Popular Stainless Steel Nail Cutter Clipper Made in China

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Popular Stainless Steel Nail Cutter Clipper Made in China

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Item NO.



as you request


Stainless Steel


Various Styles




1000 pcs

G.W. / N.W.

11/10 kg

Carton Size

30 X 30 X 19


5000 pcs

Sample Time

3 days

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35 days

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T/T, L/C

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Popular Stainless Steel Nail Cutter Clipper Made in China

Popular Stainless Steel Nail Cutter Clipper Made in China

Product Advantages:

Be chic, not shabby with our Nail Cutter Clipper

Fashionable designs and could be customized

Tips are hand-filed and perfectly aligned to grab the hair everytime

Premium quality with amazing price


custom engrave country souvenirs spin nail cutter cheap nail clipper 
excellent sharpness; 
High quality carbon steel

Popular Stainless Steel Nail Cutter Clipper Made in China


Clean after each use.   


We keep developing new products while maintaining competitive price to help our customers to enlarge their sales. And we are dedicated to keeping strict quality standards of all our products to guarantee a higher quality than our competitors.


We look forward to establishing stable and long-term business relationship with your company in the near future.

Popular Stainless Steel Nail Cutter Clipper Made in China

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Q:Why do you use scissors to cut your nails? Why do you cut them with nails instead of cutting them?
In simple terms, the shear phenomenon requires shear stress, i.e., there are two opposite directions of stress at one side of the plane. The resultant forces of the external forces used on the two sides of the component (nail) are transverse forces of equal magnitude, opposite directions, and very close lines of action.
Q:Why are some scissors called Dragon and Phoenix, what is the specific meaning?
The scissors are cutting cloth, paper, steel, round steel sheet or wire rope, double edged objects, staggered, retractable.Scissors, as a daily necessities, have a long history in china. From the Tang Dynasty poet Zhizhang "willow" poem "I do not know who is cut out of Verbena, February spring like scissors" can be read. Folk paper-cut art of a long history, but also from the side to prove the long history of scissors in china. The glyph of "cut" in Chinese means "there is a knife in front of the knife."". The ancients called "dragon sword", scissors shows its importance in life. The earliest existing scissors in China were found in Luoyang. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the famous ancient tomb museum in Luoyang, where I saw the scissors unearthed from the ancient tombs of the Western Han Dynasty, which have been around for more than 2100 years.
Q:You can cut the root of bamboo
Base to leaf cutting oblique mouth will remove cuttings basal leaves into the bottle, and the base cut into oblique mouth from joint with a sharp knife, knife to smooth, in order to increase the absorption of nutrients and water area. The quality is no problem or less for good, 10 days do not move the position and direction changes, start a week long white small protrusions, that is the root of the initial stage, two weeks will be able to see the early roots (silver white fibrous). The first two or three weeks, because to adapt to the new environment, to take root, the leaves will become yellow, do not care, the leaves of the yellow part of the cut can be, and small areas only cut the yellow part, leaving green leaves. The root is white thick, a long time will become small yellow and black, are normal, if you think the ornamental effect of black roots, appropriate to cut off part of fine roots is
Q:Why don't you cut your cat's mustache?
The cat's beard has a very fine nerve at the root, and when it touches an object, it can feel it is a special sense organ. The beard helps the cat feel the surroundings in secret. Usually walking and running, it also relies on a beard to sense the objects around it.Especially in the mouse, the cat beard can help control the size of holes, therefore, help the cat catching mice, the cat is beard "detectors", and "cat meter", which can provide a lot of convenience for the cat. So you can't cut a cat's beard.
Q:Which brand of PPR scissors is best used?
Dozens of blocks and a few blocks are almost the same when new it with a number of adverse phenomenon appeared incision expensive really feel distressed or with a $8 although not 30-50 yuan can still use the heavy and light is not the same price of the other will know not as good as
Q:Want to ask, eyebrow blade, scissors (shear pins, eyes Peter scissors) can be checked?
Hello, in fact, said the consignment is Huyou peopleScientifically speaking, using these things can improve people's valuesYan values improved, self-confidence, self-confidence, luck will come naturallyThis is a scientific statement, in the final analysis, self-confidence to make themselves more outstanding
Q:The characteristics of paper cutting
It is easy to learn and has a wide base of folk. It can fully excavate the ability of manual brain. It can train the image thinking well
Q:How do these little scissors sharpen?
Is it better to find a professional?,
Q:What's paper cutting?
From the technical point of view, the actual paper-cut is in the paper hollow cut, carved, so that it presents the image to be performed. By virtue of their wisdom and talent, the laboring masses have refined this form of art in the long-term practice of art and life. The formation of a variety of techniques to cut, cut the paper, such as burning, color, color, dyeing, lining sketch, the paper-cut expression has the infinite depth and breadth. Fine as silk, thick such as large swing. They can be pasted in different forms or suspended by hanging. The paper cutting tool material easy popularization, the technique is easy to grasp, with the characteristics of other kinds of art can not be replaced because of this art form in China since ancient times, almost all the towns and villages, deeply loved by the people
Q:The three forms of shear failure of reinforced concrete structures and their failure characteristics are discussed
Diagonal tension failure: when the shear span ratio of >3, occurrence of diagonal tension failure. The failure characteristics are: diagonal cracks once appear quickly extended to the concentrated load point, the beam along the diagonal crack into two parts and sudden failure, failure surface neat, no traces of crushing, the failure load is equal to or slightly higher than the load the inclined crack. The diagonal tension failure due to tensile strain of concrete ultimate tensile strain caused by failure is sudden, belongs to brittle failure type.

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