now the high-speed rail bridge frame span of the beam
The bridge erecting machine is a device for placing a prefabricated beam on a prefabricated pier

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