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Product Description:

Physical Characteristics

(1) with a brittle

(2) has a pyroelectric

(3) the refractive index of 1.533 ~ 1.541, 0.009 difference in birefringence dispersion 0.013

(4) has a strong piezoelectric quartz (Piezoelectric property), that is, will produce sparks when struck friction force, which is the method of flint to make fire.

(5) Common quartz inclusions are: the crystal (Hair crystal) - mainly rutile; grass into the crystal - mainly tourmaline; water bile crystal - liquid inclusions in quartz; green quartz - containing blue rutile needles; milk quartz - causes cloudy water from the fine pores; green quartz - by plate-shaped chlorite or debris may sometimes be green needles of actinolite; Aventurine (Aventurine) - quartzite green or reddish-brown interior contains fine mica sheets, also known as Yao quartz, commonly known as Aventurine. Frequently Smoke black to dark brown smoky quartz, mainly because these rocks contain large amounts of radioactivity have relations uranium, thorium elements.

Material property characteristics

1, scraping not spend

Quartz content of up to 94% of its quartz, quartz is the nature of natural mineral hardness only to diamond, high surface hardness of Ta Mok's hardness 7.5, much larger than the kitchen knife used shovels and other weapon, is not it scratch injuries.

2, do not pollute

Quartz is manufactured under vacuum Biaoliruyi, dense non-porous composite material quartz surface pH of the kitchen has an excellent corrosion resistance, daily use liquid substances do not penetrate the interior, long placed simply liquid surface clean and bright with water or other cleaning agents can be erased with a cloth that can be used to scrape the surface of the blade retentate when necessary.

3, with no old

Dan Guangze bright quartz surface is the result of more than 30 channels of complex polishing treatment process will not be scratching knife blade will not penetrate a liquid substance, no yellowing and discoloration and other problems, routine cleaning simply rinse with water can be, easy. Even after prolonged use, the surfaces like countertops with beautiful new clothes, no maintenance and upkeep.

4, fuel vain

Natural crystalline quartz is typically refractory, its melting point up to 1300 degrees, quartz completely flame made of 94% natural quartz, are not caused by exposure to high temperature combustion, but also with artificial stone countertops unmatched high temperature characteristics.

5, non-toxic and non-radiation

Quartz stone surface is smooth, flat and no scratches retention, dense non-porous material structure allows bacteria nowhere to hide, can be in direct contact with food, safe non-toxic!

Quality quartz crystallization using a selection of natural quartz mineral, its content of more than 99.9% SiO2 and miscellaneous manufacturing process to purify the raw material does not contain any heavy metal impurities may lead to radiation, 94% quartz crystals and other the resin additive makes quartz is no danger of radiation contamination.

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Q:where can i buy rose quartz and essential rose oil?
A camera lens (also known as photographic lens, objective lens or photographic objective) is an optical lens or assembly of lenses used in conjunction with a camera body and mechanism to make images of objects either on photographic film or on other media capable of storing an image chemically or electronically. While in principle a simple convex lens will suffice, in practice a compound lens made up of a number of optical lens elements is required to correct (as much as possible) the many optical aberrations that arise. Some aberrations will be present in any lens system. It is the job of the lens designer to balance these out and produce a design that is suitable for photographic use and possibly mass production. There is no major difference in principle between a lens used for a still camera, a video camera, a telescope, a microscope, or other apparatus, but the detailed design and construction are different. A lens may be permanently fixed to a camera, or it may be interchangeable with lenses of different focal lengths, apertures, and other properties
Q:what substances are mixed to make quartz?
Rose quartz is supposed to sooth your emotions, 'heart' and promote love...
Q:How many oxygen atoms are in 1.90 g of quartz?
A diamond is much heavier. Also quartz has double refraction where diamond is single refractive. If you put quartz up to your eye and look through it you will see two of everything. Diamond does not double. The luster on diamond is much higher than the luster on quartz. If you have a refractometer you can easily get an Refractive Index on Quartz which is 1.45. The RI for Diamond is 2.42 which is higher than what the refractometer can read. Good Luck!
Q:misty carrera quartz?
Who knows? It could be quartz, but it's a little hard to say when the material is ground down. It could just as well be a chalcedony. The only certain thing is that it has no magical powers, if that's what you're thinking. . When you accidentally ask multiple questions, the polite thing to do is to use the Edit button to delete the extraneous one(s) before someone answers them. (After they are answered, questions can't be deleted.) . .
Q:How does mantle rock transform (not containing any quartz) to granite?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Why doesn't Quartz have cleavage? I have been studying mineralogy bit and i have come across Silicates and Feldspars. I have noticed that most feldspar like orthoclase, plagioclase, microcline etc have some sort of cleavage or the other. But quartz doesn't have anything. Is it because of the temperature at which the magma...
Q:Whatis Quartz, and how it runs a clock?
I don't think the structure of quartz is going to allow you to actually dye it. Thin the best you can do is paint it with something transparent.
Q:Where would I obtain clear quartz?
Quartz is a tetrahedral lattice of common silica, SiO2. It is piezoelectric, which means it has electric potential under stress. Quartz clock, balances and, in the old days, phonograph needles. ( ask you grandma about those ) Go to wiki and you will see a picture of quartz.
Q:How do we repair a tiny chip in our quartz counter top?
there are all kinds of possible causes of crystal imperfections. very few crystals are free from imperfections, although a good crystal sample will have few, if any, visible imperfections. And yes, it is quite possible for a shock to cause the formation of a visible imperfection. Not much different than how a crack can spread across a windshield from a pinhole caused by a pebble impact in the past. basically, a fracture can propogate from a small point imperfection in the instance of an impact. Heck, we use the presence of shock marks in quartz crystals to demonstrate that the earth nearby got smacked by a meteor or something bigger, and that really is nothing except a bigger example of what you describe.
Q:What is the significance of finding shocked quartz in the KT boundary clay layer?
Quartz is found in many igneous rocks, granite would be an example, but quartz crystals (and large masses fo quartz) are found as vein filling where they have been deposited as hydrothermal deposits, oftyen associated with a nearby large granitic body. Quartz is also the principle constituent of many sands, and sandstones Aside from the decorative value of quartz, and its related gemstone varieties the major use of quartz (in the form of sand) is in building materials (e.g. as part of concrete) and as an abrasive. Pure quartz in a well formed crystal is colourless and clear, amorphous masses are milky white, many coloured varieties, with their own names are coloured by various impurities - Jasper is blood-red due to iron for example. Quartz is not particularly valuable - a good sized crystal, reasonably well formed can be bought for a few pounds/dollars/euro though good quality gemstone variants are obviously more expensive. An ore is, by definition a mineral that is an economic source of a metal, so quartz is not an ore, though it might be a waste (Gaunge) material in the mining of some metals - gold can sometimes be found in the same veins as quartz for example
Q:Rose Quartz Crystal?
In a quartzite, impurities are recrystallised to new mineral species and quartz develops sutured grain boundaries which are interlocking and very strong.

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