Professional Nail Clipper Custom Design Nail

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Professional Nail Clipper Custom Design Nail


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Professional Nail Clipper Custom Design Nail

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FOB Tianjin

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Glass nail file,nail buffer block,emery board,nail file & buffer,

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High quality,Excellent service,The design always keep

Professional Nail Clipper Custom Design Nail

Professional Nail Clipper Custom Design Nail

Why choose us:

We have/pass more Certification,

2. We have 16 Years of Silicone Production Experience.

3. we are direct manufacturer, high quality and competitive prices.

4. We also accept mixed order.

5. we accept OEM or ODM design.


Professional Nail Clipper Custom Design Nail

Quality control:



3) Individual surface finish checking


Market in the world:

Professional Nail Clipper Custom Design Nail

Key Features:

  • Brand new

  • Premium Grade Stainless Steel

  • Polished to High Standard Mirror finish

  • Fully guaranteed against defect in material and workmanship

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