RT16 Series knife contactor fuse

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Scope of application

It is applicable industrial electrical distributing installation of AC 50Hz ( or 60Hz ) rated voltage 500/690V and 400V, rated current 1250A and below. It is provided with the function of the protection against overload or short circuit.

Type and meaning
Main technical parameter
Outline and installation size

circuit of rated voltage up to 1000V.
Mainly used to assemble and change RT16 senes low-voltage high breaking fuses in the

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Q:Why the resistance of the fuse to be large
If the heat generated by the speed is greater than the speed of heat dissipation, then the heat will be more and more
Q:What happens to the fuse's melting point?
In the event of a short circuit more easily blown, thus stopping the power supply
Q:What is the role of thermal fuse
When the motor and other load equipment beyond its rated temperature value to play an instantaneous power protection role
Q:The difference between the fuse gG and the aR
At this time, the first letter indicates the function level, and the second letter indicates the object to be protected.
Q:Fuse according to the breaking current range can be divided into several
This fuse is often used in series with the contactor, the overload current is less than the rated current of 4 to 7 times the range, by the contactor to achieve breaking protection. Mainly used to protect the motor.
Q:What is a semi-enclosed fuse
The semi-enclosed fuse is mounted on a porcelain frame
Q:Where the induction cooker fuse is located
Burning power tube under normal circumstances there are several reasons, 1; into the high voltage. 2; water (majority). 3 power plug.
Q:Can the fuse be connected to the zero line?
The possible cause of the voltage below 220V is that the line you are using is the end!
Q:Where can the fuse be used?
When the circuit fails or abnormal, accompanied by rising current, and the rising current may damage some important devices in the circuit or expensive devices
Q:Use a multimeter to check if the fuse is damaged
So the choice of fuse for the protection of lines and equipment, the first choice of the melt must be the size of the specifications, and then according to the melt to select the fuse

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