Double Flexible Ring Rathch Wrench Hand Tools

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Product Description:

Double Flexible Ring Rathch Wrench Hand Tools

Material:CR-V, 40cr,50BV30

Finish:  mirror polish ,sand blasting,matt

SIZE: 8*9.10*11.12*13.14*15.16*17*18*19 mm

Packing:As your request

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Q:What's the difference between a socket wrench and a wrench we usually use?
What we usually use is a wrench and an adjustable wrench. The handle of the wrench is fixed and the handle is one;
Q:How about 12 inches in a 12 inch adjustable wrench?
The movable wrench is a wrench for short, and the opening width can be adjusted in a certain range, and is a tool used for fastening and loosening nuts and bolts of different specifications. The inventor of the wrench was Johannsen (Johan Petter Johansson, Sweden, Sweden), who invented the movable wrench in 1892.
Q:What's the maximum torque of manual torque wrench?
Torque wrench is a kind of wrench. Generally divided into: electric torque wrench and manual torque wrench two categories. Torque wrench can be both tight and tight, and its use is to adjust the torque, and then tighten the bolts.
Q:How to use the sleeve torque wrench?
When the large torque wrench is used, it can be connected with a long sleeve rod for labor saving.
Q:Where can I buy a good digital torque wrench?
You need to know about the torque requirements, the big torque and the small torque brand difference.
Q:What's the effect of a wrench in life?
1. stay wrench: a fixed size opening at one or both ends is used to screw a nut or bolt of a certain size.2. plum spanner: both ends have six corners or twelve corners of the work end, suitable for working space is narrow, can not use ordinary wrench occasions.3. double purpose wrench: one end is the same as the single head wrench, and the other end is the same as the plum spanner. The bolts or nuts with the same specifications are screwed at the two ends.
Q:Does the torque wrench belong to the strong inspection range?
The torque wrench haven't been included in the scope of mandatory inspection, but the torque wrench is measuring instruments, measuring accuracy and stability of torque wrench is not good assembly quality directly affect the product, affecting public safety and people's quality of life, often have to verification or calibration.
Q:What wrench does the bicycle need to remove the screws from the rear axle?
The diameter of the rear axle rod of the bicycle is M10 (10 mm in diameter).
Q:How to quickly identify the elastic direction of the screw?! And recognize the size of the wrench.
Most of the bolts on the car are right handed, left, right, and tight. If you repair a car, bolts of M5, M6, M8, M10, M12 and M14 are the most common.
Q:Screwdriver and "wrench" is the same tool?
NoScrewdriver, screwdriverLu s d a o, Lu s Q from ZiA [screwdriver] used to turn the screws to force the tools in place, there is usually a thin wedge head, the screw head can be inserted into the slot or recess -- also known as the "screwdriver". The main word (minus) and cross (plus two).

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