RT16 Series knife contactor fuse

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Scope of application

It is applicable industrial electrical distributing installation of AC 50Hz ( or 60Hz ) rated voltage 500/690V and 400V, rated current 1250A and below. It is provided with the function of the protection against overload or short circuit.

Type and meaning
Main technical parameter
Outline and installation size

circuit of rated voltage up to 1000V.
Mainly used to assemble and change RT16 senes low-voltage high breaking fuses in the

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Q:What is a closed fuse:
Fill-free Closed Fuse The melt is fitted into a What is a quick fuse:closed cylinder with a small breaking capacity for 500V or less, 600A or less power distribution or power distribution equipment.
Q:What is the difference between resistance and resistance fuses
when the added power exceeds the power of the resistor, the fuse will blow, not the whole resistance to smoke and smoke
Q:When selecting a fuse, you must consider several elements
This is the main condition to determine the choice of fuse specifications, according to this condition can initially determine the fuse specifications.
Q:What is the self-recovery fuse:
When the circuit occurs short-circuit fault, the short-circuit current to produce high temperature so that the rapid vaporization of sodium, steam sodium showed high resistance,
Q:What is the difference between fuses and fuses?
Made a plug-in shape of a component, its internal core is the fuse.
Q:Quickly disconnect the fuse and cut off the fuse slowly
Reflecting the size of the impact current, more than the insurance rated current, the faster the fuse.
Q:Fuses can be divided into high-voltage fuses and low-voltage fuses.
According to the protection object can be divided into protection for the transformer and general electrical equipment with the fuse
Q:What is the fuse often used?
Fuse material is mainly made of low-melting alloy such as aluminum antimony alloy.
Q:Circuit breaker and fuse in the role of what in common
And a combination of overheat relays and the like. Fuses are also known as fuses, which are installed in the circuit to ensure the safe operation of the circuit electrical components
Q:How to read the fuse ring
gold means 5%, silver means 10%. Note: colorless means 20%. Color and digital control brown red orange yellow green blue purple gray black gold and silver on behalf of the number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 0.1 0.2 Nb represents the error% + 1-1 + 2-2 + 0.5-0.5 + 0.2-0.2 0.1 + 5-20 + 5-5 + 10-10 effective 0 number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 -1 -2 cases have a resistance

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