Whole Span Segment Launching Gantry with High Quality

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Whole span segment launching gantry

The launching gantry is used to put the pre-fabricated segment
onto the pre-fabricated pier. It is a kind of crane with the main
function of lifting and transfer the segment to designated
position, but very different from the common crane. It’s more
strict than the common one and can be walked on. Launching
gantry can be divided into several kinds such as launching
gantry for highway, for common railway and for passengerdedicated
line, etc..

◆  Equiped with protection system which guarantee the absolute safety during working. It’s safe, easy
and practical.

◆  Easy installation and removal

◆ Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

◆ Simple structure, clear big operational space and high efficient.

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Q:Bridging machine is not suitable for all the height of the beam body
Bridging machine if you need to transform the manufacturers must contact. The influence of the height of the beam on the condition of the bridge girder erection machine may need to be studied by experts.
Q:What is the double guide beam bridge machine
The bridge erecting machine is used for the road concrete beams, and is also used for a railway concrete beam. Common bridge machine generally has three legs and two support, from front to back, called the auxiliary leg, the front of the house, the middle leg, back and rear support legs. The main working conditions for the frame beam conditions, through the hole conditions, generally for the walk through the hole, the beam to beam beam with the working principle of the text is not clear.
Q:Operating rules for bridge erecting machines
Two, concrete skew bridge girder erecting machine installation, before, during and after a leg wheel position, left and right wheels to staggered around, the distance can be calculated according to the skew angle, so that the leg wheel can run on the same horizontal track (for details please contact with the manufacturer).
Q:DJ180 bridge machine how to run?
Safety operation rules for bridge erecting machineThe vertical height of the longitudinal running rail of the bridge erecting machine is corresponding to the height requirement, and is stable. Front, middle and rear legs of the horizontal running track requirements, and strictly control the spacing, the three tracks must be parallel.
Q:Bridge erection of a small box girder of long time
It depends on the length of your box girder
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the bridge erecting machine
High lifting height, easy installation. But in the transition to the higher requirements of the road (height, width, bearing capacity, etc.).
Q:900 tons bridge machine value how much curiosity just ha ha
Other models will be expensive, but not more than 13 million.
Q:What is the technical parameter of 30m/100t fixed guide beam of bridge erector?
Project WJQ50/180~200 WJQ40/150~160 WJQ30/100~120Maximum lifting weight (T) 180150100Adaptive bridge span (m) 35~50 30~40 20~30
Q:The difference between the bridge erecting machine and machine
Bridge machine is mainly used for large span bridges, each section is divided into many sections together to large degree. The prefabricated bridge machine section hoisting in place, in a cross together, according to the crane, bridge span, and to select the bridging machine, bridge building machine is mainly used for railway box girder construction, when the segment assembly is completed, but also with the bridge machine horizontal wet joint and tension operation after the period of construction, to be later after the completion of construction, only a downward move across. Bridge machine commonly used 40 meters (inclusive) within the T beam, box girder erection, the end of the frame on the line, it moves down a cross, the latter construction and it does not matter.
Q:Bridging machine belongs to special equipment
November 2014, the State Administration of Quality Supervision announced a new revision of the "special equipment directory". Included in the catalog is "bridging machine".

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